Ari Joshua's RAAR Trio shares his collaborative new single, "Star Light Mountain"

The USA-based singer-songwriter Ari Joshua has today shared his collaborative new single, "Star Light Mountain". The new single from the artist features Ray Paczkowski and Russ Lawton on the track too giving the track added zest and power.

Face-melting guitars meet clean piano keys and nods of psychedelia.

The new track will be his 8th single of 2024, with the ultimate aim of releasing 24 singles in one year - and I feel the last act to come close to that was ASH in the early 2010's with their 'A-Z' single collection.  Ray and Russ have been members of The Trey Anastasio Band for over 20 years and with that in mind it's no wonder they've come onto this track and helped to create an absolute blinder. 

The single has a lot going for it, psychedelic guitar effects mixed in with piano tones that the likes of Elton John wouldn't be afraid to call his own. Overall the track is driven by the vocals, strong and crisp with some haunting melodies to give the listener some shivers when they crank the volume up.

In short, even though this is his eighth single of the year the quality is as high as ever, so do be sure to follow Ari Joshua for the other 16 tracks due out later on this year.

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