Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers unveil new tune, "A Thousand Guesses"

Steadily on the rise in the London music scene is Seán Finn and the Late Bloomers and today marks the band unveiling their new tune, "A Thousand Guesses".With no presence on the internet, we thought to do some digging, and it turns out this is also their debut single as a band, so strap yourselves in for a whirlwind of a debut. 

"A Thousand Guesses" is one of those tracks that sounds like it was recorded in the 60s or 70s, the smooth production feels almost like a remaster of an analogue track from that era. Vocally it's one of the smoothest I've heard for a while in this genre with some strong comparisons against the likes of The Beatles and dreamier bands in the power-pop genre. 

Speaking about the song the lead vocalist says - "This was one of those songs that I thought was a little simple at first, but it actually lends itself incredibly well to a live band context. The chords are simple, the melodies are easy to latch onto, and there’s a lot of space to fill. We recorded this in a super old school way, with the rhythm track recorded as one continuous take. It’s like what they did in the 60s, except that we’re doing it on a budget."

If you want to listen to more by the lead singer head to his Soundcloud where there are over 10 stunning tracks to wrap your ears around.