stillyoung drops his debut cut, "Freak Like Me"

Hailing from Oakland in California is stillyoung, and at the tail-end of May saw the new artist drop his debut cut, "Freak Like Me". If you're a long-time reader of the site you'll know our love for new music and of course an artist's very first.

The track is a great injection of serotonin, get this down your ears!

The track kicks off with gentle bursts of guitars, guitars in fact that feel almost as if they've been kissed by glorious sunshine. Vocally it's in the genre more of dream-pop, but that just means it's more softly spoken, and for a debut cut, you don't want to potentially scare people off. 

The chorus is a great part of this track too with it injecting even more serotonin for you to enjoy. This slice of indie-pop is an absolute gem as far as I'm concerned, and even if you take away the fact that this is his debut it's still pretty damn amazing.