Birdman Cult shares their new single, "High and Lows"

Since they released their debut single back in 2019 it's been a steady rise for Bristol-based band Birdman Cult, and last week saw them share their new single, "High and Lows". The new track is also the last to be released ahead of their debut album which is due out later this Summer via Analogue Trash records.

A track that sounds like a cornerstone of their live sets, frantic and full-on!

The track has a very direct and impactful start with Birdman Cult seemingly not hanging about on this one. It's fast-paced and filled with strong vocal tones right from the get-go, and to be honest, even by the 30-second mark it feels like it's been much longer as you're treated to plenty of strong guitar sounds and frantic drumming.

I can easily see this track being a cornerstone of their live sets, the sheer energy this possesses is fantastic and will be a song in their repertoire.