Kwolek shares his hazy new single, "Ronnie Stole This Riff/Kim Is Desperate"

Hailing from Boulder, CO is Kwolek, and just last Friday saw the singer-songwriter shareed his new single, "Ronnie Stole This Riff/Kim Is Desperate". 

As we first thought when we first saw the title, 'oh it's an AA-side single', but this isn't as such, with Kwolek even mentioning in the press release "It's two songs in one!" . He then expanded saying "The first is about the love of making music and the second is about discovering the song that saves your life. Both songs crash together in the end in a glorious mash of a bunch of "waves" ... "

A wall of fuzzy guitars and hazy vocals, we love it.

Obviously being two songs in one you'd have thought maybe that it's two unfinished songs and it'll be a quickfire tune, well no. This comes in at nearly five minutes long and the initial sound is a wall of fuzzy guitars and hazy vocals, a real treat for the new-wave fan inside all of us. 

With the same beat throughout the song it's easy to forgive anyone who doesn't notice the transition as it's so smooth and flawless, but in the latter third the track has plenty more swagger surrounding it, and perhaps that's why we ended up grooving along to it!