Don't Call Me Tina shares her new single, "I Hope You Understand"

Philadelphia-based Don't Call Me Tina has recently returned with her fourth single of the year, "I Hope You Understand" is a fantastic slice of everything she's about, so get ready for a smattering of rock sounds entering your ears.

A full-on guitar-driven track with warm acoustic tones throughout. 

"I Hope You Understand" kicks off with a rush of warm indie-rock-sounding guitars, the percussion is on point from the very start too, and it's within the first 30 seconds that you know you'll be sticking around to the very end on this one.

The subtle folk/acoustic guitar in the background gives the track that grounded feel and when you combine the warm soulful vocals it's absolutely fantastic. The whole drive of the track is like a train charging at you like in an old Western film, it's full-on and non-stop fun!