Tom Minor returns with his second track of the year, "The Bad Life"

The London-based singer-songwriter Tom Minor returned not so long ago with his second track of the year, "The Bad Life". The new cut is a bold new sound for Tom with the rock band The Creatures Of Habit once again featuring on the track - the first time since his debut single. 

A full-on rock anthem with plenty of nostalgic tones and huge vocal moments.

The vocals on this remind me of a blend of Iggy Pop and Richard Hawley, they're deep and full on with the rock sounds giving it huge compliments throughout. Speaking of the rock sounds the guitars on this are rather exquisite with the pacing suggesting that the track was written with big venues in mind. 

In my notes on the first play, I wrote down, 'sizzling rock with some 2000s sounds swirling around' and to be honest there are plenty of nostalgic tones hidden in "The Bad Life" for people in their 30s (like me). Be sure to also keep an ear out for the piano drop added to this track, an absolute gem of an inclusion.