Jessie Berkshires reveals her dreamy new single, "Pillars"

Back with her stunning new single is the fabulous Jessie Berkshires, "Pillars" is the new cut and it acts as her third release of the year. 2024 has been very kind to the Detroit-based singer-songwriter as it's seen her get past the 15k stream mark and subsequently has got her onto a dozen or so playlists.

Sensational vocals!

The track is a great example of a string-laden dream-pop track that can grip any new listener. The soothing vocal lines are sensational, with Jessie's range on full show throughout the single. 

If you like the smooth vocal sounds of WET's Kelly Zutrau then Jessie Berkshires may just be the next emerging artist that can transcend the Atlantic and make it big here in Europe. She's still very early on in her career with a handful of singles but the talent is clearly there, so do keep an eye on her!