Kaitlyn Page releases her cinematic new single, "Forever + Always"

Hailing from Mississippi is Kaitlyn Page, and at the start of June saw the American singer-songwriter release her incredibly cinematic new single, "Forever + Always".

If you're looking for a singer-songwriter who can grip you from the very first spoken then Kaitlyn is one of the new breed of artists who are going out all guns blazing, not holding anything back, just out and out soul from deep within.
Kaitlyn has vocals that can grip you from the very start.

The music itself doesn't end up sitting in the backseat as it's just as gorgeous as the vocals, we've got a smattering of strings that elevate the track to ethereal levels, gentle piano keys that keep it grounded and of course

Speaking about her music Kaitlyn mentions - "I've come to realize that songwriting and music have always been my biggest special interests. I love to create emotional raw storytelling and beautiful soundscapes that breathe life into my words." It's safe to say she's created one heck of an emotional track, so why not head on down and check it out, and when you're done be sure to listen to her previous singles too.