The Early Swerve unveils their nostalgic track, "In A League Of His Own"

Having so far released a duo of singles which has got over 60k streams on Spotify between them, The Early Swerve are back with yet another London-sounding anthem, "In A League Of His Own".

Charming London-accents, swagger and clean instrumentation. 

What I love about this band is that they actually sing in their accent, as you can easily hear throughout the song, and it helps to bring in plenty of swagger and charm. The folk-driven instrumentation adds to the track some depth and helps to keep it grounded so that any new listener will easily be able to get into their sounds.

The track for me is a very nostalgic one with sounds lifted from the likes of The Jam, The Beatles and with some tones that I'd even compare against the likes of The Libertines. They brand themselves as Gangster-Folk/Nu-Skiffle which are two new genres to me - shame Spotify has not got around to adding this in yet, but when they do "In A League Of His Own" will be top of the playlist I'm sure.