Hazel Rose drops her huge new tune, "Rear View Mirror"

Now with her eighth release since 2022 is Hazel Rose, and just over a week ago saw the London-based singer-songwriter drop her dark-tinted new tune, "Rear View Mirror".

It's one of the best tracks she's released yet, and it'll be hard not to like this if you're a fan of Billie Eilish's new work too.

With thousands of plays on Spotify in the first two years of her solo work it's no wonder that now Hazel Rose has landed onto this darker side of indie-pop. The sounds still offer the listener plenty of ethereal moments down to her sensational vocals, but the slow nature of the track gives it that feeling of mystery and darkness.

Vocally as I mentioned before this sees Hazel Rose reach the upper echelons and will no doubt be able to convince the new listeners to delve into her previous tracks. The nature of the voice is so soulful and can help calm you down after a long slogging day at work (trust me on that one).