Powers of the Monk share their dreamy new cut, "Puffy Head"

Back with their third release of the year (including a remix) is the Detroit-based band Powers of the Monk with their dreamy new cut, "Puffy Head". Having launched the project back in 2006 with their debut album, "Killing Time", it took until 2022 for them to release anything else, but since then they've gone on to get over 150k plays on Spotify with a rather solid 13k monthly listeners.

... hazy vocal tones with a dreamy guitar sound.

As you'll hear when you start the track off it's filled with hazy vocal tones with a dreamy guitar sound washing over it, add in some slightly psychedelic synths and you're pretty close to a dream-pop track that's edging onto perfection.

If you like the tones of Tame Impala and Swim Deep then "Puffy Head" is everything you desire in a tune, add some jangly guitars into the mix and it will definitely sit well amongst the very best tracks in both the Psych-Pop and Dream-Pop subgenres. 

Speaking about the track Powers of the Monk say - "This is a fun song about astronauts conquering space." So go on and wrap your ears around this, and be sure to delve into their older tracks for more great sounds!