Justin Sconza returns with, "View Of London", lifted from his debut album.

The Chicago-based Justin Sconza returns with "View Of London," a track from his debut album, which is out now! The new offering from Justin is like taking a gentle stroll through the park on a nice summer's day with a slight breeze. 

The song is like a stroll in the park on a warm but breezy summer day, just bliss.

The vocals are warm, kissing your ears almost with the jangly guitar giving you some tones that the likes of The Smiths are known for. Percussion-wise the track is crisp too with the drums punching but not too much that it's overpowering, and the nature of the bass too also acts as a delightful sound for your ears to chew on.

I have to say once this track finished I felt myself gravitating towards the full album release, so if you like this then there are plenty more tracks like this for you to wrap yourself around.