23 November, 2017

[LISTEN] Cape Cub - Searchlight

We last found Cape Cub with his previous single ‘Flowers’ in late Summer. Emerging Newcastle based artist Cape Cub now returns with ‘Searchlight’, a sombre and personal release from singer-songwriter Chad Male.

As with previous single ‘Flowers, the producer and artist behind Cape Cub, showcases his natural flair for uplifting and rousing melodies, this time with a more contemplative and autumnal vibe.

“Searchlight is a song for the night. It's about finding a little light in the darkness and finding yourself again. It's also about dependence on other human beings; I find it hard to imagine getting through anything alone” explains Chad.

Searchlight is the second ever song I've written on a piano, so the feel is much different to anything else you've probably heard from Cape Cub. I wanted there to be space in the recording too, and to feel like the chorus really pulls you out of those depths. Like anything I've ever put out there, it's a hugely personal song and I hope it means something to all of you out there too” added Male.

An easily relatable song context and heartfelt lyrics, Chad has his heart on his sleeve in this release, yet never fails to keep the listener at peace with bouncy guitar and vocal hooks. Nodding to the iconic storytelling, vividly human imagery and natural showmanship of Springsteen, Death Cab For Cutie and Brandon Flowers, as well as the new wave of contemporary alternative electronic and pop producers like Maggie Rogers, Aquilo and new label mate Kyko, Cape Cub’s music is rooted in the vitality and warmth of human relationships.

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Words by Cole Samson

22 November, 2017

[LISTEN] Gus Harrower - Cell Dilution [IAI PREMIERE]

Two years on from his debut release, the talented Scottish singer-songwriter Gus Harrower has been writing towards his upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Where We Were’. Following the release of the EP’s title track that was featured as ‘Single of the Week’ on the Janice Forsyth show on BBC Radio Scotland, comes the new track Cell Dilution. A deeply personal song which sees Harrower reeling from a past relationship in which things were left unsaid and regrets still linger.

Having been dubbed for Song Academy Young Songwriter in 2016, Harrower proves this capabiluty and makes a mark with ‘Cell Dilution’. Blending together rich influences of soul, blues and pop, Gus has created a myriad of coloured sound textures that makes his sound so demanding. A bouncy minor-key piano ballad carried by Harrower’s soulful vocals and sparse synthesizer swells suddenly explodes into life as cathartic guitars and emphatic drums enter the swing.

The song exerts a powerful five-minute composition, its melancholic atmosphere and dynamic production marks it as the emotional center piece of his forthcoming EP.

Gus Harrower comments more on the song, "Cell Dilution is one of my most meaningful songs. Considering it was written a couple years ago, it captures many different feelings, which are still relevant today. It's a song that took me some time to feel comfortable with lyrically and musically however I'm extremely proud of the outcome.”

Harrower possesses great musical ethic, producing all his releases to date himself, and has been recognised for his work, now with this promising release, the young artist is sure to be a name to look out for in the very near future.

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Words By Cole Samson

[LISTEN] Breakers - Get In Line

With delicate falsetto range tinting influences of Foals and post-hardcore influences in guitar work, Breakers return with ‘Get In Line’ - a track that hits with a barrage of high-energized rock that packs with personality.

Breakers – comprised of members Alex Bayly, Jamie Archer, Scott Carter, and Ollie Townsend – are an indie rock outfit based in Hertfordshire. After achieving acclaim and success with the release of their debut EP Redrum in 2016 the band confidently return with the new single Get in Line, one of two singles to be recently recorded with prolific producer John Mitchell (Architects, Enter Shikari).

Breakers tell us more on the background behind the single..“Lyrically the song is about 'getting in line' socially and personally. Socially finding a place in my 20s with a job, band, etc, and then personally doing the right thing by the people in my life. The song resembles to me, as a patch work of memories and feelings about growing up in our home counties and what made me move to the city. This is referenced to the instrumental sections that drop out in the second verse. The song is about staying determined and making moves to hit the right groove in life."

2018 may be the big year for Breakers; the next few months will be the perfect time to see the band as they continue to develop their craft and perform gigs in Ware, Bishops, and at The Finsbury in London.


5th – The Finsbury, London
19th – Rose and Crown, Bishops Stortford

Connect with Breakers

21 November, 2017

[INTERVIEW] With...False Heads

False Heads - L-R Barney Nash, Luke Griffiths and Jake Elliott           © Luke Nugent Photography

When The Guardian recently delivered its doom and gloom verdict on British guitar music declaring it ‘dead’, the community in and around specialist gig promoter This Feeling reacted with passion and some outrage.

False Heads from east London are one of the bands with a strong affiliation to This Feeling and they are in the process of taking their music into a wider setting.

Being one of the finest up and coming guitar bands around just now, definitely helps. Iggy Pop is just one key figure in music who has been singing their praises for quite some time now.

Guitarist and vocalist Luke Griffiths, drummer Barney Nash and bassist Jake Elliott are doing their bit for guitar music and are deservedly getting a positive response in return for their efforts.

When Iggy Pop world-premiered the band’s brilliant new single Retina on his BBC Radio 6 Music show Iggy Pop Confidential earlier this month there was a great sense of excitement.

But via 6 Music and Radio 1, the BBC, is not the only broadcaster who has been showing its support for False Heads, SiriusXM, and more precisely, The Rodney Bingenheimer Show, also had Retina clearly marked for a premiere as part of its schedule.

There is more than just good reason for the enthusiasm. Retina delivers on more level than one. It is a really good tune, there is that catchy guitar riff coupled with an appropriate dose of Kurt Cobain-esque vocals. If you take Nirvana and the vibe from the 1990s Seattle music scene, add a strong contemporary edge then you get an idea of what Retina is all about.

Luke’s distinct vocals and English accent have become key components and establish recognisable characteristics throughout False Heads’ repertoire.

The band’s popularity and reputation is growing not just in a niche, guitar music community, but is reaching more mainstream territory, showing just how much the three members are progressing.

They have just returned from a successful trip to Manchester, they were at Off the Record, the New Music and Conference Showcase, where they took part in a music industry panel discussion and they spoke about their career to date.

Luke: Having a conference geared at truly helping bands take a step up in their career shows that there are still people in the industry that really want decent music to come through and get a leg up.

It was a really inspiring day and the band got on really well, they managed to do some networking and had some ‘important conversations’.

Luke: The interviewer asked some really interesting and engaging questions and we spoke about our journey so far. We got a great response and I hope the people there took something out of it.

The group is well-known for their intensity, energy and passion when they play live       © Laurine Payet     
The band has also just completed a UK tour which included playing in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a great experience that has made the city one of False Heads’ key gig locations.

With several record labels being keen to sign the band, it is hardly surprising the three east Londoners are feeling the heat and getting increasingly keen to get something concrete in writing as soon.

There is interest from majors and small independent labels but the band is no desperate rush to sign a record deal just for the sake of it. Things have got to be as close to perfect as possible. 

False Heads' popularity continues to grow                  © Luke Nugent Photography

In the early days they almost signed a deal, which essentially would have jeopardised things far too soon, before they even began.

There is a perhaps a slight misconception that signing a record deal is the ultimate goal and achievement in a band’s career, but above anything else, False Heads’ focus is on making really good music and continue to play the best live shows possible

They strongly believe that by focusing on those things, everything else will come together at a natural pace. For now they are happy to be independent and just focus purely on their music.

The band has established a reputation as a dynamic live band and built a strong following of fans and supporters around the UK. Most of their songs are created in a ‘live environment’ so to speak.

The band enjoy focusing purely on their music and live performances     

Barney: When you are busy recording in the studio and decide to go and play live, it will quickly become apparent if you are no good at playing your instrument.

Barney: In the studio the result can end up sounding alright because there are ways you can get around it. There will usually be a producer and you can edit your songs. But equally, if or when you find yourself in a live setting and it turns out you cannot actually do the thing you are supposed to be able to do, it becomes a problem.

Being a three piece probably makes it easier to work closely together on songs and the connection between the band members is absolute key. Rehearsing near the M25 in the outskirts of east London on an industrial estate adds some authenticity. The band’s video for Thick Skin was recorded there.

Barney: The context which we now create songs in has been integral to what has been produced. We used to rehearse in our studio and we moved literally into a shipping container and that is where we rehearse now and some of the songs that come out of there are a bit wild so to speak.

Barney: As a live band we have got some way to go, we are only just getting into the realms of where we want to be but that is a good thing, we will never achieve everything and that is kind of a nice though but also a bit annoying. Actually, come to think of it, we will get there eventually.

That False Heads will ‘get there’ is beyond doubt, they are already well on their way, and they have taken the first giant steps on their exciting journey.

Luke: There is definitely chemistry between us and we have invested a lot in the music as much each other. We work hard, we practice a lot and writing good songs is critical to us. I totally believe that comes out when we play live.

False Heads share the bill with Josh Homme, Frank Turner and Band of Skulls at A Peaceful Noise at London’s ULU on Saturday the 25th November 2017

[LISTEN] Megan Dixon Hood - Alias Grace

It’s clear to see a versatile musicality in both Megan Dixon Hood and her band’s material and new single ‘Alias Grace’ takes the listener on a powerful journey. A clear respect for folk and alternative rock are presented here, and indicators light up by the songs’ array of delicate guitar plucks and trembling bass lines. In ‘Alias Grace’, Megan’s vocal tiptoes over an incredible lush arrangement and compliments the story behind ‘Alias Grace’ in heaps.

Megan’s wondrous alt-folk sound has graced Rock the Farm, Glass Butter Beach, and a headline slot at Middlewich Folk Festival.

In regards to the making of the song Dixon Hood states “'Alias Grace' was inspired by the book of the same name by the author Margaret Atwood. The song itself takes on the perspective of Grace, suggesting the idea that she did not commit the crime, yet the rumors spread quickly and she is aware that she is seen as the 'beast' despite her beauty and mild manners. The tone is somewhat sarcastic, as she invites the listener to 'step into' her skin, to see for themselves what her life is really like and make their judgments that way.”

Alias Grace, a track that precedes an upcoming EP to be released in January/February 2018.

20 November, 2017

[GIG REVIEW] Heir @ The Old Blue Last, 29th October

A set of friends from Leeds, who joined a band together with sounds and influences of the likes of Haim and Flyte. The group have enjoyed a successful run of music festivals this year, notably Live At Leeds and Reading + Leeds. A tour following this was just right and felt like it was almost overdue to fans.

A flamboyant indie-pop group that pack tons of charisma, they're a band of the moment. Part of this charisma is presented in their respect for providing a good performance - it's easy to see the band nurture musicality in their releases and this is presented just as well in their live shows, this is what makes their live show so infectious. Many bands seem to care too much on their appearance live but Heir disregard this mockingly and go guns blazing - without being sloppy, of course.

A packed set of unreleased songs and never sees a dull moment, dancing and swaying – the band have it locked down. Tom tells the crowd to lower into the floor and jump on his call - a near-to-nostalgic moment to take you back to the summer music festivals earlier this year. Heir bring a packed an energetic and thrilled set and it feels like ‘Need You The Most’ brought a familiar closing. The Heir boys are an exciting name to wrap your ears and eyes around.

Photo credits: Portia Hunt


December 15th - Chapel, Leeds

December 16th - Night & Day Café, Manchester

December 20th - The Troubadour, London

December 22nd - Voodoo Lounge, Exeter

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19 November, 2017

[GIG REVIEW] Darlia, Nothing But Thieves, Norwich, 14th November 2017

Some words before you start reading: We are aware of the allegations made against Nothing But Thieves and are following the situation. This gig review was written before we were made aware of the allegations and thus doesn't include any mention of said topic.
review and photos by Lena Völk

Kicking off the show with a loud and very energetic performance, Darlia made a great entrance. The set mostly contained songs from their first album „Petals“ but a second one has been said to be on its way.

Having been compared to Nirvana and S*M*A*S*H, the Blackpool four-piece' genre varies from alternative rock to grunge. With Nathan Days' voice previously being described as ranging from „a husky whisper to a rasping roar“ by the Guardian the band won everyone over who has not heard of them before.

Having the crowd eat out of their hand the group wowed with gritty guitar riffs and catchy rhythms.
Latter can not only be found in their newest release „Beam Me Up“ but also in „Candyman“. Even if Darlia may not be reinventing punk-pop, they most certainly are able to compete with some of the big names out there.

When Nothing But Thieves finally took the stage at Norwich's LCR the crowd went wild. The Essex outfit can look back on a successful year having played to a crowd of more than 500,000 people at Woodstock Festival Poland earlier this summer and every single gig of their UK tour being sold out.
As well as playing their classics like e.g „Graveyard Whistling“ the band also impressed with their newest release „Broken Machine“. „Soda“, „Hell, Yeah“ and „Particles“ are only examples of some of the jewels on their sophomore album.

Encouraging their audience to crowd surf while giving a taste of a wonderful guitar riff is just one of the many ways they tried to connect with us. Creating a very intimate atmosphere the lads from Southend-On-Sea definitely deserved their fans' cheers.
This very successful evening was concluded by their chart-conquering single „Amsterdam“ which left all of us walking home humming.

by Lena Völk

15 November, 2017

Alt-J unveil short-film for track "Pleader"

Alt-J have always released brilliant videos, and today sees a new video that continues that. The new staggering short film for their new single, "Pleader", which was directed by Isaiah Seret and featuring the acclaimed actors Sophie Cookson and Morgan Watkins.

You can watch the film/music video here:

Little Comets announce UK tour for April 2018

Little Comets have just made your winter better by announcing a Spring 2018 UK Tour, alongside a brand new EP! Coming just over a year after the self-release of fourth album "Worhead", sell-out headline shows and an arena tour supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen, Little Comets remain determined s ever and keep on producing great tracks, and ever since their formation in 2009 they've been one of the go to Indie-Pop darlings in the UK.

Tickets on sale: Friday 17th @ 10am.

Little Comets UK Tour 2018
9th Nottingham Rescue Rooms
10th Sheffield The Leadmill
11th Glasgow Oran Mor
13th Manchester Club Academy
14th Birmingham O2 Institute2
15th Bristol Bierkeller
16th Oxford O2 Academy
18th Brighton Concorde 2
19th London Electric Ballroom
20th Leeds Church

Tourist reveals beautiful video for "Hush"

UK producer and composer Tourist has today unveiled the beautiful accompanying video for "Hush" - the instrumental track from his acclaimed "Wash" EP which dropped last week.

Directed by Dillon Moore, it focuses on William Phillips aka Tourist playing piano at the houses of various LA musical friends, including Benny Blanco, Rostam from Vampire Weekend and RL Grime. The audio is a mixture of William playing the track on the piano and the final version of the track on the EP.

[LISTEN] VIØLETS - Falling in Time

Following their critically-acclaimed prior releases "Ghost" and "When the Light Goes Down", the trio of VIØLETS have dropped their incredibly infectious new track "Falling In Time", which is officially out on the 24th of November.

Speaking on the track, Aaron, Rob and Pippa state: "This track was written after spending a summer with some amazing people - it's about a place where you can be where/whoever you want to be, a parallel to the real world; a place full of dreamers and their dreams. It's about the feeling of living in the moment - a carelessness that is rare and something we wanted to capture. A feeling that we all share."

14 November, 2017

[IN PHOTOS] Slaves @ Tonhalle, Munich

Thunderous, energetic and angry. Slaves don't make for easy listening - but we're sure that's what the duo from Kent weren't ever aiming for. Performing as a support group for Kasabian in Munich, Slaves proved once again that the concept of strength in numbers doesn't necessarily apply to bands.

Taking the loud duo on tour is a bold move by Kasabian - matching the energy brought to the stage by Slaves is a uphill task for any band!

The duo provided a powerful start to a fantastic evening. See photos from their gig below.

Aquilo announce Spring 2018 UK Tour

Lancashire duo Aquilo have just announced a string of UK dates for April 2018, which will be preparing themselves for their new album. SO far we've heard three tracks released as a part of the 'Silhouettes' trilogy series.You can watch one of them below and check out the dates there too.

Aquilo 2018 UK Dates
13 Glasgow, King Tuts
15 Manchester, Gorilla
16 Birmingham, O2 Institute 3
18 Bristol, Thekla
19 London, Oval Space

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Courteeners to headline Neighbourhood Weekender

Courteeners and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have been announced to headline Neighbourhood Weekender, Victoria Park, Warrington Bank Holiday Weekend 26th and 27th May 2018.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are on the edge of releasing THE brand new album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ (out Nov 24th), the keenly anticipated follow-up to the platinum-selling, Chasing Yesterday (2015). Courteeners make their full live return following their biggest headline show to date at Emirates Old Trafford earlier this year and frontman Liam Fray’s sold out acoustic tour last month.

Also announced are... Blossoms / Jake Bugg / Kodaline / Editors / Circa Waves / The Coral / Miles Kane / Starsailor / The Sherlocks / Dma’s / Reverend And The Makers / The Big Moon / Tom Grennan / Fickle Friends / The Pigeon Detectives / Cabbage / Spring King / The Magic Gang / Louis Berry / Lewis Capaldi / Jerry Williams / Feet  Stereo Honey / Sam Fender / Whenyoung 

Tickets go onsale Friday 17th November at 9.30am via www.nbhdweekender.com, www.gigsandtours.com and www.ticketmaster.co.uk. An exclusive presale for Warrington residents (WA postcode) go on sale Thursday 16th November at 9.30am via http://po.st/NBHDWKNDpre.

The Ramona Flowers unveil video for "Strangers"

Fresh off a US club tour, The Ramona Flowers have released a stunning new video for their single "Strangers". Starring America’s Got Talent finalist Kid the Wiz, the video sees him bring his trademark dance moves to his hometown of NYC.

13 November, 2017

Aussie band Rogues share video for new single "Shibuya"

Australia is a hub of great music, however due to the size of the place only a MASSIVE band like Tame Impala seem to tour the UK and Europe, there are some other bands too mind. Rogues however are the kind of band that sound like they'd fit in the British scene well, as their video for "Shibuya" may suggest. The video was directed and shot by Dan Stone and the track is airy, uplifting and has plenty of hooks, enough to catch loads of fans!

Australian band Rogues sent in the video for their track "Shibuya" via the link below, to get your music on this site click on the link!

[LISTEN] Luna Bay - Little Amsterdam

Now whenever we need a pick-up in new music we delve into Soundcloud's new music top 50, and head to the Indie section (obviously). This week we've picked up on Luna Bay's stunning new track "Little Amsterdam" that has loads of bright guitar tones and a catchy chorus to boot!

Luna Bay are getting us ready for Summer 2018 with this one, I can see the quartet getting big off the back of this song, if you love Circa Waves or Vampire Weekend then you'll love these guys!

[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Bad Family - On Your Wall

Brigton's Bad Family have revealed another stunning track last week, "On Your Wall", they've got elements of Americana, Noir and even a dash of Brit-Pop in there. Their attitude to writing songs seem to be go big or go home as this is the latest in a line of guitar anthems. "On Your Wall" is taken from the band’s brand new EP - named EP2 it is out 17th of November.

Speaking about the track frontman Dane Etteridge says - "Have you ever been with someone, it doesn’t work out and they start sleeping with someone new way too soon after the breakup? Well, thats what ‘On your Wall’ is about, the horrible anxiety and hatred it causes towards the person that you once cared so deeply about, The idea that you shadow is the last thing to leave a room, and your former lover is with their next one before your shadow has had the chance to get out."

Pale Waves announce 2018 UK & Ireland tour

Pale Waves have just announced a UK and Ireland headline tour for New Year 2018. The run of shows will betheir biggest so far and follows their USA and European arena tour support with The 1975 and their recent sold out UK and European tours.

The tour also is supporting the release of their currently untitled EP which is due out at the start of 2018.

30 Belfast Oh Yeah Music Centre
31 Dublin Grand Social
19 Tunbridge Wells The Forum
20 Guildford Boiler Room
22 Cambridge Storey's Field Centre
23 Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club
24 Liverpool Studio 2
26 Oxford The Cellar
27 Leicester The Cookie
28 Leeds The Chapel
01 Stoke Sugarmill
02 Birmingham Academy
04 Glasgow King Tuts
05 Sheffield Leadmill
06 Manchester Gorilla
07 London The Garage
08 Bristol Thekla

Lucy Rose shares "End Up Here" video

Lucy Rose has shared the video for "End Up Here", which was an unreleased track from her "Something's Changed" album sessions. The track comes in support of her UK and Ireland tour dates which run until the 24th of November.

You can find the tour dates over on her social media channels and watch the video out below.