Blitz Playhouse returns with their dreamy new cut, "Favourite Ghost"

Blitz Playhouse just last week returned with their brand new cut, "Favourite Ghost", which is their first offering since their debut single "Under the Sun" which was released back in 2021. The song sits in at over five minutes long, but what that gives you is more time to spend with a track that'll surprise you throughout. 
Dreamy instruments, vocals and filled with glorious fuzz. 

The song kicks off with a somewhat shoegaze-styled guitar fuzz and new-wave sounds mixed in with vocals that can transcend across a whole festival-fields worth of fans and capture their souls. It's unapologetically sensational and with the warmth that the guitar brings it's perfect for those long summer evenings sitting outside with your mates.

Speaking about the song the duo mentions - " ...  Our ambitions for Blitz Playhouse come from this yearning for our project to feel like a smorgasbord that suggests quality every time, while also keeping ourselves on the edge of our seats for what's coming next." - I have to admit if they keep up this level of quality from their tracks they could be headlining Brixton Academy sooner rather than later.