Abby London releases her dreamy new single, "War to Peace"

The Seattle-based singer-songwriter Abby London has today released her dreamy new single, "War to Peace". Following Abby releasing her first single back in 2020 it's been a solid rise for this aspiring vocalist. One key element that's got her where she is today is that her vocals, they're so commanding, smooth and captivating.

Commanding vocals with plenty of emotion.

Speaking about the song Abby mentions " ... it is a celebratory triumph of breaking the destructive patterns of being victimized."

The blend of alternative electronic sounds, sweeping synth tones mixed in with piano keys and her angelic vocals means that you will be captivated within the first minute. The lyrics can resonate with anyone who has ever been struggling and are sung with such emotion too. 

The darker side to her music is a revelation as we get to focus on her voice more, but regardless of that, you need to check out her other songs if you like to be wowed.