Retro Kid releases their new tune, "You're so good"

Retro Kid has today made everyone's Friday better with the release of their new tune, "You're so good". The latest offering from the Copenhagen-based artist comes after a three-year break, but this track certainly gets you back into the groove of things and acts as a fantastic follow-up to the "The Room" single.

"You're so good" is a true delight for the ears!

The thick synthy sounds that kick off the track may sound slightly dark and moody but once the drums come in the single becomes more alive. Add in the vocals and the haze that follows is stunning, it steadily evolves into a slick downtempo electro track that encompasses all of the subgenres and will almost certainly keep any new listeners' attention!

From breakbeat, two-step, EDM and even some touches of techno thrown into the mix "You're so good" is a delight for the ears!