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01 August, 2015

[WATCH] Foals- Mountain at My Gates

Indie band Foals have unveiled their new interactive music video to their second single from their forthcoming album 'What Went Down'. The music video is said to be a 'Go Pro Spherical' which enables the viewer to control the angles at which they view the footage at by either using the mouse or A/W/S/D keys. In order for the 360 degree video playback to be activated it is recommended that one views the video via Google Chrome or the Youtube app in order to experience the full immersive experience.

'What Went Down' is due for release on 28th August, with 'Mountain At My Gates' available to download instantly with a pre-order of the LP. You can catch Foals at a small number of European festivals this month, including Summer Well Festival in Romania and at Krakow Live in Poland.

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Check out the exciting new music video below:

Liam Gallagher premiers new song in Irish Pub

Liam Gallagher surprised regular pub-goers in Charlestown, Co Mayo, Ireland the other day with a spontaneous acoustic set. Within the set, the former Oasis band-member premiered a brand new track with a yet unknown title. Embedded in the song are the lyrics,

'Yes I know, I've been wrong, Didn't do what I was told, 
Yes I know I've been wrong, Didn't do what I was told,
I ain't looking for no 9-5, Sick of wasting all my precious time, 
Cos it's alright, Cos it's alright now'

The track also features a brief reference to brother Noel Gallagher's most recent LP 'Chasing Yesterday'  as one can hear at the start of the melody 'When I wake up and I hear you say, There's no love worth chasing yesterday.'

We don't know whether this track is acting as one of the foundations of future solo material from Liam Gallagher or whether this is just an impromptu performance from the Co Mayo loving musician. However, let's hope it leads on to more exciting releases!

Check out the video of Liam's performance here:

[WATCH] Slaves- Sockets

Two piece punk band Slaves have released yet another interesting video to their next single 'Sockets' from their debut album 'Are you Satisfied?' Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman continue to deliver with yet another solid track containing numerous harsh guitar riffs which give the track that extra edge. The lyrics to the chorus are inevitably catchy, 

'It wasn't her fault, she makes sugar taste like salt, 
Cause she was so sweet,
Now you're shuffling your feet with you hands in your pockets.'

The brand new video for 'Sockets', directed by Ciaran Lyons, is a nostalgic affair combined with contemporary ideas from the duo themselves through the lyrics. The video itself is an incredibly artistic portrayal of the single using the tangibility of plugs and their sockets as the main theme even though the song clearly states, 'You could hear your eyes rolling round in their sockets.' The presence of Slaves throughout the majority of the video by the means of the old fashioned television screen ensures that one doesn't forget the cunning and entertaining facial expressions from the duo. This is undoubtedly another hit from the this unique band and the music video is definitely one to watch!

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Check out the new video for 'Sockets' below:

30 July, 2015


On the brink of what looked like certain commercial success, London based music collective Kings Of The City were struck by tragedy as singer Danny Wilder was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Following a year-long battle, Danny sadly passed away in October 2013. The following August, the band started a Kickstarter campaign to finish the project they started on with Danny. 'Wrong' is the first release from the album, ’No Snake’. The track is a genre-bending amalgamation of hooks, insightful lyricism and soul, check out the video for it below. 

Rest in peace, Danny. 


Catfish and the Bottlemen are to record new album in August

In a statement posted on facebook today, the band have announced that they're going to have to cancel their appearance at Boardmasters Festival. However, a silver lining is that they're going to be recording their new album!
Photo by Nathan McLaren-Stewart

The statement says:
"We’re gutted to tell you that we're not going to being able to play at Boardmasters festival this year. Unfortunately it's turned out that the only time we can record our 2nd album is in August if we wanted to get it done this side of Christmas. We can't wait for you to hear the new songs and can’t apologise enough for not being able to make this show. We're all huge fans of Boardmasters and were very much looking forward to playing.
Thank you all and especially to Boardmasters for being so understanding. 
Van, Ben, Bob and Bondy."

[LISTEN] ARRWS - The Darj (feat. FEM FEL)

Fresh off the back of remixes for the likes of Giggs, Zebra Katz, and Kings Of Leon under various pseudonyms, as well as producing Maidays “Wish You’d Met Me First”, ARRWS finally unleashes his debut EP “Motionless For Hours”

“The Dark” is the first track from the North London based producer. Featuring South London rapper Fem Fel, the track is a cinematic soundscape, a space beautifully composed; an innovative and exciting balancing act of brash drums and eerie guitars. One of the most interesting industrial sounds we've heard in some time. 

Released later this summer, “Motionless For Hours” will feature the likes of Ofei, and Roll Deep’s Manga Saint Hilare.


29 July, 2015

[LISTEN] Department M - Bleak Technique

 Leeds’ Department M are pleased to announce they will release new single ‘Bleak Technique’ as a limited edition 7” vinyl on 7th August via independent label Hide & Seek Records. The second track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album, the record was produced by James Kenosha (Rhodes) at The Lodge in Bridlington. Their trademark brooding, alluring blend of post-punk and gloom-laden synth pop is given a melodic shot in the arm on the new single with a heavy bass line groove and a snake-hipped lead guitar line, featuring sultry guest vocals from Snow Fox (Vessels).

Brinley explains of the inspiration behind the new single single - “'Bleak Technique' is steeped in a kind of 21st century paranoia I'm noticing so many people around me starting to feel. With the onslaught of social media and technology tracking our every move, our lives don't feel particularly private anymore and that can be a difficult feeling to shake. The song is an expression of wanting to immunise yourself from the perceived threats of a post-internet world...'I'm only phantom, I'm only neutral'.

The early collaboration between Owen and long-term producer, James Kenosha, has now evolved from a collection of harsh, sharp and sometimes cold electronic pop songs to a world of newfound warmth, pop sensibility and musicality. Swathes of blissed-out analogue synthesizer and soulful, haunted voices levitate above a base of vital live drumming, courtesy of drummer Tommy Davidson (Pulled Apart By Horses) who lent a fresh pair of hands to the writing and recording process this time around. It’s a fresh sound; one that is both grandiose, yet full of space and room for reflection. The addition of Snowfox's vocals hint towards a 90s dancefloor feel, a dizzy high counterpoint to Brinley's warmer tones.
‘Bleak Technique’ is released on 7” vinyl 7th August via Hide & Seek Records

[LISTEN] Chet Faker - 1998 (feat. Banks)

After some cracking sets at festivals like Glastonbury, Chet Faker's popularity rating is at a all time high if you go by the praise for his sets on twitter and facebook. He's also revealed a brand new track called "1998" which features the brilliant Banks on vocal duties on the second half of the song. The track is actually a re-working but the new version gives the listener more depth, with Bank's swooning vocals adding an extra dimension to it.

The track is released today, pick it up via iTunes - link below.

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Radiohead favourites for James Bond theme

After someone put £15,000 on Radiohead to be the next band to record the official 007 James Bond theme tune betting has been suspended on some sites, with others slashing the odds by a lot!

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said:
"The first gamble of the day was Ellie Goulding and punters were backing her as if she already had the gig, but just as we were thinking of pulling the plug we had a load of bets for Radiohead including one customer who asked to place a £15,000 bet on the band at 10/1

There seem to be all kinds of rumours and the plot has had more twists and turns than a classic Bond tale, but surely nobody risks £15,000 on a hunch."

28 July, 2015

[DAILY DOWNLOAD] Night Drive - Queen (Perfume Genius Cover)

It's summer time again and Night Drive is releasing the second instalment of their 'Summer Covers Series'. Following last years dark disco Radiohead cover, "Where I End and You Begin", they've now filtered the Perfume Genius track, "Queen" through a dancier electronic lens.


Few months ago we already introduced to you: A great duo from Bern doing perfect indie-pop. Like you should do it. Synth-Hymns until you shit in your own pants. Perfectionism is very due nowadays. Look at Tame Impala, look at Hozier. Now hear "There Is No Love" from the brilliant WAM.

Great appetizer of melodies in the beginning and it's going on for a while. Massive vocal line and generally all extremely smooth, warm drums. Produced by Basel's Indie-Wizzard P. Laffer, the band got surely inspired by his production-art. To keep drums low and shut. Therefore no epic sounds here. But clear hooks.

What is there to come? An album, another single? A full length Studio documentary? We don't know. But what they achieved is that we wonder. The only thing you need to do as a young project.
Well done then. Congrats, you let me wonder.

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[LISTEN] Frank Turner - Mittens

Frank Turner has today unveiled a new track, "Mittens", which is the latest to be taken from his forthcoming new studio album, "Positive Songs For Negative People", the album is out August 7th through Xtra Mile Recordings and Polydor Records.

You can watch the lyric video for "Mittens" below.

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[LISTEN] IYES - No Wonder

Last week we heard a new track from the Brighton based duo IYES called "Go Crazy", and they also announced their new EP - "Part One". We're now being spoilt with more electro-pop goodness with "No Wonder". This is one of their most upbeat tracks with the spritely piano keys giving it that late 90's disco feel.

IYES certainly have their groove on with their latest offering, we're dead excited to hear what "Part One" has install for us! While you wait for more listen to "No Wonder" below.

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[LISTEN] The Maccabees - Spit It Out

Last night The Maccabees revealed a brand new track on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show. "Spit It Out" is lifted from their new album "Marks To Prove It" which is out this Friday (31st July) on Fiction.

The band are due to play Reading and Leeds festival with a show beforehand with Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Aviemore on August 1st. You can read our rave 8.5/10 review of their brand new album here. 

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[WATCH] Hinds - Davey Crockett (Acoustic)

Hinds are band composed of 4 young Madrid residents who have not released their début album yet but have been highly acclaimed by many at festivals such as Glastonbury and Benicàssim. Below is a video of them performing their track "Davey Crokett" for The Water Tapes (shot in Benicàssim).

It really showcases their sound and exuberant vocals with the lyrics "gabba gabba hey" showing off that the band are just doing what they want, how they want it, and clearly loving what they're getting up to!

You can listen to their latest track "Chili Town" here. 

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[LISTEN] Lianne La Havas - Tokyo

Lianne La Havas is now really teasing her debut album to everyone with the infectious Neo-Soul track "Tokyo". The track starts off with a tumbling guitar, similar to that of her cover of Everything Everything's "Final Form". Her vocals are what's on show here, the 2012 Mercury Prize finalist showcases her vocal range here with some glorious harmonies and splashes of samples to give it added depth.

Lianne La Havas' new album "Blood" is released July 31st via Warner Bros.

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Jungle are to start their second album soon

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Tom said - "We are just in the middle of building a studio so we can sit down in our own space once more and get to work on the second record. Our laptops are our notepads, and so it is quite easy just to sit down and work on little ideas and things that inspire you". He goes on to say " ... the only thing we want to do is make it a better album than the last time."

Their self-titled début album came out in July 2014 on XL Recordings.

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[LISTEN] Grant Nicholas - It's Been On My Mind

Front-man of Feeder (Grant Nicholas) has been doing a lot of solo work recently, having came off a long UK tour earlier this year, releasing his debut solo album and an EP too, he's certainly been busy! Yesterday he posted a brand new track for his fans to check out, he comments - "Here's a new song I recorded at the Treehouse a few weeks back. Thanks for all your support and looking forward to seeing you at the festivals. Cheers, Grant".

Much like his album it's a folky number with some dark edges and glorious vocals - but you already knew the last point didn't you! There's no release date for this track, nor has it been announced on any future releases, so at the moment it's a standalone track - listen to it below.

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Yannis Philippakis "I didn't want to be a front-man"

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat he told them - "I was reluctant. I didn't really want to sing, I just wanted to play guitar. I think I feel more confident as a singer, I guess that is something that people will hear on the record. A lot of the songs are more vocally lead than they have been before."

Below is a couple of tracks Foals have done without Yannis singing - most of them were sung by Andrew Mears.

"Try This On Your Piano"

"Look At My Furrows of Worry"

[LISTEN] New Order - Restless

You're now about to listen to the first new New Order track in quite a while - their last proper LP was released back in 2005. "Restless" is taken from their new album "Music Complete" which is out September 25th via Mute. The track itself is a lot less electronic than I was thinking it was going to be, yes it's got synths but there is a prominent acoustic guitar and strings throughout the track.

Maybe this is the new relaxed era of New Order? All we know is that we've got until September the 25th to find out. But with Brandon Flowers, Iggy Pop and Elly Jackson on vocals and the Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands and Stuart Price producing some of the tracks this might be a red-herring as to what the album might sound like. You can listen to "Restless" below.

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