SPECIAL PREVIEW... Foals - Spanish Sahara

Yes Foals are back, and with a standout first track, it will be released May 10th along side some fabulous new tracks including, Blue Blood, Total Life Forever, O-Funk, Death Surf and Alabaster.

The album is called 'Total Life Forever' released 10th May on the Transgressive label, CD, Download and maybe a 12" LTD edition.

Anyway, here is a special preview of 'Spanish Sahara', enjoy.

Foals - Spanish Sahara (Preview) [RIGHT-CLICK SAVE-AS]
Foals - Out Of 2 [RIGHT-CLICK SAVE-AS] - 'Out Of 2' is what comes up when you play it, don't know if its a interlude, backing track, solo, a preview of a track but thats the name...