fxrrvst drop their incredibly upbeat new tune, "CBAYAOM"

The amazing duo of fxrrvst just this Friday dropped their incredibly upbeat new tune, "CBAYAOM", and the second single of the year from the Toronto band sounds like it's destined for the big stages.

When you hit the play button on this you'll be in for a shock as the first 15 seconds sound like it's going to be a slow-burner of a folk song, but once those drums come in the track kicks up a few gears and ends up being one of the best indie-pop songs of the year.

This is a borderline flawless indie banger!

The way the guitars seemingly play with the vocals and drums is fantastic, and speaking about the vocals they're once more sweet and direct, with plenty of moments in the song for new listeners to latch onto and sing along with (the chorus especially).

The band are evidently on the rise and with every release they are seemingly improving (which is astonishing as their last track was borderline flawless), so if you like your upbeat indie bangers then do be sure to drop by fxrrest and their slick sounds.