Cosmic Cousin unveils their brooding new tune, "Look Beyond"

The Berlin-based Cosmic Cousin earlier this month unveiled their brooding new tune, "Look Beyond", and the track is just their second-ever release, but upon listening to this you'd have thought they're stalwarts of their national scene.
"Look Beyond: is Dire Straights and part Kasabian, literally filled with stunning guitar-driven sounds.

The sound at the start of the track is a warm affair that reminds me in ways of Dire Straights, but when the vocals hit I felt almost that I was deep into a Kasabain track. Speaking about the rack Cosmic Cousin says - " ...  a journey that the listener is invited to share with the protagonist, whose frustrations eventually blossom in a moment of realisation and forgiveness."

The track is laced with glorious moments with twanging guitars shimmering amongst the charismatic vocals and powerful drumbeats, all the while backed up with a bassline that can send shivers down your spine.