21 April, 2017

Idle Frets Tour Diary - Day 2

Tour Diary - Day 2 - Manchester (Sound Control) - Ben

Yo Yo, Ben here. Today was the day of our Manchester with Kovic. Setting off in the ol’ one two formation; me driving up front, with Ez and Pitts (our Manager) defending from the back of Nelly the Van and met Rave and Luke at the venue for soundcheck. Got absolutely had off by Sainsbury’s, spoke to Naomi from Sainsbury’s twitter to discover Ifran is a proper snake. Pass it on. (See our twitter for context). 

Gig was SICK, Kovic are a lovely bunch of lads so go check them out on a date of their tour!Big love guys. Was lovely to meet so many of you, roll on Sheffield x

LATE NIGHT EDIT: Liverpool tunnels were closed, absolute mare. We drove all ‘round the Wirral, to find our way back, only just got in at 2am. On the bright side, I saw my first ever on-street prostitute when we got lost. What a time to be alive. 


Beach Riot are a fuzzy four-piece consisting of Rory O'Connor (guitar/vocals), Cami Menditeguy (guitar/vocals), Jimmi Suza (bass/vocals) and Jonny Ross (drums). Based in Brighton and London the band bonded over a mutal love for Demob Happy and a desire to make music that "people can lose their shit to".

The quartet's DIY sound is all about hooky noise fests attending to a current underground scene that is brimming with fuzzy grunge. Taking mutual influences from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Cable, Sleater-Kinney and Pavement, Beach Riot are ready to bring live music back to how it should be - moshy, sing-along affairs of tracks motivated to making you move.

"The song is more about channeling a certain feeling and vibe then saying something in particular, like a mid argument expesssion of emotion" - Rory O'Connor

New track 'Mr Fixer' does what the band does best, providing your ears with four minutes of intense gritty rock. Opening with grungy charging riffs and crashing drums, this one is gutsy and fuelled with bouncy energy. Keep this band on your radar!

Stream 'Mr Fixer' by Beach Riot below

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Words by Cole Samson

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lake Malawi - Surrounded By Light

Lake Malawi are an alternative-pop band formed in 2013 citing The Police, Bombay Bicycle Club, Prefab Sprout, Crowded House and early Coldplay as their main influences. The four-piece dividing time between North London and Prague have had staggering milestones, having opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars and released their debut EP after performing at The Great Escape in 2015 (review). Gaining support from BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and BBC London (Simon Lederman), the group won the Audition Poll on Amazing Radio with the single ‘Chinese Trees’ (more than 330,000 views on YouTube).

The follow up to the first single ‘Prague (In The City)’ from their upcoming debut album is 'Surrounded By Light'. The album-titled single shimmers brightly with a sun-drenched indie-pop arrangement, which leads justly to an utterly uplifting chorus. Merging their influences of funk-rock in fragments of guitar licks and their preferences to contemporary pop in their catchy vocal hook framework, their sound is not to be overlooked. Albert Cerney explains "I had an amazing feeling like I was surrounded by light and I just wanted to preserve it forever when I wrote this song. Love isn't the absence of darkness, or its opposite. Light simply is."

Filmed in the streets of Cuba, Albert adds more about the video "Cuba is so full of music! People actually do randomly dance on the streets. I hope that vibe gets to you when you watch this."

The single is a taster of the upcoming debut album that's expected to be released at the end of this year. Emerging with fresh, strong material and a swarm of dedicated fans, Albert Cerny is now set for a month-long tour around London and Brighton with Lake Malawi in April gathering in new and old fans across the country.

Watch the stunning video for 'Surrounded By Light' below:

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Words by Cole Samson

[GIG REVIEW] Jack Rocks; Magnificent 7 showcase

The concept behind the night's gig? 'Jack Daniels' and 'This Feeling' have created 'Jack Rocks' which has gone from strength to strength representing the freshest new music acts right around the country. Relentless gig nights and festival stages last year have now put them in the position of leading the charge of those "next bands" that you'll fall in love with. The 'Magnificent 7' is their flagship hepta-group who will be literally tearing the scene a new one in the coming year.

As a site that champions new music, it's only right that we describe just how good some of these bands are so you can go immerse yourself in their noise! However, due to a monster late drive home, I had to miss 'The Sundowners' and 'Trampolene'! Nightmare, and I apologise profusely... maybe next time people. I'm sure they both smashed it aswell from what I heard, go check them out aswell. 

Getting into it then, First up, a band that has gripped a part of my world in the last few years, 'Bang Bang Romeo'.

This band are ridiculous! I mean that as the biggest compliment that word can pull. Their live act is just supreme!

The band are fully aware of what they do to me every time they play, giving me goosebumps when they perform 'Chemical' but because I can't rattle on about every band for ages in this review, all you need to read is... CHECK THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY!  Hugeee things on the horizon for them I have no doubt. Lovely people as well!

Next, 'White Room'. For a band who I admittedly didn't know a lot about a couple of weeks ago, I've seen them twice in a week and both times they've played a corking set.
Cleethorpes last week probably wasn't the most knowledgeable of crowds, but the specifically selected crowd in London definitely benefitted them in enhancing their performance.
Tune I really enjoyed live was 'Stole The I.V.'

Having only heard 'X21' I knew 'The Wholls' would be a band I should keep an eye on, so followed them on social media and quickly realised that this band are in this game for exactly the right reasons, to have a blast! See their European Tour-ism for exploits.
Their set was a strong example of the power they possess in delivering something straight from their core into your soul!
Whilst "Roll Out" will 100% be a fan favourite on the festival scene this summer, I found Arturo's delivery of new single 'Take Jimi' to be as punching to the gut as anything else I heard this night.

'The Blinders' hailing from Doncaster showed why pretty much everyone in the room was hotly anticipating their set. I can't say I particularly watched their set... more witnessed it. Like a mild crime scene where you kinda don't wanna look away but it's getting pretty disturbing. Pure rock n roll from young guns perfecting their art.
Broken guitars, political messages catapulted in your face and the use of slight anarchy on stage gave everyone in the room a buzz about these guys.
"A deformed version of Swine" is how they described themselves playing one of their tracks because of the sheer punishment they'd put their instruments through.

I had a huge recommendation thrown at me to listen to 'Broken Witt Rebels' in the summer and regrettably I hadn't got round to it. I'm proper gutted now cos their set impressed even more than the bassist moustache!
Danny Core's voice is a strong mix of someone like Brian Fallon with the effort of George Waite. Both of whom I love so to find them in one package, bliss! Dare I say it as well... hints of early KOL?
I will most certainly be catching them at a show in the near future.

Was a pleasure to be invited and a big shout out to everyone who is continuing to make these events a success. The sense of community that this process has bred hasn't been a quick process in the slightest but certainly a worthwhile one! Big love from us here at IAI!

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll have something new to chew on and hold dearly.



20 April, 2017

Idle Frets reveal 'Always Comes Back To Me' [IAI Premiere]

Idle Frets, an indie-pop quartet with a sound increasingly growing to appeal to the masses. Latest single, ‘Always Comes Back To Me’, steps up a gear from ‘Glow’ and offers a tease at the direction the four-piece are taking. 

Sing-a-longs, skilfully crafted choruses, their brand new single has it all. Frontman, Ben Davies, is reaching the level of vocal confidence that can carry a song a hundred miles further than before, without the fear of it being lost. As for the others, Erin, Dave and Luke, their ability to tell a story through their intense musicianship opens up a new dimension for ‘Always Comes Back To Me’, and builds a world around Davies’ lyrics, rather than two stand alone dynamics to, what can be considered, an anthem. 

With a single that will make an appearance on their current UK tour, Idle Frets have been busy working behind the scenes to release a music video too. Sporting a DIY vibe, the video shows the best of the band and their relationship together - all whilst Davies goes on a little wander when reciting his lyrics. Costume changes, location swaps and a huge ball pit; the Chester-based band have chosen the important things in life. 

Inevitably, this is going to be their biggest release to date. The four have found their calling, and they’re progressing at a rapid speed. With a single as huge as this, we’re honoured to reveal the latest song, and video, ‘Always Comes Back To Me’. 

The single is officially released tomorrow (April 21st). 

Idle Frets are currently on a UK tour. You can check them out on the following dates... 

04/05 - The Rocking Chair, Sheffield
06/05 - Arts Club - Liverpool
11/05 - Esquires, Bedford
12/05 - The Victoria, Birmingham
13/05 - Factory 251, Manchester
23/05 - Gwdihw Cafe & Bar - Cardiff
29/05 - The Joiners, Southampton
30/05 - The Prince Albert, Brighton
31/05 - The Horn, St Albans
01/06 - Upstairs @ The Garage, London
10/06 - Summerjam Festival
01/07 - El Dorado Festival
05/08 - 110 Above Festival

PREMIERE: Deep.Sleep - 1994

Established in Newcastle Upon Tyne, new indie rockers Deep.Sleep are ready to conquer the music scene with their incredible fresh track '1994'. With their sound already being described as 'The 1975 meets New Order', there is no doubt that the band are on the road to success. Deep.Sleep's first single of 2017 '1994' is certainly catchy, brimming with a unique cheerful sound that makes the band stand out from the crowd.

'1994' is also self-recorded and produced by the band which again, shows that they are a group of hugely talented individuals destined to go far.

Dan (Guitar/Vocals) states, "I think the liberation that comes with recording and producing your own record fits because this was the song that started the band, it's that vulnerability that comes with wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting it forward into the public domain that really makes our music so important because it's so personal and up front and honest lyrically, I like to be personal and relevant and political in our tunes because it's what the kids need."

The last few months have been a busy few months for Deep.Sleep, building up their reputation through energetic and outstanding live shows. '1994' is definitely one of those tracks that will remain in your head for days and is certainly one to sing along to at future gigs. The band are set up for a busy year, with a UK tour ahead as well as more music. Make sure to catch them at a city near you.

'1994' the new single from Deep.Sleep will be released on Friday 21st April - check out the awesome track below!

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jake Thomas Turnbull - Fire

Originally from the North East, Jake Thomas Turnbull spent a year relentlessly playing shows after graduating from university. Now a resident in London, he decided to move here to break into the capital's scene. It was his tenacity that led Jake to spend months staying in hostels and crashing on friends sofas so he could balance work-life, whilst playing numerous gigs around the capital.

His latest single 'Fire' is a sentimental and an incredibly reflective track, that is only complimented by its fast-paced video. Intimate and up-close, the video peeks into the life of his, surrounding himself in London’s heart. Exploring busy underground stations, the video captures the thriving and constantly buzzing city yet the scenes evidently feel both personal and powerful.

Jake explains “Fire was written about burning bridges with people from the past, how sometimes you end up going back, or at least wanting to, and how you need to burn the bridge to make sure you can't go back there.

Watch the video for 'Fire' by Jake Thomas Turnbull below:


May 5th - Proud, Camden

Keep updated with Jake Thomas Turnbull on Facebook:

Words by Cole Samson

LIVE REVIEW: Keroscene @ The Islington - 13/04/17

Last Thursday (April 13th) at The Islington brought London psychedelic / post-punk rockers, Keroscene supporting Rival Karma alongside fellow support band, Himalayas. Recognised for their singles like “I Can’t Do A Thing”, “Like The First Time” and “Our Time”.

Performing in an intimate yet friendly space, the Islington showcased the band’s sound perfectly well. Keroscene opened their set with an unreleased track called “Next To Me.” I loved the sound of this one and can’t wait until this one is released. Next was their first single, “Cotton Candy”, and then another unreleased track “Round And Round”. “Our Time”, which has an incredibly soaring chorus, noisy guitars, and moments of epic tension-building. “Like The First Time”, “I Can’t Do A Thing”, and “Regret” I feel like these three tracks really compliment the band’s hypnotic and shoegaze approached sound, considering their huge song progressions and dreamy vocal style.

Each member have a great, genuine connection with each other and hone a live-sound that really compliment the tracks on record. That’s an achievement in itself, as with popular music getting more and more pristine in recent years to match that quality live. Whatever you do, check out these guys on Spotify, live or on YouTube before you regret missing their major take-off.

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Words by Cole Samson

19 April, 2017

Tom Grennan @ Bedford Esquires, 19.04.17

Tom Grennan was never supposed to be a small time artist. From recent studio sessions with Diane Warren to shows that sell out on the back of two EPs, Grennan is a man destined for a future of glory, and it’s beckoning him at an early point in his career. 

Tonight, the Bedford-born singer returns to Esquires for a hometown show - and for this, it’s his stadium. With a sound bigger, and meatier, than usual, the musician comes on stage to a roar from friends, family and those who have played their part in getting him to the position he is in now. It’s instantly clear that his vocals are the best they have ever been, and his showmanship is almost reaching perfection. Silencing a room, Tom’s performance is audibly outstanding and his control over a sold out room is applaudable - just a short while ago, the story could have been completely different. 

Opener ‘Sweet Hallelujah’ receives a rapturous reception and reveals the young star as a solo musician, how we got to know him when he first started. The audience start to turn and smile to each other, giving the nod that they’re about to watch something almost extraordinary - and final reviews (via the medium of Facebook) would go on to confirm that this, for many, is one of their favourite gigs in the venue. This doesn’t feel like a hometown show, it feels like a return for a musician who has been in the limelight for a few decades. It’s reaching a momentous level. 

Lengthy, soulful, vocals fill the refurbished church for the opening minutes, and then the sea of fans watch the established artist’s influences unfold; from subtle R&B tones to real power ballads. ‘Lucky Ones’ feels like a significant turning point in Grennan’s progression as a songwriter, it tells a story and hits the point of a chart-topping melody - a target that will soon be in reach for the man younger than a large proportion of the crowd. It’s already a ‘best of’ kind of show, with ‘All Goes Wrong’, ‘Something In The Water’, ‘Praying’ and ‘Giving It All’ all making an appearance, all with added consistency, thanks to the four members who join him on stage regularly to produce something awe-inspiring. 

Nervous laughs, several shoutouts and a whole load of audience involvement, in terms of singing back to him, make a Tom Grennan show unforgettable. Though a buzz was already in the air, the Bedfordshire musician set Esquires alight and took to the stage as a professional, without any qualms as to whether he could make this his own. Undeniably, this is a guy set to make his way to the top and save himself from crashing down. On the eve before he plays Union Chapel in London, and KOKO in September, Grennan bows out as Bedford’s main man. It may be over in his hometown for now, but the audience leave the venue knowing they’re about to hear about their boy wherever there may go. 

16 April, 2017

Idle Frets Tour Diary - Day 1

Tour Diary – Day 1 – Leeds (Lending Room) – Erin 


It was time to take our new van Nelly out on the road with us and we were stoked. It was ready stocked with free Easter eggs for all of us! What a treat. 

Luke smashed the first tour drive and we arrived to soundcheck greeted with some mega chicken curry and chips from the bar. Some friends from Chester came along which was really nice, we even caught up with Ferg, our old bassist. 

The gig was super fun, ace to watch some bands in a city we've not been to before and they all stuck around after to watch us which is always good! Davey got wavey and was totally oblivious to what was going on on stage made everything all the more hilarious. On the way home we had Miley Cyrus accidentally blaring but nothing wrong with a bit of Miley is there?!

Nothing much exciting happened on the way home apart from that, we ate chocolate and chatted about the rest of the tour, we’re really excited, Manchester here we come!Tour Diary
Day 1
It was time to take our new van Nelly out on the road with u
s and we were stoked. It was
ready stocked with free Easter eggs for all of us! What a tr
Luke smashed the first tour drive and we arrived to soundcheck g
reeted with some mega
chicken curry and chips from the bar. Some friends from Ch
ester came along which was
really nice, we even caught up with Ferg, our old bassist.
The gig was super fun, ace to watch some bands in a city we've
not been to before and they
all stuck around after to watch us which is always good! D
avey got wavey and was totally
oblivious to what was going on on stage made everything all t
he more hilarious. On the way
home we had Miley Cyrus accidentally blaring but nothing wro
ng with a bit of Miley is
Nothing much exciting happened on the way home apart from that
, we ate chocolate and

tted about the rest of the tour, we
re really excited, Manchester here we come!

14 April, 2017


CO/NTRY is an adult-contemporary post-punk duo comprised of Newfoundland-born/Montreal-based artists Beaver Sheppard and David Whitten.

Though the band likes to think of themselves as genre-neutral, their music cycles through a wide variety of styles with manic indifference. The name — originally “Country" — was chosen because it was confusing and impossible to search for online, in the tradition of enigmatic acts like Boston and Chicago. The new version was selected with greater visibility in mind, provided people can remember how to spell it, or are aware that the name has changed at all.

Already a Montreal underground icon, Sheppard met Whitten while dating his then-roommate: "We kind of formed because of the POP Montreal band lotto, where you workshop songwriting in one night. Everyone I was supposed to work with had dropped out. I didn’t even know if he was any good or anything; I just asked him. He had a weirdness to him."

Lifestyle proclivities led the band to become a major part of the city’s seedy after-hours scene, where the enthusiastic reception they received from intoxicated audiences gave them the inflated sense of confidence they needed to continue. Fans of their music included employees of Montreal label Turbo Recordings, who helped enable the recording of their first album, Failure, the product of a single three-hour studio session.

CO/NTRY entered negotiations to sign a contract with Bethlehem XXX — a restaurant/art collective/performance space where Sheppard served as head chef — which has been described as Andy Warhol’s Factory if the point was to never produce anything at all. After agreeing to a record deal with the restaurant’s owner, the band decided to leak the album via Facebook the very next day, figuring it would supply a better narrative for future band bios. History has proven them correct.

The band has received a host of ostensibly favourable reactions from the press. Brooklyn Vegan described them as “clearly not giving a fuck” while Complex Magazine called them Montreal’s best band/art project. The readers of these content platforms are entirely free to adopt these opinions as their own.

CO/NTRY is on the cusp of releasing its second album, Cell Phone 1, through Montreal label Fantôme Records in April 2017, and have shown a great deal of restraint in not name-dropping Psychic TV and Ricardo Villalobos until the very end of this text. They plan to remain friends for the foreseeable future.

01. So Get A Baby
02. Cash Out
03. Beyond Belief
04. Second Life
05. Too Much
06. Living In A Body
07. Gold Standard
08. Who Cares

Stream 'CELL PHONE 1' below:

17/04/13 - Fairmount Theater - Album Launch - Montreal, QC – Canada
17/05/13 – Distortion Festival - Matahari Loft – Montreal, QC – Canada – w/ We Are Wolves, Avec Le Soleil Sortant de Sa Bouche

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13 April, 2017

[GIG REVIEW] MINT @ Moon On The Water, Cleethorpes, Saturday 8th April 2017

When bands you know are grafting right around the country, nailing down their craft, agree to come to Cleethorpes of all places... one of two things has happened. Either some stupid investment has rolled in (we wish) or they realise that local lads Mint are on to something cracking and want to be part of the Hype Train!

The support slots from Courtyards, Corella and White Room (recently supported Paul Weller!) were easily the best I've seen locally to grace the windy seafront in a long time. Keep your ears on these bands for big things in the future for sure.

But the evening's headline slot began with corking, rock enthused pop tunes that are as catchy as a slip's position on a cricket field. Straight away frontman Zak had one mission in mind, to make sure everyone remembered what they were about to witness.

Solid tunes such as 'Jimmy', 'Wolves' and 'Living & Dying For' are always fans favourites in their set and Saturday was no different. 'Wonderland' was eery to hear in a location that is literally yards away from some of the locations the lyrics reference, which for me gave it added meaning. A Bit of online streaming success has given 'Elise' a perfect section as the closing curtain accompaniment.

Standard raucous crowd behaviour, surfing on inflatable crocodiles, light fixtures being caught by flailing legs and barriers being worked to their limits all occurred. I'd be scared to see how they grow and maybe take over Europe one day? International crowds would go mad for that!

I can't tell you how happy I feel that my hometown is 'getting somewhere' in terms of new music and being able to attract the kind of talent that is getting international recognition. MINT are at the very tip of this action locally but also forcing themselves on to bigger platform around the country. Check out their socials for all the latest Goss and you never know, you may get bought a Zak Rashid cocktail by the lads!




10 April, 2017

[TRACK OF THE WEEK] Staycations - Ophelia

Staycations have recently revealed their brand new single, "Ophelia" and we're giving it the 'Track of the week' treatment this week! The Cambridge based band are a soulful, infectious indie rock quintet who formed in 2013 by Lewis Marriott-Hall, Charles Hall, Will Hasleham, Ben Udin and Craig Sadler, the band are influenced by artists like Gengahr, Jaws, Flying Lotus, The Smiths.

Their new track is a great example of how the Cambridge music scene has developed over the years, this is an exciting offering from the outfit, and shows that the band are going to be on everyone's lips  very soon! So why not scroll on down and check it out!

Staycation Live Shows
13th : The Horn, St Albans
14th : Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
26th : Fiddlers Elbow, Camden

09 April, 2017

[LISTEN] The Hubbards - Just Touch

Drawing from a wealth of influences both modern and otherwise, the Hull-born Leeds-based four-piece The Hubbards are making all the right moves. A smattering of single release earned the band crucial early and continued support from BBC Radio 1 and 6Music, while support slots for the likes of Augustines and The Pigeon Detectives has seen the buzz that surrounds the band grow to an almost deafening level.

With a sound that falls somewhere between the polished pop of bands such as JAWS and The 1975, and the grungey, DIY ethos of their adopted city, it’s clear that The Hubbards have managed to encapsulate a vibe that feels both of the moment, yet ultimately timeless; an aesthetic bolstered by the band’s latest single ‘Just Touch’.

Building on the familiar hazy textures that populated last year’s debut EP Cold Cut, ‘Just Touch’ is a bold release from the band, one which makes good on their early promise, while managing to set themselves apart from their contemporaries thanks to a woozy, Pixies-esque delivery.

The Hubbards are a band very much with their eyes to the future. And with the past couple of years being as good to the band as they have, it’s looking like a bright future indeed. Get listening to this infectious earworm 'Just Touch'.

The Hubbards - Live Shows

March 24th: Trinity Church, Leeds

March 31st: Fruit, Hull

April 1st: Gullivers, Manchester

April 21st: Rocking Chair, Sheffield

April 28th: Old Blue Last, London

07 April, 2017

Bessie Turner shares video for "Big Sleep"

Bessie is an incredibly talented guitarist, singer and songwriter - ideas come to her in a flash and are fully formed songs within the hour. Her début single "Big Sleep" could be the perfect company for you to head into the weekend with. A rather beautiful first track from her sees your ears get treated to some warm vocals and tender guitars, along with a hint of folk thrown in there for good measure this is certainly a début track that stands out from the rest!

To sum up, Bessie is a great talent that's recently been unearthed by a brand new music label, so essentially this is two débuts for the price of one! But head on down, listen watch and love her, there's more to come we're sure of it!

The Island Club unveil music video for "Paper Kiss" [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Brighton's latest musical gift to the UK have released their music video for 'Paper Kiss' and we're premièring it right here on It's All Indie!

If you haven't heard of The Island Club, you're about to hear their latest single everywhere. Racking up over one million streams on their last single, 'Let It Go', the five-piece are now offering an indie-pop cut full of intricate lyricism and hooks that will keep you humming for days.

'Paper Kiss' is that track we have always needed in 2017. It gets you moving, dancing and singing-a-long instantly, even if you don't yet know the words. Their precision for pop melodies shines through on this latest single and is definitely going to take their short, but rapidly growing, career to the next level. It's the season of sun-kissed grooves, and boy are we getting them. If you need any more convincing that these boys are set to take the UK by storm, their carefully-curated club night sold out in less than a week and they're now gearing up for another one at The Haunt during The Great Escape.

Check out the music video for the single below. It features all five boys performing in a front of a strictly trained office lot, it seems. Be in a band or work in an office? We know which one we would choose. And to make things better, there's whole load of money falling from the sky. It feels like The Island Club know exactly what life should be like. Combine the video with a funked-up pop song and you have the perfect scenario.

Press play and then press replay.

[LISTEN] Staycations - Ophelia [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Staycations have today revealed their brand new single, "Ophelia" and we're giving it the première! The Cambridge based band are a soulful, infectious indie rock quintet who formed in 2013 by Lewis Marriott-Hall, Charles Hall, Will Hasleham, Ben Udin and Craig Sadler, the band are influenced by artists like Gengahr, Jaws, Flying Lotus, The Smiths.

Their new track is a great example of how the Cambridge music scene has developed over the years, this is an exciting offering from the outfit, and shows that the band are going to be on everyone's lips  very soon! So why not scroll on down and check it out!

Staycation Live Shows
13th : The Horn, St Albans
14th : Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
26th : Fiddlers Elbow, Camden

04 April, 2017

Kele Okereke announces solo acoustic tour of Europe

Kele Okereke (of Bloc Party fame) has announced a solo acoustic tour of Europe which will see him perform some old classic Bloc Party songs and some of his own material, including some new songs off his as yet untitled third album. Having dabbled in electro music and R&B he has taken yet another genre change, but for die hard Bloc Party fans this is quite a rare outing seeing Kele doing a solo tour!

You can watch him perform "Blue Light" taken from Bloc Party's debut album "Silent Alarm" below, and the tour dates are just a scroll down too.


For the second week in a row we feel the need to blog about an act we put forwards for the 'Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition', and this week it's M60. They're a quartet from Manchester based band have drawn on some of their influences and crafted a track with a sound that is so refreshing yet familiar.

You can easily compare them to The Courteeners as the Mancunian twang is clearly there in the vocalist but it's just more than that, the track's exciting and laden with some sweet guitar riffs and urgent lyrics making you want to listen to the track more than just the once. When I initially heard it I was hugely excited by it, the build up to the first bridge feels like a huge roller-coaster, and when the chorus hits you know you by then that you're going to be sticking around for the rest.

M60 are still a young band and if this is their first proper single then who knows how far they can go, for me at least I can see them doing very well indeed! If you're around the Manchester area on the 7th of April see them perform at The Ruby Lounge, you wouldn't wanna miss it!

01 April, 2017

Foals announce their very own festival called 'Spanish Sahara' located in the Western Sahara

Foals have sensationally announced their very own curated festival which is called 'Spanish Sahara'. The one day event takes place on the 31st of June and is located in the Western Sahara, which is partially controlled by Morocco and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Tickets go on sale at 11am TODAY!

... or this could be a April Fools day joke, couldn't it ...