A-Zal returns with his new single, "17 & 11 Nights"

The delightful A-Zal returned last month with his new single, "17 & 11 Nights". The upbeat new single has delicious finger-picking guitar tones, something that you hear on Ed Sheerans early work, but mixed with a subtle Country twang thanks to his soulful and energetic vocals. 

A glorious blend of acoustic and pop tones.

The single is delightfully upbeat and invokes a great flavour of the summer, and when you add in some alternative-sounding instrumentation it just hits differently, which is so refreshing.

Having been featured in Clash and Rolling Stone it's great to see A-Zal go on and ever impress us, and if you liked this song as much as we did feel free to check out the acoustic version of the song on Spotify for a slightly different take.

Discovered via MusoSoup