Album Review... Superfood - Don't Say That

Back in May (2014) Superfood set out on a mammoth of a UK tour supporting Wolf Alice. Needless to say, we were excited for that tour. We were excited to hear Superfood’s unique and funk sounding tunes live and of course they delivered a very polished set but since then we have been even more excited about their debut album ‘Don’t Say That’ which comes out November 3rd. I have had the pleasure of listening to the band’s forth coming release and here is what I think.

Opening with ‘Lily For Your Pad To Rest On’  you get exactly what I mean when I describe the band as funk. A quirky and bouncy song starts off the 13 track LP that includes ‘TV’ and ‘Melting’ from ‘MAM’ EP and singles ‘Mood Bomb’ and ‘Right On Satellite’. 

In recent years it has been very clear that bands in the indie scene have been battling it out to sound individual and to get out of the indie niche. Superfood have done exactly that. There is nothing in the album that is generic. A new wave in the scene is just round the corner and Superfood are leading it. With feel good songs such as ‘You Can Believe’ and more edgy rock tracks that are crying for a mosh pit like ‘Superfood’ the album is a perfect recipe for success. 

‘Don’t Say That’ closes with three sing-a-long anthems that could shake any tiny club or any arena sized venue. I suspect it will be the latter. There are big things coming for Superfood so when this album comes out in November, do not sleep on it! It’s one of the best albums to be released this year.

You can catch them on tour this October/November. See dates here.

Nathan McLaren-Stewart


LIVE REVIEW: One Sentence. Supervisor & Sleepy Sun in Aarau, Switzerland

What a psyched-up Line up. Slowly filling venue Kiff in Aarau invited to the great grand psychedelia toothpaste to clean your dirty teeth with sounds from outtaspace and groovy doom-pop. Arrangements all over on which you'd die or kill for. Every second of these songs I've been listening and experiencing on that evening was overwhelming and completely rocking. Let's begin with the first band and opener of the psych-hyped evening (because the big, very exhausting and unfortunately uninspiring Headliner "Sleepy Sun" definetely made their bandname alive.)

One Snetence. Supervisor released their newest single within a huge Vinyl-Release (on which you'll find a cool drumbased 7/8 beat-track "Bedroom". It's their phenomenal B-Side and has lyrics containing of only this: "Shadows Hide under the window of my bedroom". That's it that's all) and so on they delivered an amazing pre-taste of their new album coming in 2015. Maybe. Hopfully? Yeah, so the single is working ultimately tight live, and does it's job on the beautifuly cutted one. Their live set was successfuly produced by a live-visual concept and made everything you saw doomey and heavy understandable. Why? It's their music. It is taking you to a whole other level of understanding Krautrock and trying to follow what the band does. They do excaclty what they want and you can hear it right on.

If you're into NEU! you'll hear great accepted chords inspired by thy. So great overdose of filthy fill in's and nasty, VERY nasty "Let's make this song only jump into the chorus on beat two" - simply wow. I love this band as much as they're drummer does his hair. After every song (or songs, because hardly one song finishes after itselfs, more it is something like an opera you'll get when you're watching One Sentence. Supervisor) where was I (See? Talking about this band makes you so confused and absurd synapsys-connections) Oh yeah - After every song I saw a proud man shaping his hair so he's ready for the next one. Great thing. If you're doing good music, it's only worth a half if you're not good looking. Rule number one when you're into the business: Good music isn't enough nowadays. There must be way more than playing: You got to have an attitude. Something to be called "You're own thing". I believe OSS has this thing and is on their best way to improve. Why I know this? Because I bought their new single right after.

There was a headliner playing afterwards called Sleepy Sun. A well-hyped Psychrock Band from the States but they never got me, somehow. I'd rather thought they sound like Wet Moss, a psychband from Switzerland. Of course Sleepy Sun is THEIR inspiration, but luckely I got into Wet Moss first so Sleepy Sun was absolut boring and had no chance to get me at all. Unfortunately they had a bad day I suppose 'cause of what I saw on YouTube the other day was absolutely beyond madness. The KXEP Radio Show blew my mind and their new album "MAUI TEARS" is absolutely fantastic. They even played the song live. This was already their highlight.

My highlight of this evening was clearly the last "on this very day" invented shortplay by OSS. A encore sounding something like an experimental late 70's New York Punk Band within sounds of Justice and Auletta's "Wochenend-Endlosigkeit". A great "Something". Hilarious and dancy. Thank you for this evening. I was way beyond pleased.

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Catfish and the Bottlemen secure Top 10 album

Catfish and the Bottlemen have reached the UK Top 10 in the album charts of the back off a five year wait from their first ever show.

Click here to view the rest of the Top 40 albums.

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The Black Keys cover Edwyn Collins' "A Girl Like You"

The Black Keys are currently in the middle of their massive world tour, and they've even had the time to cover Edwyn Collins' "A Girl Like You. If you were a child in the early 90's then you definitely know this song thanks to your dad.

Ron Flieger returns with new single "All I Want" [IAI PREMIÈRE]

When Ron popped over to LA to do some shows his creative juices were well and truly flowing, upon his return he came with "All I Want". The emotion-charged anthem is his biggest song to date and the single art features the lovely Alysha Nett, who he met out there.

Scroll on down to listen to it!

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Free Mp3 / Ron Flieger - All I Want

Get your free "Gold" from FM Belfast

To celebrate the start of their European tour FM Belfast are giving away their song "Gold". Download the Icelanders track here:

The band will be performing in these cities:

Sep 26 - L'ANTIPODE MJC RENNES - Rennes, France
Sep 27 - EMB Sannois - Sannois, France
Sep 28 - La Cave aux Poetes - Roubaix, France
Sep 30 - Rotonde @ Botanique - Brussels, Belgium
Oct 01 - Dachstock - Bern, Switzerland
Oct 02 - Rockhouse - Salzburg, Austria
Oct 03 - PPC - Graz, Austria
Oct 04 - Meet Factory - Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 05 - Zoom - Frankfurt, Germany
Oct 07 - Conne Island - Leipzig, Germany
Oct 08 - Astra Kulturhaus - Berlin, Germany
Oct 09 - Übel & Gefaehrlich - Hamburg, Germany
Oct 10 - Stollwerk - Cologne, Germany
Oct 11 - Wagenhalle - Stuttgart, Germany
Nov 05 - Iceland Airwaves - Reykjavik, Iceland
Nov 15 - John Dee - Oslo, Norway
Nov 22 - Big Band Café - Hérouville St Clair, France
Nov 23 - Le Trabendo - Paris, France

The Ting Tings unveil new single "Do It Again"

The Ting Tings might be one of those bands to slip into the abyss in recent years, but it looks like they're coming back with some phresh - yes with a PH - new music. The disco-infused new single "Do It Again" has recently been uploaded and it's certainly a rival to Daft Punk's latest work!

Scroll on down to check it out!

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Death In The Afternoon share new track "Let's Talk"

Death In The Afternoon have shared their brand new track "Let's Talk" on soundcloud, and since we first heard it on Sunday evening we've been playing it ever since. It's got the perfect blend between those bouncy Indie-Pop guitars and Electronic sounds similar to Foals' latest LP. With some driving bass behind it you seriously do get your head grooving along to it too!

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Introducing... The Six

The Six are one of those rare bands on the internet, relatively unknown yet they have one song that's amassed over 45,000 plays on soundcloud! They released their first proper single called "Too Much Love" on EDM.com's account and they have been getting some serious attention. So what of it? Well the reason why we think they're going to do well is that one of their members also is one third of Delphic.

Rick is Delphic's keyboard/synth player and he's known for his dance remixes and his angelic backing vocals on Delphic tracks. They really have stuck upon a great debut track here and with some amazing house grooves coming from it they still retain that fresh new band sound that we can't help but get excited about, yes house music is making a comeback thanks to Disclosure, but I really do mean it when I say this, The Six might just be able to keep the trend going! They're supporting Gorgon City on their UK tour soon, so do head on out to catch them live!

For fans of // Delphic, Disclosure, AlunaGeorge

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Port Isla's front-man, Will Bloomfield shares "Foxglove"

It looks like Port Isla's Will Bloomfield has his creative juices flowing with this ambient piano-lead track. The song appeared on my soundcloud feed yesterday and it's a perfect and gentle piece of music that just shows off Will's talent. This could so easily be a part of a film montage at the end of a love film.

Port Isla recently signed to Parlophone, so expect something big in the way of an EP or a single to drop next year at some point!

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