Chavar Dontae reveals their bold new offering, "Too Much"

Today marks the day that Chavar Dontae has revealed their bold new offering, "Too Much". The new single is their first release since the 2022 EP "Keep My Cool" came out, which was a big point for them as it saw them break well clear of the half-a-million play mark on Spotify.

Speaking about the song he says - "I wrote this song about a time I was feeling isolated even being around a plethora of people. The feeling of someone knowing of me but not knowing my essence as a human being."

A vibrant and upbeat slice of indie-pop laced with shimmering sounds.

I say their, but in reality, this is a solo project of Chavar but you wouldn't think it was based on how cohesive the track is.  The upbeat new track is a welcome return for the artist based out of Toldeo in the USA as it features plenty of vibrant hooks that can get any new listener on board with his sound in an instant. 

The bouncy guitar sounds remind me of a blend of 80s revival and EDM songs with the beat acting as a literal launchpad for you to get vibing along to. The track also has a perfectly hazy vocal line that just adds to the atmosphere of it all, and when you finish this track I'm sure you'll be heading into his older tunes too!