Ukrainian Alt-Pop star Janeuary drops new tune, "Awakening"

Based out of Kyiv in Ukraine is the rising Alt-Pop star Janeuary, and earlier on this month they dropped their stunning new tune, "Awakening". The track is dominated by some soul-touching vocals and captivating violin strings, it's the perfect way to get into this emerging artist and to be honest I found myself swooning over it within the first minute. 

Absolutely stunning, both vocally and musically.

The vocals here are a soft blend of Lana Del Rey's delivery but with the strong range that Florence Welch has, all wrapped up around it is this underlying haze. The strings on the song need to be praised to the moon and back, they really enhance the song and I can see myself falling in love with a strings-only version of the track.

With Janeuary's country going through some touch times in recent years this new single acts as a beacon of light for everyone, it's stunning and gives you an overwhelming sense that everything is going to be ok. So if you loved this as much as we did feel free to check out their previous tracks over on Spotify.