Icarus Phoenix reveals their dreamy new single, "Painting"

Coming right out of Baltimore in the USA is Icarus Phoenix, and today the band have revealed their incredibly dreamy new single, "Painting".

A sonically-charged dream-pop sensation.

Speaking about the six-minute track the lead vocalist Drew mentions - "I wrote a song about my mother's life. It's about ignorance and understanding. Understanding that your parents came from struggle, grief and tragedy. Understanding that the people who raised you were broken by life and that they were probably doing their best."

Now when it comes to dream-pop sometimes bands accidentally straddle into the realms of shoegaze and experimental dark-pop, but what we have with the new cut is a track that is unapologetically sensational. The vocals are sitting on the darker side of the street with the contrasting guitars and electronic sounds balancing it off, somewhat similar to how The Smiths used to create their music. 

The whole track is atmospherically good with myself feeling addicted to it primarily down to the jangly post-punk revival-sounding guitar that the likes of Interpol and Bloc Party have been known for.

If you like this track then the band have a full-length album due out in August of this year, so be sure to follow them for more updates!