Bladderwrack shares their politically-charged new single, "Sleazy Street"

It's that time again, as another election in the UK rolls around bands are releasing some petty cool tunes to accompany all of the chaos. Bladderwrack is one of those acts this year and they've recently shared their very own politically-charged new single, "Sleazy Street".
... a solid chunky effort of angst.

The punk trio are known very well on their scene for making edgy tunes, and this is one of them. Focusing highly on bold vocal tones the track is also laden with crunchy bass, accompanied with tight percussion.

Lyrically they're obviously very anti-Conservatives as you might be able to hear, singing along about Chequers, screwing over the country, 'crown jewels',  and the cost of living crisis. There's a lot to take away from this but it doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on I hope you'll like this punk tune for what it is, a solid chunky effort of angst.

"Sleazy Street" is the first single from their new as yet untitled 10-track album, to be released on Urinal Vinyl later this year.