My Giddy Aunt releases their vibrant new tune, "Bug"

Coming out of Melbourne in Australia is My Giddy Aunt and at the tail end of March saw the outfit release their new tune, "Bug", which follows their 2023 single "Whatever You Want". Speaking about the song they say - " ...  the track makes for a cautionary tale about neglect of the environment and the misuse of magnifying glasses. "

A vibrant mix of early 90s rock and post-punk revival influences.

The trio's sound can be defined as a blend of 90s rock but with more modern twists such as angular guitar tones heard in early Bloc Party, it's bouncy, vibrant and has plenty of bit to it.

Vocally it's perfect to sing along to with a voice that can easily soar above the instruments, which just gives it plenty of repeatability- I can easily see this being spun on Triple J for years to come and still sounding as fresh as it is today.