28 April, 2017

[LISTEN] The Jackobins - Nightfire (Released May 5th 2017)

A new line-up brings a side to 'The Jackobins' that I love! The complex and wistfully beautiful tones to their new tune 'Nightfire' sounds like early B-side Kasabian, where I think they're at their artful best!

Strong vocals grow throughout this tune and I think whatever direction the guys are heading in, this could be a flagship song of theirs that will endear new fans and also have old fans very happy. I class myself as an 'old' fan and there is always that scary, heart sinking moment when a band you enjoy release new music... dreading whether it's going to be good or not.

The guys from Liverpool have been grafting their way around the circuit for a couple of years now and this new release will certainly compliment their live set no doubt.

Press 4.jpg

The Jackobins are on fire every night (cheesy Nightfire joke) of their tour, with previous dates selling out so if you fancy getting yourself to a gig, sort your tickets out sooner rather than later! I'll probably see you at the front! See dates below:

April 29th - The Verve Bar - Leeds
May 6th - Jimmy's – Manchester
May 13th - Rock City - Nottingham
May 14th - The Crescent - York
May 19th - Audio - Glasgow
May 20th - Woodland Creatures - Edinburgh 
May 27th - Record Junkee - Sheffield
May 28th - Sound City
Jun 1st - Undertone – Cardiff
Jun 2nd – The Leopard – Doncaster
Jun 3rd – 02 Academy 3 - Birmingham
Jul 21st - Tramlines (Headlining Maida Vale)
Jul 22nd - Blackthorn Fest
August 6th - Hope and Glory Fest- Liverpool
Nov 25th- Kazoppa Fest - Leeds

An honour to be able to listen to this before release date and I'd implore you to keep your ears peeled for this next week!



EP Premiere: STAC – Perpetual

The mystique 5-track EP from self-produced artist STAC, sees as the follow up release to her debut album, released on WahWah45s. STAC takes the helm on songwriting and production, along with co-production help from Memotone (William Yates).  

Hailed by Gilles Peterson as the EP's finest cut, 'Me and You' arises as the lead from the EP, it’s a cut that seems to introduce STAC’s music to newcomers. Her compelling songwriting accompanies achingly beautiful melodies with a Badu-esque cool, the record delivers an element of timelessness captivated by Stac's effortlessly angelic vocal delivery. Styled with staccato pianette and blossomed vocals, the second half leads the track into a parade of brass, strings, vocal harmonies, drum pads, electronic samples and a helicopter. An idiosyncratic mix of live and electronic sounds, the track captivates the quirky personality of the entire EP.

Already championed on Julie Adenuga's show (Beats 1), 'Harp' is a relaxed cut, going back to basics with plucked guitar chords and lyrics of passionate story-telling, it makes as a defining moment in the EP. Moving bristly on to 'Hippo Love' and 'Perpetual' that incorporate soul and jazz effortlessly in a diverse framework of poignant drum-grooves and energetic keyboard progressions. Being such a venturesome listening experience, it makes as one of the most exciting releases of the year thus far and we’re happy to holding the exclusive listen.

Catch STAC at her EP Release show on 6th May at Archspace, Haggerston

Stream ‘Perpetual’ below:

Keep up to date with the latest from STAC on Facebook

Words by Cole Samson

[Interview] With... Alexandra Savior

It’s All Indie travelled to Oslo in Hackney last Wednesday to meet the enigmatic and enthralling Alexandra Savior before her first official Headline gig in the UK.  After an initial introduction and off the record chat about how the Portland native is finding the UK so far and whether she has visited the holy shrine that is JD Wetherspoons yet, we asked The Belladonna of Sadness a few questions…

It’s your first official UK gig tonight – how are you feeling about it?

Alexandra: I’m excited. It’s my first time headlining… ever. So it’s pretty cool.

After finishing recording the album quite a while ago, you must have been overjoyed to release the album this month?

Alexandra: Yeah! It’s very nice, it feels like… you know, it’s been unleashed and I can let go of my postnatal depression haha.

Did you find the release therapeutic in a way? You’ve been signed to Columbia since you were 18. It’s been an incredible journey for you so far… How did you feel when it actually came out?

Alexandra: I felt… really drunk haha. Yeah, I didn’t really feel very much about it at all until I came here and we played our first show since the record was released. We played at a record shop… Rough Trade.

That’s right, you played Rough Trade Monday, did you enjoy that?

Alexandra: Uh-huh! The sound was so nice in there! I don’t know what it is about that place but it just had the best stage sound. Everybody was so sweet and it was kind of the first time, I’ve been faced with that. So that was interesting.

I think the album reflects your ideology of ‘spilling your soul with personal lyricism’ quite perfectly. It is easily translated with your live sets, you can straight away tell – that you’re just giving an honest powerful performance, nothing gimmicky at all. What was your first gig like? What was the experience like?

Alexandra: Thank you. That was like such a good compliment. It was nerve-racking yeah. I think I pretty much just stood still and tried to remember the words…

I can imagine! It seems like getting up on stage in front of a crowd is a very frightening thing. I guess it also depends on what sort of mood you’re in as well...

Alexandra: Ha yeah!

I was sad to see PAPA aren’t with you today, I enjoyed the hug Darren gave me when they last supported you.

Alexandra: Yeah. I’m sad they’re not with us. No longer with us… (Alexandra jokingly implying that they're dead)

So does that mean you have different session musicians for most gigs?

Alexandra: Well I have some friends, I moved back to Portland which is kind of why, as Papa are based in Los Angeles I think. I moved back to Portland and there are some bands around town. There is a band called ‘Merō’ which my keyboardist and guitarist play in together. And a band called ‘The Máscaras’ that my bassist plays in. Yeah, I wouldn’t say they’re session musicians…

Yeah, they’re people you know and feel comfortable playing with.

Alexandra: Yeah. I’d say they are friends and hopefully, they’re going to stick around.

On Belladonna Of sadness, there are so many standout tracks like Bones, Mirage, and Mystery Girl. But as you’ve been playing this material for a while, even before the release of the album, do you ever get moments like ‘oh… I have to perform this song live again’?

Alexandra: Yeah haha! Pretty much.

Are there any certain tracks?

Alexandra: Yeah, like ‘Shades’ makes me feel like I’m going to puke. ‘Music To My Ears’ (M.T.M.E.) makes me want to like fall off the stage haha.

Sure haha. It must be the same way for most musicians. I think most people don’t realise, when a band finally releases a debut album, the band has been performing those tracks for years already… before getting their big break.

Alexandra: Yeah that’s true. Imagine Mick Jagger…

Mick Jagger, what a lad!

Alexandra: He never gets sick of it haha.

 I guess that's good in a sense. I think as a musician; you sort of must have that mentality sometimes.

It seems like the music industry is always trying to push female musicians into becoming ‘pop stars’, I don’t think anyone should give up their artistic integrity just to please a label.  In the start of your career, was it a hard journey discovering your unique sound or did it just occur naturally over time?

Alexandra: Yeah I guess it was hard in the beginning because it wasn’t a natural environment. So it was more difficult for it to grow. But once I started writing with Alex (Turner), that’s when it became more natural because it felt safe.

Alexandra: Before, I had been writing on my own but also writing with so many different people. It wasn’t worth it. I don’t think it’s possible to do that and make a cohesive record.

Sure, that’s understandable.

So I hear you like to draw? I wish I could draw, I mean I can draw a pretty terrible stickman.You actually painted the artwork for Belladonna Of Sadness, didn’t you?

Alexandra: Yeah, the cover is not very good haha.

No! I think it’s nice. Do you do a lot of art then or is it only when you get the chance to?

Alexandra: I always have a notepad wherever I travel. But it’s rare I get to paint. I had a month off actually and was able to do two portraits of my friends on actual canvases which was lovely… and expensive!

Oh yeah, buying all the materials you need must be expensive.

Alexandra: Yeah, oil paints are the cheapest ones I could find and they were seventy dollars.

What would you do if music didn’t work out?

Alexandra: I always wanted to see if I could try to do something acting. I used to really love it as a kid. I’ve been thinking that when music doesn’t kind of work out or I don’t enjoy it or it fizzles out as most careers do, I would try to write a children’s picture book.

That’s interesting. If there is something you want to do, it’s always worth a go.

How have you been dealing with fame? I think people forget that popular musicians are just humans as well sometimes…   Have people been approaching you or recognising you at all?

Alexandra: Well I haven’t really had any situations until two days ago and that was sort of the first situation where it’s happened to me.

At Rough Trade?

Alexandra: Yeah. It’s not like I walk down the streets and there’s…

Paparazzi everywhere?

Alexandra: Yeah haha, It’s definitely not an issue. I’ve actually not had anyone say anything.

Are there any current bands you’re into at the minute?

Alexandra: Yes, I really love ‘Timber Timbre’, I have no idea how you pronounce their name but they just put out a new record called ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’. And I just think they’re brilliant lyricists and have a really great sound.

That’s cool. I’ll have to check them out!

After headlining Scala next month and touring, what’s next? Is there anything you’re going to work on?

Alexandra: I have a lot of ideas and I just need to get the funding and the people to help out. So many ideas, I have a lot of songs written that I really wanna fucking get them out and get them out the way haha.

It’s a shame sometimes, there are so many talented artists who have great ideas, but can’t always get backing or funding from a label.

Alexandra: I’ve been very fortunate I think to even have the chance to attempt to get as much as I can. It’s very rare that I don’t get at least a little bit of funding, more than most artists can even imagine. So I’m grateful you know? It’s not like I’m Katy Perry and people are like ‘yes you can have anything you want’. They get it, so it’s nice.

Thanks, Alexandra. Enjoy tonight.

Alexandra: Thank you!

'Belladonna Of Sadness' is out now.

Alexandra Savior is headlining Scala London on the 30th of May.


27 April, 2017

The 1975 announce new album "Music For Cars"

Rather a weird announcement if you ask me, but The 1975 have sensationally announced the title of their THIRD album, titled "Music For Cars", it's the same name as their early EP which included the brilliant "Heads.Cars.Bending".

Haim share video for new song "Right Now"

Haim have today announced their second album, which is going to be called "Something To Tell You", and also shared a video featuring a new song. The video is a live studio recording of new song "Right Now" which was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

The follow up to 2013's excellent "Days Are Gone", will arrive July 7th.

Algiers announce new album "The Underside Of Power" + share new track

Algiers' second album "The Underside Of Power" has been announced and will be released on June 23rd, produced by Portishead’s Adrian Utley the band are already showcasing new material in the shape of a brand new track and video for the title track.

They’re now joined by Matt Tong (ex-Bloc Party) on drums as a full time member, whose incendiary dynamics run like a spine throughout the album, as you might be able to feel and tell from the title track - which you can check out below!

Circa Waves reveal video for "Loves Run Out"

Today Circa Waves have revealed their video for "Loves Run Out", which is lifted off their latest album "Different Creatures". There is much more to come from Circa Waves over the summer, including performances at Radio 1's Big Weekend, Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds no name a few.

Circa Waves Live UK Festival Dates
May 27th Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Hull
June 21st Glastonbury Festival
July 8th TRMSMT Festival, Glasgow
July 28th Kendall Calling, Penrith
August 25th Reading and Leeds Festivals
September 8th Bestival, Dorset

25 April, 2017

[LISTEN] Kasabian - Are You Looking For Action?

Kasabian's new album "For Crying Out Loud" is released next week and in the past 24 hours we've got our hands on a brand new track of theirs, "Are You Looking For Action?". They;re due to headline Reading & Leeds Festival in August alongside Muse and Eminem.

You can listen to the new cut below.

[LISTEN] Automatic Fiction - The Gold Of Days

The French trio have released a brand new track "The Gold Of Days", and it's darker and edgier than ever. The Bordeaux based outfit have gone all out here to create a track laden with atmosphere, huge guitar lines and captivating vocals. If you imagine the perfect combination of New Order, Chvrches and Interpol then you're pretty much where Automatic Fiction's new track is. Head on below and give it a listen!

HAIM to release new music on April 27th

Haim are teasing big time now, with a series of instagram videos and snaps it looks like that April 27th is the date for something new! It's 9am CET time which translates into 3pm UK time for us on this side of the pond.

Head on down below to check the teasers out!

Galstonbury reveal Silver Hayes line-up for 2017

The Glastonbury Silver Hayes line-up for Glastonbury 2017 has just been announced - and it's a corker, which included Fatboy Slim, Wilkinson, Dr Meaker and many more.

Head down below to check it out!

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[GIG REVIEW] You Me At Six @ BIC, Bournemouth, 11th of April 2017

YMAS rolled up to the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) on the Night People tour, something eagerly anticipated by fans since the band seemingly disappeared into some abyss for a couple of years before a triumphant return with a massive secret set at Reading Festival (followed by Leeds) in August 2016. I was at Reading Festival for that set and I kid you not thousands of people tried to cram into The Pit Stage tent. Way more than it could accommodate!

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, concert and indoor

But back to the beginning, Surrey band YMAS recorded 4 albums between 2008 and 2014 before dropping off the musical radar. I doubt it was deliberately contrived but if it was it was a PR stroke of genius. When rumours of the new album Night People started to appear in 2016 it led to massive anticipation and an air of mystery. In-truth the band took some time out to do ‘normal life’ stuff and re-kindle their love for what they do. They spent time in Nashville, Tennessee recording the new album and they returned to the UK at the very top of their game.

Back to the BIC. Twenty One Pilots ‘Stressed Out’ played out over the PA which was the sign that the band was about to come on stage. Mighty roar from the crowd and You Me At Six were on stage. Launching straight into ‘Night People’ Josh Franceschi took control and the next 90 minutes were full-on entertainment. Playing 7 songs from ‘Night People’ (‘Night People’, ‘Spell It Out’, ‘Swear’, ‘Heavy Soul’, ‘Brand New’, ‘Take On The World’, and ‘Give’) plus another 11 from the first 4 albums and the single ‘The Swarm’ the set list was perfectly balanced with the loudest, moshing, bouncing songs balanced with some ballads. Positive energy pervaded from the band throughout the whole venue. It was a happy place to be.

Franceschi’s charisma and personality comes across so strongly and when he took a moment to describe the world we live in, the need for positivity and grabbing the moment, everyone listened. Everyone was with him.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and concert

Back into the music. Some epic drumming from Dan Flint plus Chris Miller (lead guitarist), Max Helyer (rhythm guitarist) and Matt Barnes (bass) all moving round the stage and taking up front positions all made it an awesome show. Finishing up with the crowd favourite ‘Room To Breathe’ from the Cavalier Youth album, You Me At Six left the stage.

You Me At Six has returned from their break at the very top of their game. They’ll be headlining the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this summer. Main stage headliners in 2018 perhaps??

YMAS’s break away from the gigging scene has re-awakened their appetite for performing. They’re refreshed and back doing something they and their fans clearly love. YMAS has transitioned from medium sized venues to arenas, from big festival stages to headlining festival stages. Reading Festival 2017 will be massive. Main stage headliners of the future for sure.

Image may contain: 1 person, guitar

Footage of Oasis' first ever Glastonbury performance emerges

Footage of Oasis' first ever Glastonbury performance has emerged, and if you're off to Somerset this year then this is something you must check out. Head to the stages that you might not go to, see a band you haven't heard of, why? Well one of them might just be the next big deal.

[TRACK OF THE WEEK] The Away Days - Places To Go

With praise from loads of blogs, zines and publications it's no surprise that The Away Days are one of the most hyped band around right now, heck - even Everything Everything are signing their praises to the band! Their latest offering is "Places To Go" and goes back to their origin, an Indie-Pop band with some groovy basslines and spritely guitar hooks. It's still very dreamy in places, so don't worry if that's what you love from them.

At a time when the notions of East and West are increasingly under scrutiny the timing of this band could not be more important! Their début album out now and head over here to check out our review, it's still one of our favourite albums of the year so far!

21 April, 2017

Idle Frets Tour Diary - Day 2

Tour Diary - Day 2 - Manchester (Sound Control) - Ben

Yo Yo, Ben here. Today was the day of our Manchester with Kovic. Setting off in the ol’ one two formation; me driving up front, with Ez and Pitts (our Manager) defending from the back of Nelly the Van and met Rave and Luke at the venue for soundcheck. Got absolutely had off by Sainsbury’s, spoke to Naomi from Sainsbury’s twitter to discover Ifran is a proper snake. Pass it on. (See our twitter for context). 

Gig was SICK, Kovic are a lovely bunch of lads so go check them out on a date of their tour!Big love guys. Was lovely to meet so many of you, roll on Sheffield x

LATE NIGHT EDIT: Liverpool tunnels were closed, absolute mare. We drove all ‘round the Wirral, to find our way back, only just got in at 2am. On the bright side, I saw my first ever on-street prostitute when we got lost. What a time to be alive. 


Beach Riot are a fuzzy four-piece consisting of Rory O'Connor (guitar/vocals), Cami Menditeguy (guitar/vocals), Jimmi Suza (bass/vocals) and Jonny Ross (drums). Based in Brighton and London the band bonded over a mutal love for Demob Happy and a desire to make music that "people can lose their shit to".

The quartet's DIY sound is all about hooky noise fests attending to a current underground scene that is brimming with fuzzy grunge. Taking mutual influences from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Cable, Sleater-Kinney and Pavement, Beach Riot are ready to bring live music back to how it should be - moshy, sing-along affairs of tracks motivated to making you move.

"The song is more about channeling a certain feeling and vibe then saying something in particular, like a mid argument expesssion of emotion" - Rory O'Connor

New track 'Mr Fixer' does what the band does best, providing your ears with four minutes of intense gritty rock. Opening with grungy charging riffs and crashing drums, this one is gutsy and fuelled with bouncy energy. Keep this band on your radar!

Stream 'Mr Fixer' by Beach Riot below

Keep updated with Beach Riot on Facebook:

Words by Cole Samson

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lake Malawi - Surrounded By Light

Lake Malawi are an alternative-pop band formed in 2013 citing The Police, Bombay Bicycle Club, Prefab Sprout, Crowded House and early Coldplay as their main influences. The four-piece dividing time between North London and Prague have had staggering milestones, having opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars and released their debut EP after performing at The Great Escape in 2015 (review). Gaining support from BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson) and BBC London (Simon Lederman), the group won the Audition Poll on Amazing Radio with the single ‘Chinese Trees’ (more than 330,000 views on YouTube).

The follow up to the first single ‘Prague (In The City)’ from their upcoming debut album is 'Surrounded By Light'. The album-titled single shimmers brightly with a sun-drenched indie-pop arrangement, which leads justly to an utterly uplifting chorus. Merging their influences of funk-rock in fragments of guitar licks and their preferences to contemporary pop in their catchy vocal hook framework, their sound is not to be overlooked. Albert Cerney explains "I had an amazing feeling like I was surrounded by light and I just wanted to preserve it forever when I wrote this song. Love isn't the absence of darkness, or its opposite. Light simply is."

Filmed in the streets of Cuba, Albert adds more about the video "Cuba is so full of music! People actually do randomly dance on the streets. I hope that vibe gets to you when you watch this."

The single is a taster of the upcoming debut album that's expected to be released at the end of this year. Emerging with fresh, strong material and a swarm of dedicated fans, Albert Cerny is now set for a month-long tour around London and Brighton with Lake Malawi in April gathering in new and old fans across the country.

Watch the stunning video for 'Surrounded By Light' below:

Keep updated with Lake Malawi on Facebook:

Words by Cole Samson

[GIG REVIEW] Jack Rocks; Magnificent 7 showcase

The concept behind the night's gig? 'Jack Daniels' and 'This Feeling' have created 'Jack Rocks' which has gone from strength to strength representing the freshest new music acts right around the country. Relentless gig nights and festival stages last year have now put them in the position of leading the charge of those "next bands" that you'll fall in love with. The 'Magnificent 7' is their flagship hepta-group who will be literally tearing the scene a new one in the coming year.

As a site that champions new music, it's only right that we describe just how good some of these bands are so you can go immerse yourself in their noise! However, due to a monster late drive home, I had to miss 'The Sundowners' and 'Trampolene'! Nightmare, and I apologise profusely... maybe next time people. I'm sure they both smashed it aswell from what I heard, go check them out aswell. 

Getting into it then, First up, a band that has gripped a part of my world in the last few years, 'Bang Bang Romeo'.

This band are ridiculous! I mean that as the biggest compliment that word can pull. Their live act is just supreme!

The band are fully aware of what they do to me every time they play, giving me goosebumps when they perform 'Chemical' but because I can't rattle on about every band for ages in this review, all you need to read is... CHECK THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY!  Hugeee things on the horizon for them I have no doubt. Lovely people as well!

Next, 'White Room'. For a band who I admittedly didn't know a lot about a couple of weeks ago, I've seen them twice in a week and both times they've played a corking set.
Cleethorpes last week probably wasn't the most knowledgeable of crowds, but the specifically selected crowd in London definitely benefitted them in enhancing their performance.
Tune I really enjoyed live was 'Stole The I.V.'

Having only heard 'X21' I knew 'The Wholls' would be a band I should keep an eye on, so followed them on social media and quickly realised that this band are in this game for exactly the right reasons, to have a blast! See their European Tour-ism for exploits.
Their set was a strong example of the power they possess in delivering something straight from their core into your soul!
Whilst "Roll Out" will 100% be a fan favourite on the festival scene this summer, I found Arturo's delivery of new single 'Take Jimi' to be as punching to the gut as anything else I heard this night.

'The Blinders' hailing from Doncaster showed why pretty much everyone in the room was hotly anticipating their set. I can't say I particularly watched their set... more witnessed it. Like a mild crime scene where you kinda don't wanna look away but it's getting pretty disturbing. Pure rock n roll from young guns perfecting their art.
Broken guitars, political messages catapulted in your face and the use of slight anarchy on stage gave everyone in the room a buzz about these guys.
"A deformed version of Swine" is how they described themselves playing one of their tracks because of the sheer punishment they'd put their instruments through.

I had a huge recommendation thrown at me to listen to 'Broken Witt Rebels' in the summer and regrettably I hadn't got round to it. I'm proper gutted now cos their set impressed even more than the bassist moustache!
Danny Core's voice is a strong mix of someone like Brian Fallon with the effort of George Waite. Both of whom I love so to find them in one package, bliss! Dare I say it as well... hints of early KOL?
I will most certainly be catching them at a show in the near future.

Was a pleasure to be invited and a big shout out to everyone who is continuing to make these events a success. The sense of community that this process has bred hasn't been a quick process in the slightest but certainly a worthwhile one! Big love from us here at IAI!

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll have something new to chew on and hold dearly.



20 April, 2017

Idle Frets reveal 'Always Comes Back To Me' [IAI Premiere]

Idle Frets, an indie-pop quartet with a sound increasingly growing to appeal to the masses. Latest single, ‘Always Comes Back To Me’, steps up a gear from ‘Glow’ and offers a tease at the direction the four-piece are taking. 

Sing-a-longs, skilfully crafted choruses, their brand new single has it all. Frontman, Ben Davies, is reaching the level of vocal confidence that can carry a song a hundred miles further than before, without the fear of it being lost. As for the others, Erin, Dave and Luke, their ability to tell a story through their intense musicianship opens up a new dimension for ‘Always Comes Back To Me’, and builds a world around Davies’ lyrics, rather than two stand alone dynamics to, what can be considered, an anthem. 

With a single that will make an appearance on their current UK tour, Idle Frets have been busy working behind the scenes to release a music video too. Sporting a DIY vibe, the video shows the best of the band and their relationship together - all whilst Davies goes on a little wander when reciting his lyrics. Costume changes, location swaps and a huge ball pit; the Chester-based band have chosen the important things in life. 

Inevitably, this is going to be their biggest release to date. The four have found their calling, and they’re progressing at a rapid speed. With a single as huge as this, we’re honoured to reveal the latest song, and video, ‘Always Comes Back To Me’. 

The single is officially released tomorrow (April 21st). 

Idle Frets are currently on a UK tour. You can check them out on the following dates... 

04/05 - The Rocking Chair, Sheffield
06/05 - Arts Club - Liverpool
11/05 - Esquires, Bedford
12/05 - The Victoria, Birmingham
13/05 - Factory 251, Manchester
23/05 - Gwdihw Cafe & Bar - Cardiff
29/05 - The Joiners, Southampton
30/05 - The Prince Albert, Brighton
31/05 - The Horn, St Albans
01/06 - Upstairs @ The Garage, London
10/06 - Summerjam Festival
01/07 - El Dorado Festival
05/08 - 110 Above Festival

PREMIERE: Deep.Sleep - 1994

Established in Newcastle Upon Tyne, new indie rockers Deep.Sleep are ready to conquer the music scene with their incredible fresh track '1994'. With their sound already being described as 'The 1975 meets New Order', there is no doubt that the band are on the road to success. Deep.Sleep's first single of 2017 '1994' is certainly catchy, brimming with a unique cheerful sound that makes the band stand out from the crowd.

'1994' is also self-recorded and produced by the band which again, shows that they are a group of hugely talented individuals destined to go far.

Dan (Guitar/Vocals) states, "I think the liberation that comes with recording and producing your own record fits because this was the song that started the band, it's that vulnerability that comes with wearing your heart on your sleeve and putting it forward into the public domain that really makes our music so important because it's so personal and up front and honest lyrically, I like to be personal and relevant and political in our tunes because it's what the kids need."

The last few months have been a busy few months for Deep.Sleep, building up their reputation through energetic and outstanding live shows. '1994' is definitely one of those tracks that will remain in your head for days and is certainly one to sing along to at future gigs. The band are set up for a busy year, with a UK tour ahead as well as more music. Make sure to catch them at a city near you.

'1994' the new single from Deep.Sleep will be released on Friday 21st April - check out the awesome track below!