I'MMORTAL drops her huge new tune, "KILLED U IN A DREAM"

With over 60k streams spread over her first two single releases the artist known simply as I'MMORTAL has now dropped her absolutely huge new anthem, "KILLED U IN A DREAM". Right from the get-go there is a massive taste that we've had before, it's dark, dreamy with some tuned vocals that sound slightly angelic, Grimes anyone? 
Dark and full of atmosphere. 

The artist is based out of New York City and London the song sounds as a cross between the British Grime scene with the dark sounds and violin strings dotted in and about, and the beats sound like something you'd stumble into in the depths of the night while wandering the fields of Glastonbury looking your new EDM fix, and this track could easily be it.

The blend of genres has been executed really well with the track seemingly switching from dark-pop to something like trip-hop around the 60-second mark, before going onto evolve back into a dark-pop track towards the end. The fact that I'MMORTAL has only been releasing music since the summer of 2023 is astonishing, and it's great to see an artist hold down their sound so early on.