The Lunar Keys return with their new single, "Bleed"

The Lunar Keys last week returned with their new single, "Bleed", which is their first since their  2023 single "88 Train" came out. The new song from the Guilford-based band is a very dreamy one that leans onto the piano-rock side of things. 
Vocally sensational, you can't but love "Bleed".

"Bleed" sounds like one of those classic 90s rock ballads that those super-catchy pop bands would sing, think The Lighthouse Family crossed with Keane. It's bold with a fantastically addictive chorus, melodic vocals and a driving piano tone that will stick with you long after the song has finished.

The feeling I had on this during the first play was that I was blown away, as the way they produced the song it focuses a lot on the vocals, and why not as they're absolutely epic. This song is just one of many that the band has put out since 2020, but we feel like this song is the type that'll be in their setlists for years to come!