11 December, 2017


Hull-istically punk L-R Mick Sanders, Loz Etheridge, Mez Sanders-Green and Stewart Baxter             photograph: PR

Punk is not dead. It is alive and Hull’s finest four-piece LIFE are giving punk fresh connotations.

They will soon shake any pre-conceived ideas of political apathy, indecision or inaction. LIFE are totally at ease with being political; they embrace social commentary as they do everyday life, as sharp observers and active participants.  

Not only does their ease with being political come at a perfect time when too few artists or bands articulate such views, it makes for really fascinating songwriting too.

LIFE’s political views and one hundred percent authentic DIY approach give consistency and focus to the band’s writing. There is meaning, messages and actual substance and it does not end here; they are hugely dedicated to poetry and arts too.

Frontman and singer Mez Sanders-Green and his brother, guitarist Mick Sanders, bassist Loz Etheridge and drummer Stewart Baxter are trying to fully comprehend the scale of their triumphs in 2017. It has definitely been their best year so far.

Having just completed a full UK tour with The Idles, the tour reached a climax when the band played a sold-out show at Village Underground in London, the four members are now reflecting on what has been a hugely successful and eventful year.

Mez: It has been a wild year non-stop really, so it is great to finish in style. In the last year we toured with Slaves across Europe, the UK, toured all over America. We did all the festivals this summer too. It has been a fantastic experience.

The band also received BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music airplay, with Steve Lamacq being particularly enthusiastic and supportive. The group also featured as part of a special Radio 6 Music invite-only line-up at London’s 100 Club on the same day as their gig at Village Underground (in Nov).

But there is even more to LIFE’s amazing 2017 list of achievements. This also became the year when they self-released their debut album Popular Music to widespread and consistent critical acclaim.

Popular Music is a fresh take on punk and DIY seen through the sharp perspective of the four northern working class lads, and there is definitely an anti-establishment thematic thread running through the album with the band commenting on political themes such as Donald Trump and Brexit. Their song Euromillions is about Trump.

You get an acute sense that the band members have always been engaged in politics, one way or another.

Mez: The world is such a scary place at the moment in terms of the dark politics that is going on and for us it is hard not to kick against that. We would never sit on the fence or be ‘beige’. I think it was always going to come out in our songwriting because we tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves.

But the band would not necessarily encourage every artist to make political statements for the sake of it. That does not seem right either, it has to be genuine.  

Mez: Trying to write a political song if you are not a political person does not seem right to me because it is always possible to tell if it is not coming from a true place. Some artists do happen to be political but may not feel they can comment on political matters, and therefore, end up shying away from it. They may worry about how taking a side might impact on their success as an artist. So for example, if an artist takes a very particular left-wing stance that same person could essentially put off half of his or her audience.

It is entirely natural, LIFE’s band members do not coordinate or plan, how political they want to be when they write a new song.

Mick: Since we recorded the album we have reflected on it and realised how political it is. We have always just written about general things, things that affect our lives but when we look back at our work we totally realise it is something that is infiltrated because we are political in our lives.

Being politically active is, of course, great in itself, but engaging and making a difference to the lives of young people in Hull, clearly is also, extremely important to LIFE.

Mez and Stewart both work at a Youth Centre in Hull. The centre provides services to under 25-year-olds and specialises in free counselling, sexual health education, arts and even has a free of charge record label where young people can put out their music. Working there and investing a significant amount of their time over a longer period means that the two band members have seen a lot and wanted to share some of their experiences. Unsurprisingly,  some of LIFE’s songs take inspiration from the youth centre.

The song In Your Hands sends out a strong empowering message to each and every young person about the need to be strong and remember that life is ‘in your hands’, even if the government or other parts of the establishment are trying to make them think otherwise. 

That does seem very positive. But, LIFE’s themes also have darker and heavier overtones but that is probably what makes them entirely unique. There is a real need for more artists out there to take a stance, engage and create debate.

This will continue on their next album, which they have recently begun writing. Understandably, they are very excited about it.

This momentum comes from not only the positive response from audiences so far, but also their history together. Being good friends, the four members live really close to each other in Hull and have known each other for a long time.

Mick: It is so hard to do it if we were not really close. Once things start to kick off you just spend so much time together, it can be up to four months together or more, so you might be with the same people day in day out and spend time travelling. You have got to know those people really well to be able be so close to them. So if there is no connection or friendship, it is less likely to work out longer term.

Keeping things real, being quite down to earth and having a connection to real life seems to be what LIFE are all about and it shines through when they talk about their ambitions for the future.

Mick: If we can just afford to keep going the way we have been. Having another year like the year we have just had then that is what we want to achieve. That would be good enough for us. As long as we get to play live to great people, to packed rooms, making music that we really enjoy and get out there to great responses, then I consider myself happy with things.  

There has been some record label enquiries and interest so it will be exciting to see what the future brings.

Mez: Getting interest from some labels is really nice, it shows that we are doing something right. We are just not going to rush into anything. It is important to wait and see, make sure it is the right move for us and then the record will come naturally and it will be good.

That LIFE are doing something right is beyond doubt. Hopefully, 2018 will be another good year for the band. In their hands, punk is definitely safe because they are reinventing it, making it exciting and relevant again.

[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #13 - Adam French

Some may say he is too low down the order, however Adam has only recently come back onto the scene with a brand new EP, "Weightless". You may be familiar with his previous work in the shape of  his track "Shiver", but with time comes maturity and it's looking like his time writing is paying off for the Congleton artist.

He's been all over BBC Introducing's website, been to Africa to do a tour and this week his video dropped. He's got it all going on for him, the finger plucking track really has got that special something as it adds an added dimension to the song. His rough yet subtle vocals just swoon as you fall in love with this masterpiece of an EP.

One of Adam French's most tearful track is, "Euthanasia", which has a big cinematic sound, his strong and distinctive vocals as well as the soothing guitar, but 2018 will see him enter the year fresh minded and full of optimism after positive reviews came flowing in after the release of his EP, a darker sound, more atmosphere and his vocals dominating proceedings, what more do you need!

He has recently supported the likes of Jack Garratt, Rat Boy, Pete Doherty, Miles Kane, and The Sunshine Underground. Recently confirmed as support for Jake Bugg’s solo acoustic tour which took place in the latter half of 2017. This EP really showcases the skill and musicianship that Adam French possesses, as I can see him taking off really soon, following in the shoes of fellow hard-workers Lucy Rose and Ben Howard.


[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #14 - Gaffa Tape Sandy

Every year at Glastonbury we tend to try and see the up-and-coming acts perform, because sometimes that's where the most exciting bands hide, and when we popped along to see Bury St. Edmund's Gaffa Tape Sandy we were pleasantly surprised. The trio craft upbeat garage-rock anthems with a slight hint of punk to give their tracks more punch, and when they performed their single "Water Bottle" at the BBC Introducing tent the band went from an unknown to me to one of the highlights of my festival.

The new cut is only 85 seconds long but certainly packs a lot in, rip-roaring guitar and bass riffs, hectic drum patterns and will certainly make you want to lose yourself in a pit! The track certainly sounds like it's got a lot of power behind it and can easily turn you into a super-fan within it's 85 second running time.

Gaffa Tape Sandy are just at the beginning of their existence, but if they keep up creating tracks like this they'll be known by all very soon! After signing to AntiGen Records towards the end of the year this clearly shows a statement of intent from the band, we just can't wait to hear more from this trip-roaring trio. Their last single of the year "Beehive" premiered over on Clash Mag and was greeted with praise from all over the world getting them even more fans, 2018 is certainly going to bring more material, we can't wait!


[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #15 - Superorganism

Superorganism literally exploded onto the scene with a fully formed pop banger titled "Something For Your M.I.N.D", the Eureka moment came in early 2017. Though hailing from different parts of the world, the six of them met while living in New Zealand and moved to London to work on music together. Going from complete unknown to one of the hottest new bands in under a year has been quite the ride.

It was in early 2017, the track "Something For Your M.I.N.D", was uploaded to streaming services. In the space of a few days, the song landed in Spotify’s esteemed 'New Music Friday playlist', with it getting millions of streams, and getting the attention of  the liked of Frank Ocean and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig.

Occasionally, along comes a band that perfectly captures so much of what is exciting about music right now. With Superorganism performing their debut UK show at London’s 700 capacity Village Underground venue and selling it out, this clearly shows how in demand the outfit are. They're quirky music has really struck a chord with people and with an album to follow in 2018 be sure to keep a close eye on the outfit!


[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #16 - The Shimmer Band

Proving beyond doubt that there’s a massive wave of musical talent to look forward to in 2018 is The Shimmer Band. This 5 piece from Bristol fronted by Tom Newman has racked up a massive following and it’s not just existing fans packing out the festival tents and venues.

As soon as The Shimmer Band starts to play the psych pop, synth, rock draws in a pied piper allegiance following the sound of the music. The Shimmer Band sounds like a well-established headline stage band. It’s a huge sound!The first song picked up by the radio playlists and BBC Introducing was ‘Freedom’ and the video for that track is brilliantly illustrative of what to expect at a live gig. Full of colour and light and energy!

 Festival appearances including IOW and Reading and headlining the ‘This Feeling Alive’ tour have rocketed The Shimmer Band beyond meteoric. Lead singer Tom Newman is a commanding frontman who swaggers onto the stage and fixes the audience with a ‘Gallagher-esque’ stare. ‘Jacknife And The Death Call’ starts to play and it’s clear something special is happening. Awesome band, can’t wait to see what’s next!

The Shimmer Band are: Tom Newman (singer), Willz Hatcher (drums), Tom Smith (guitar/synths), Tom Kuras (bass) and Daniel ‘Babsy’ Barry (guitar).


08 December, 2017

[LISTEN] DNTST x Dave Thomas x Emma Sameth - One Sided [IAI PREMIERE]

A character shrouded in a cool mystique, DNTST is an intriguing songwriter/producer. Not much is known about him, not even his name but his origin California, US. All of which provides a certain freedom for his creation of music, whilst simultaneously carrying out his second year at dental school. 'One Sided' is his new effort with singer-songwriters Dave Thomas Junior and Emma Sameth, The pair join two sides of the storytelling and create a wondrous display of intriguing pop sensibilities and joyous songwriting teamwork surrounding buoyant trap beats and synth hooks.

Just like last release 'You’re Caught', 'One Sided' is another collaboration but one that stands in its own lane. Emma Sameth, who is no stranger to those familiar with DNTST having worked with the producer on several occasions, and UK vocalist Dave Thomas Jr. – most known for his reworking of 'I Can’t Make You Love Me' - provides light and delicate vocals over the music’s ambient and dark production. A faint piano plays the track’s main melody, echoing around its soundscape to make a seemingly sparse but lavish production. Tune in now.

On the subject of the song, Dave Thomas Junior comments: "It's a song about misunderstanding.. I like to think there's a thread of hope there. It's about how things aren't how they seem. Sometimes it can feel like you're giving everything to someone and not getting anything in return, and the other person is thinking exactly the same thing. So it's a song about misunderstanding and expression. We've got to talk and listen more!".

Words By Cole Samson

[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #17 - Airways

The Cambridgeshire quartet of Airways are on this list thanks to an amazing year, which included the quartet's cracking track, "Reckless Tongue" (see below). The track was co-produced by Dom Craik (Nothing But Thieves) and features some meaty guitar lines and a sense of 'danceability' which can be easily compared to Arctic Monkeys. The band have also been out in SXSW performing at the festival and are easily one of the bands to watch in 2018 with some infectious music to surely come out!

Singer Jake spoke to us about "Reckless Tongue" (which we premiered), "You've just walked into a nightclub. The floors are sticky. Shit music is playing. You're wearing some shirt that you look mental in but your mate persuaded you that you look great. You've just seen a girl you fancy. You're feeling claustrophobic because you're convinced everyone is looking at you."

Peterborough's Airways have always been on our radar and with the hype around them in 2017 I can easily see this transferring over into 2018. They're a band who're not afraid to cross-genre their tracks which really raises their game, "Reckless Tongue" has got some RnB beats, a rock chorus that Muse would be proud of and a vibe that shouts Jamie T on a summer holiday. This track has came out at the right point in the summer, head on down to check out a band that'll be lighting up the future! With a huge tour supporting The Xcerts and Nothing but Thieves done this year the next 12 months could see the four piece touring the UK in support of an album, fingers crossed!


[LISTEN] Queen Alaska - When You Smile When You Die

Last release, 'Run to You' from electronic producer, composer, and vocalist Anneli Bentler –professionally known as Queen Alaska amassed over a multitude of online blogs and German-based Spotify playlists. When You Smile When You Die is the latest success she’s been building, ever since she burst onto the scene with the captivating Under My Skin. Now as the New Year approaches over the horizon, you can be sure that Queen Alaska will be a name on people’s lips.

This contrast is also what she describes in her lyrics, as she explains: “When You Smile When You Die is a song about the diversity of deep, essential, human relationships. Supposed contrasts like strength / vulnerability and dream / reality seem to lie close together in deep connections. The nearest people around can be salvation and burden at once - they awaken the most fulfilling but also scariest feelings inside. Obviously, it is because they matter. All these memories and feelings connected to them - that is what will last in the end. It moves us, it is the beat of our life. With this song, I wanted to face and honour the beauty of these rich and diverse relationships.”

'When You Smile When You Die' comes ahead of second EP Interlude of the Inner Voice II/II, which when combined with the preceding I/II EP forms her upcoming debut album. The track teams with Mannheim-based producer and singer Simon Wind AKA VJND. Anneli’s knack for creating intricate sounds spark delicate but strong sensations. Creatively gifted in more than just her music Anneli is a skilful audiovisual artist, producing all of the visuals released alongside her work so far.

A wonderful display of luscious vocal harmonies, glitchy drum loops and analogue synthesizers, all combines for a dreamy sense of nostalgia and wonder.

Connect with Queen Alaska 

07 December, 2017

[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #18 - Blackwaters

Any discussion on the best bands to catch and the best festival performances of 17 invariably includes Guildford foursome BlackWaters. Their crazy, frenetic live shows are a clear sign that punk/indie/guitar music (call it what you like) is stronger than ever with a new generation of bands creating that excitement every time they play.

BlackWaters is Max Tanner, David Carpenter, Ollie Franklin and James Watkins but it just feels like there are loads more people on stage! There’s so much going on in every performance it’s impossible to absorb it as it happens. Setting the scene for a typical gig, the music builds with the anthem ‘Fuck Yeah’. Ollie’s hair shaking distracts and you miss David climbing the amps and Max disappearing into the crowd!! Absolute mesmerising carnage! Like an extrasensory overload.

It’s a fact that BlackWaters supporters just can’t get enough of the band. Playing the festival stages including Truck, IOW and Reading has elevated them to the next level exposing them to bigger and bigger audiences all singing back the lyrics and BlackWaters has completely embraced the opportunities with quick fire songs capturing everything this generation is about. And the songs stay in your head for days!

2018 is set to be a mega year for BlackWaters, they’ve already worked with The Libertines’ Carl Barât who produced their debut single ‘So Far Out’ after catching the band play live on the same bill as Carl’s sister Lucie. Check out their gig dates and enjoy!!


06 December, 2017

[LISTEN] RAINDEAR - Diamonds In My Chest

RAINDEAR has hit the bar high with her latest 'Diamonds In My Chest'. A track that showcases adventurous synth-pop, with stunning vocals that blossoms to the highest highs and reaches dramatic thrills.

This exciting release follows a short hiatus from the self-proclaimed swedish electro-pop princess, but upon first listen instantaneously reminds us of her fierce talent.

A track with a wild and brooding sensibility - RAINDEAR explores feelings of desperation, destruction and uncomfortable desire.

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[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #19 - Sheafs

SHEAFS is a band accelerating so fast on the ‘bands to look out for scale’ that now’s the time to catch them in the smaller venues before they move onto the big ones! Gigging up and down the country and featuring heavily on the ‘This Feeling’ circuit SHEAFS has become a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Since meeting at Sheffield Hallam University the five members of SHEAFS (Lawrence Feenstra, Charles Mellor, Chris Goodacre, Callum Wright and Charlie Eastap) have built up a strength of followers that would make other bands weep! How? By consistently giving the very best live performances on the indie circuit. Named on the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition 17 longlist and winning the Virgin Radio’s Fresh-fest Competition 17 SHEAFS’ festival appearances at IOW and Reading Festival among others have consolidated them into a must-see band.

Lawrence Feenstra gives a master-class in being the perfect frontman. Watching a SHEAFS gig is like being re-born into a massive family of happiness. Feenstra, from the very first note, has the audience in the palm of his hand. And then he’s off the stage and plunges into/onto the audience often together with one the band’s ‘This Is Not A Protest’ placards close behind him! Sounds nuts right? But it works brilliantly.

SHEAFS is a band that other bands want to watch and a recent performance at Kazoopa Festival in Leeds saw the audience crammed with members of other bands all joining in until it was impossible to separate band and audience. Future headliners? No doubt. In fact SHEAFS first headline tour kicks off in February 18. Don’t miss it!


05 December, 2017

[SOUNDS OF 2018] - #20 - Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo, surely the best musical talent to originate from Doncaster since… well since forever (and I include 1D’s Louis Tomlinson in that!). If you haven’t heard of BBR you’re missing out big time. The Bang Bang Romeo juggernaut has rolled through 2017 gaining massive momentum and legions of new fans. With support slots for Starsailor, The Struts and most recently The Killers at London’s 02 this Doncaster trio is conquering the UK. Check out the video of BBR’s powerhouse vocalist Anastasia’s (Stars) acoustic version of Mr Brightside in a corridor off-stage at the 02. Reminiscent of Adele’s iconic rendition at The Brits in 2011 Stars has a voice that makes the world stop turning whilst she sings. An absolute powerhouse who dominates any stage and commands attention.

Named as one of the Jack Rocks 7 bands to play at four major festivals (The Great Escape, IOW, TRNSMT and Reading) BBR has also gigged tirelessly and played several additional festivals most recently playing on the ‘This Feeling Alive’ tour which included a packed out Electric Ballroom in London.

Busy recording their debut album which will include the singles ‘Chemical’ and ‘Natural Born Astronaut’ BBR is more than ready for the big stages. The BBR team is Stars, Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland. I defy anyone to listen to Ross’s guitar solo on the track ‘Invitation’ and not to put it on repeat over and over again. Absolutely genius!

Bang Bang Romeo has grafted and crafted in 2017 and is ready to take the world by storm in 2018.

Written by - Rhona Murphy


04 December, 2017

Isle of Wight Festival 2018 announces first acts

As tickets go on sale today, The Isle of Wight Festival 2018 has announced Depeche Mode, The Killers, Kasabian and Liam Gallagher, The Script, Van Morrison, Blossoms and James Bay will be performing at the festival which will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary of the first event in 1968.

John Giddings of Isle of Wight Festival, says: "This year’s line-up brings together the best bands of the moment. This is a special year as it celebrates 50 years since the festival’s first incarnation so it’s fantastic to celebrate with returning artists and those appearing for the first time."

One of the most influential, beloved and best-selling musical acts of all time, electronic music pioneers Depeche Mode have sold over 100 million records with seventeen top ten UK albums.

The Isle of Wight Festival takes place from 21st - 24th June at Seaclose Park, Newport. This year will also mark the 50th Anniversary of the Isle of Wight Festival. The first event in 1968 put the festival on the map as it then grew to become world renowned for iconic performances from artists such as The Doors, The Who and Jimi Hendrix in his last ever UK show. The festival was successfully relaunched in 2002 to become one of the most exciting weekends of the summer, continuing to build on its proud heritage with show-stopping headliners such as Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac.

[LISTEN] Elliot - Trade Burgers 4 Love

'Trade Burgers 4 Love' is just a taste of Elliot’s lo-fi musical smorgasbord. Heavily influenced by musicians of the LA experimental pop scene (Ariel Pink, John Maus), his songs hang on you like fast-food binges while scrolling through an abyss of late night memes. Elliot says, "If I would attach any meme to this I would dig up a real dead and somewhat normie-esque one, that nonetheless captures the spirit of this track. Sad Keanu. Blast from the past." Hold a burger in one hand and a computer mouse in the other as you contemplate your existence. In Elliot’s words, the song condemns “‘greasy burgers’ as a subject of an unhealthy way of perceiving yourself, which then leads to a weird limbo of apathy.”

Melancholic and intricate, a hazy dream is created from Elliot’s trademark lo-fi indie brilliance.

The message of the song exposes a sedentary lifestyle that leads to a downward spiral away from human contact…forever alone. Tune in now.

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[GIG REVIEW] Zack Mexico, Future Islands @ LCR, Norwich, 28th November 2017

Lena Völk

I had been looking forward to this evening for quite a while and when it finally came round I most certainly wasn't disappointed.
Being the last gig on their Europe tour - which took them, among others, to Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany and France - there were no signs of tiredness to be found in their performance.

Future Islands brought along their fellow North Carolina friends Zack Mexico who definitely contributed to the wide variety of different styles.
As Future Islands later praised their support act they also impressed us with the fact that this was Zack Mexico's first proper tour – and one which they mastered with excellence.

The six-piece wowed with extraordinary psychedelic rock. Gradually spicing it up with bubbly guitar solos and and weird dances (the good kind of weird) they performed with a set of two drummers, who were more than synchrone, and three different kinds of guitars. Describing their own music as „experimental rock“ they seem to be drawing inspiration from other genres as well. After playing some of their probably best known songs, „Reputation“ and „Bleed Out“, singer John Saturley stated „That was fun I liked that“ and we most certainly agreed.

When Future Islands finally took to the stage Samuel Herring excited us with one of the most energetic performances I have ever come to witness. Dancing and jumping from one side of the stage to the other performing their songs such as „Run“, „Cave“ and „A Dream Of You And Me“. The self-declared post-wave band from Greenville, NC enthralled us once more with their variety of upbeat and on the other hand more melancholic and contemplative hits like „A Song For Our Grandfathers“.

Everyone could tell how much they enjoy being on stage when they came back to play not only one but three encores after the audience would not stop cheering. Closing with „Fall From Grace“ they definitely deserve a little break from touring but of course only if they come dance on the Island again in the not to distant Future.

Gig review and photos by Lena Völk

30 November, 2017

[LISTEN] Sonny - Yesterday's Gone

Singer-songwriter, heartthrob Sonny makes his mark once again with his latest single ‘Yesterday’s Gone’. The release follows his critically praised debut EP ‘Hopeless Romance’, which is available now via Never Fade Records.

Styling talents and musical abilities that musicians could wish to master after decades of practicing, Sonny embraces a musicality beyond his young age. A wonderful and bittersweet love song, ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ showcases Sonny’s smooth soulful vocal rests on a bed of lush guitars and smooth percussion layers.

The song talks about a broken relationship that after many times of trying, sadly cannot be fixed and realising that it’s time to move on. A compelling production of guitar, percussion and strings, you’re reminded of how transfixed you become when you hear Sonny’s powerful vocal, which leaves you wanting to hear more. Tune in now.

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29 November, 2017

[GIG REVIEW] The Killers @ O2 Arena, London, 28th November 2017

So as you might know I don't tend to do live reviews, and this is only my second one here in the past 2 years. So why the heck not review a band that helped shape my music taste, the one and only The Killers. Back in 2003 I was starting to get into alternative music and when I heard "Hot Fuss" I knew I'd like to see this band one day.

That day came in June this year with a 'secret' (not so secret) gig at Glastonbury, but even then I yearned for more, but low and behold the show at O2 Arena in London was one I'm not going to forget in a hurry!

They opened the show with a rather slow track "Wonderful Wonderful" which perfectly warmed the crowd up right before heading into one of the big sing-a-longs of the night "Read My Mind". With the band playing a career spanning setlist there was always going to be a good night indeed, the next tune that got the crowd moving was "Spaceman" followed by the anthemic "Run For Cover" before heading right into "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" with that noticeably addictive bassline throbbing right through the 20,000 strong arena crowd.

The highlights came towards the latter half of the set with a slick cover of "Shadowplay" - which basically is a staple of their set these days - and the duo of "All These Things That I've Done" "When You Were Young" reminding you that The Killers are STILL a huge band even though some might say that they've peaked on their first album, the neigh sayers were definitely stunned as the whole crowd sung "I've got soul but I'm not a solider".

The 'encore' was comprised of a cover of a New Order track "Bizarre Love Triangle" which saw Bernard Sumner come on stage and provide vocals, with some fans questioning the choice of New Order track (personally "Blue Monday" or "Crystal" would've been better). With the set ending on a high with "Human" and a remix version of "Mr. Brightside", with the remix not going down with some of the hardcore fans the band then broke out into the full blown band version with the houselights ablaze lighting up the whole arena. A chill ran down my spine, my skin became over ruled with goosebumps and this is when I knew... The Killers will always be a great band to see live, WHAT. A. SHOW!

Words - Fred Bambridge
Pictures - Rob Loud

The Horrors @ Backstage, Munich

Just a hologram? Being hidden behind layers of smoke and plunged into sudden darkness only to be reawakened by blinding lights - it wasn't always easy to grasp what The Horrors were doing throughout their spectacular show at Munich's Backstage Club. Nonetheless obvious: The Horrors' dark and triply sound makes for a captivating live show - and reawakens the 80s!

Sascha Gontcharov captured the atmosphere at their Munich show.
Something to remember The Horrors by:

Photos: © Sascha Gontcharov


A three-piece future-pop project consisting of members, Thomas McConnell, Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon - a group led by Thomas McConnell with tracks inspired by childhood, Playstations, memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture.  After joining up with Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon to translate the music to the stage, they released their debut single "Peppercorn Boy" on Deltasonic Records. It gained airplay from BBC Radio Merseyside, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio 6 and more.

We premiere 'Melodica', the latest effort from the exciting group. Led astray by synthesizers, accordions and a vast display of percussion, ‘Melodica’ showcases a bombastic approach to indie-pop and it’s so infectious. Influences of prog and indie-rock show in full throttle, the likes of Tame Impala and Pond would gander. Through 2016 Thomas was known as Tom Low. He released an EP entirely recorded on a phone and toured with Mercury-nominee, C Duncan. After this he retreated into a period of intense composing and recording, the results morphed into his new project TV ME.

Buy/Stream 'Melodica' below


Nov 30th - The Magnet, Liverpool
Dec 14th - St Michaels Church, Manchester
Dec 16th - Vintage Bar, Doncaster
Jan 30th - Studio 2, Liverpool


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[LISTEN] The New Coast - Caught

Recently tipped in our ‘Sounds of 2018’ list - The New Coast have returned once again with ‘Caught’ and all in time before the boys head out on their UK tour. The new single by Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater has arrived before the release of their next EP, ‘My Kind Of Medicine’. Riddled with moody guitars and sensual vocals, The Tunbridge Wells duo make a righteous and demanding return with this single..

On the making of 'Caught', Blyth comments, “'Caught', lyrically dives into memories I have of Madrid, last spring. It was the first time I felt like I was sleepwalking around a city, with someone that felt otherworldly and intriguing. It encapsulates the loss of identity you convey whilst trying to work someone else out. We find solace in writing about these moments as we can pin point the mood and push our sound further & further.” The duo capture the track’s lyrical content in its shining production of washing synth pulses and vastly layered vocals, which bathe over the listener.

Live Dates

28th November – The Polar Bear, Kingston-upon-Hull

29th November – The Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Sweetmates & Miles Goddall

30th November – Thousand Island, London (SOLD OUT)

2nd December – The Castle Hotel, Manchester

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Words By Cole Samson