The Amber List returns with the strong tune, "Another Sunset"

Preston's The Amber List has returned with their new single "Another Sunset" earlier this month, and it acts as their first since a stint of five releases last year. To say this is a comeback somewhat could be correct, and it sounds like the trio has dusted off the cobwebs from the new year and are making up for a four-month gap.

Massive guitar moments and commanding vocals.

The fact that this follows their most streamed song to date also may suggest that they are aiming for some big-time sounds, and what we have on the intro certainly suggests that the sound the band has will be bringing more plays.

The smooth bassline was a key element for me to get into the track and with the vocals sounding very nostalgic (like the early 90s) for me too I felt transfixed. The jangly sounds that come off the guitars balance themselves with the strong and commanding riffs so perfectly to help create the atmosphere.

It's a darker song than what we'd usually go for, but I also felt like I was meeting an old friend. So here's to next time!