Radegunds return with their new single, "Rigged To Blow"

Rising Cambridge-based band Radegunds have today sensationally returned with their new single, "Rigged To Blow". The new cut follows on from their debut single "Catch the Crazy" and sounds like they're continuing on with the sound that's got them a plethora of attention.
Indie-rock swagger that can talk it's way out of any problem, absolutely charming tones everywhere on this.

Once more the band here has dipped their toes into the nostalgic sounds of the mid-00s rock scene with a vocal tone that reminds me a lot of Alex Turner during that era, especially with the swagger that's within the song.

If this tune could walk it would be with a massive stride, a smile and a big hat like one of those cartoon characters from way back when you know it's a big dog and the way they have created this song sounds like it's been written for longevity (tl;dr basically for their setlists when they're playing the big stages).