POLI NIKA unveils her soaring new single, "Down To Earth"

Based out of Lisbon, Portugal is POLI NIKA with her soaring new single, "Down To Earth". The new cut from the singer-songwriter is sure to capture your ears and keep you listening intently, and it also acts as her first English-spoken single of the year.
A track that will go down as one of her best ever!

The new single from the artist is a collaboration with Canadian chart-topping songwriter Liz Rodrigues (who's written for the likes of Celine Dion, Eminem, and Nicole Scherzinger amongst others). The track focuses highly on the dreamy and angelic vocals that can easily grasp your attention from the first few seconds. 

The way the track is laid out is stunning too with a dreamy synth/guitar underlining the single there's a crisp piano tone rolling throughout and it sounds so ethereal it can fill any venue up with plenty of atmosphere. I highly encourage you to give this track a listen to as we feel this new single could be a turning point for POLI NIKA.