Kamakshi Khanna reveals her new single, "I Blew It!"

Coming out of Mumbai, India is Kamakshi Khanna and just last week the singer-songwriter revealed her new single, "I Blew It!". The singer-songwriter is somewhat of a hidden gem - even though her stats would say otherwise - as she's got loads of fans in her native country, but not much outside of it. 

A hidden gem of a dream-pop artist!

The new offering is a fantastic example of how to create an angelic dream-pop track with a good use of synths. It's ethereal in the right places and has beat-perfect percussion to encourage you to listen intently. 

Vocally Kamakshi Khanna is mesmerising and it's when you get to the latter third of the track you'll realise why she's got millions of hits on her Spotify page. The vocals are like syrup, they're so sweet and all you want to do is more.