28 November, 2015

Interview with...Nothing But Thieves

Alternative rock five-piece Nothing But Thieves have been conquering the music scene this year. With an incredible debut album released last month and numerous epic singles, there is no stopping this band. We caught up with guitarist Joe and bassist Phil before their headline show at a sold-out Thekla in Bristol. The show itself was outstanding, the live-set itself was flawless and the boat literally rocked. Check out our interview below:

First question, so how did the name Nothing But Thieves come about?

Joe: There’s a quote and it said, ‘Don’t be impressionable, your religious leaders are nothing but mega thieves.’ I don’t think mega thieves is a very good band name, but thought Nothing But Thieves is a good band name so there you go.

Phil: What would a mega-thief be like?

Joe: Steals everything like it’s not bolted down, it’s gone!

When did you all decide to form a band? Were you always a five-piece?

Joe: It kind of morphed. It was probably myself, Conor and Dom. We were jamming for ages, just kind of wrote songs. Then, as we kind of got songs together we needed members so...

Phil: You can’t really do the live thing without drums and bass. So those guys went to school together, me and Dom are cousins.

Joe: Price used to open with his band for our old band and when our drummer left we took on Price.

Phil: We stole him, we are mega thieves.

Was alternative rock the genre you always wanted to go into?

Joe: It was always going to be rock as we play guitar. However, we try to be more than just your typical rock band, I guess more alternative rock.

Phil: We have loads and loads and loads of inspiration behind our sound.

Joe: Anything that takes rock music but doesn’t do it in the standard way. You get a lot of guitar rock bands which I just find a bit boring. So like, Arcade Fire do something really interesting with their sound, Radiohead are really interesting too. Back in the day, Pink Floyd as well. Anyone like that really.

Tell us about your album artwork. How did the horse logo come about?

Phil: I got it tattooed.

Joe: He did, there (points).

Phil: It got infected.

Joe: It’s bad luck for the album isn’t it.

Phil: I couldn’t believe it, I bashed it. I got it done when we were on the road, not actually on the road like in a tattoo place when we were on the road. I had it done and then I bashed it when I was playing the bass and damaged it completely.

Joe: But the design actually came from when I was doing my dissertation. We needed album artwork and I was procrastinating and I just started looking up photos that maybe we could use and I came across this elephant that was disintegrating. I liked the image, it was cool, there was an actual element that was kind of falling apart. I gave it to our artist who does a lot of our artwork like the circle logo and stuff. He’s good, we really like what he does. So I gave that to him and he came back with the horse with the actual element of being enclosed by smoke.

So is this one of your first headline shows in Bristol apart from Dot to Dot?

Phil: Not quite true, we did The Birdcage back in the day. Technically that was our first show here in Bristol. We met a band called Cursor Major who we love. They were a local Bristol band.

Joe: This is like our second show technically. But, the first big one. Dot to Dot was really good this year. My guitar stopped working during the first track which was great!

Phil: That was one of the first shows we did actually that when we played we realised that people were actually hearing the music, it was getting out there. The radio were playing us a lot and it was the first time that we could see a load of people singing back.

Joe: That was actually part of the switch for us. It was the point where no-one really knew us and then there was a little buzz around the band.

Phil: So yes it was actually Bristol where we realised that. Also, we played Thekla before supporting Darlia and Conor did his first ever stage dive.

What’s been your favourite show so far on this European tour?

Phil: Poland was mad. We seem to go down there quite well. It was an 800 capacity venue that was sold out which was mad. I felt like I was in the Beatles or something. They were screaming for us. It was mad.

Joe: We did our first Italian headline in Milan and Bologna. Both sold out and it was just crazy.

Phil: They’ve all been like really really really special. They’re our own shows and lots of them have been sold out so that’s been insane on its own. We enjoy what we do so they’ve all been great.

How was festival season? Favourite festival you played at? 

Joe: Reading will always be good for us because that’s the one we always went to as kids.

Phil: What was that one after Rome?

Joe: So we played with Muse in Rome which was amazing. But the very next day we went from that and flew from Rome to Belgium to play this festival, I can’t remember what it was called.

Phil: We didn’t even have a hotel, we went straight from Rock in Roma to the airport. So we played in front of 36000 people and then we got on a flight, went to Belgium.

Joe: And we played to about 40 people.

Phi: When we first went on we played to around 10 people and we were just laughing. We were just drained and we had to just laugh about it.

Joe: The night before was obviously incredible and just before we got on at this festival we realised we were back down to earth. But it was still fun. Reading was amazing. Also, there’s this festival called Lowlands in The Netherlands.

Phil: It’s like the Dutch Glastonbury. That was great.

Joe: There was such a buzz about our band and the tent was so full that they had to send people away and close the sides of the tent to stop people trying to get in.

Phil: It was a nice feeling.

So your debut album came out last month, what was the songwriting process like?

Joe: It differed from track to track. It was written over a long long time, over like two and a half to three years maybe. So it’s odd to collate it all into one album really. It all seemed a bit fragmented. All the songs came out differently, we don’t really have a formula when we write so the album sounds quite different from song to song. We designed it that way, we don’t want to write the same song twelve times. Sometimes they come from a lyric, sometimes they come from a drum loop, anything really. I don’t think we are good enough to have a formula, we just kind of jump on anything that works.

Do you have a favourite track off your album?

Phil: I think we worked so hard on making it a full album that I don’t really have a favourite. I actually just kind of like enjoy listening to it. We’re all quite proud of it. I’m proud of everything that we all did.

Joe: I wouldn’t put it on to listen to yet because it’s too recent. I still know what went into it. We’re not sick of it though.

Phil: There’s not a particular favourite though.

Joe: I’m probably proud of the song, ‘If I Get High.’ It seemed really cohesive to me.

Your most recent video that’s up is ‘Wake Up Call’-how was it filming that clip?

Joe: You know how we say that we’re not sick of the album. When you do a video you get so sick of the song.

Phil: Yeah, that was outrageous. They always like doing slow-motion shots, but to get that you have to play to the track sped up, so when they slow the track down it looks like you’re going in slow-motion and you’re playing in time. So you play along in time with it and the quicker you move, the better it will look. So playing it fast that much was tiring. The paper flying around was also weird. There was a lot of smoke and they were all going ‘CUT’ and everyone was coughing, it was really bad!

Joe: Originally there wasn’t enough paper so it kind of looked like someone had just thrown a paper aeroplane about. Eventually, it turned out alright though.

How was it performing the VEVO live sessions?

Phil: They were good, although again it was playing those songs a lot of times in a row.

Joe: That was part of the VEVO lift thing we won so that was cool.

Phil: They got us a plaque!

Joe: Each!

Phil: That’s going to go up somewhere.

Joe: It’s the first thing we’ve won as a band.

Phil: It’s the first thing I’ve ever won really. I really wanted a medal as a kid but never got a medal.

Joe: But yea, the performances were fun! That’s our favourite bit as a band. Especially nowadays, you get asked to do a lot of stuff that sometimes isn’t very fun. The music bit is the fun bit.

More things coming up soon?

Joe: Can’t tell you what but lots of things coming up early next year. New single. We’re just talking about the new video now actually.

Phil: The one thing we can tell you is that it’s on the album! You can find it on there but I can’t tell you which one but it’s there!

So with your music videos do you help with the ideas?

Joe: Yeah, massively. We send out a brief to a load of directors and they bring it back and then they might help with the rewriting of some of the ideas and stuff.

Phil: We’re currently in that process now. We know the power of a music video, they really affect a song. You can spend so long on a song and then have a really rubbish video behind it so we’re quite strict with it being good.

Joe: We want it to be good so...

You’ve got a massive tour coming up, including Shepherd’s Bush Empire, excited?

Joe: Yeah, crazy excited about that.

Phil: There are some big big dates there. It will be really exciting. I can’t wait! But we have a lot of stuff before then.

Joe: We go to Japan, Australia, America, and other tours.

What was the last track you listened to today?

Joe: I listened to ‘Hungry Heart’ by Bruce Springsteen.

Phil: I listen to this band called Silver Sun Pickups who not a lot of people know but they’re really good. I highly recommend them. They have this really really good song that I listen to all the time but the title is a little bit embarrassing.

Joe: Go on.

Phil: It doesn’t mean it, like they’re American or Canadian but it’s called ‘The Royal We’. The end bit he’s just like shouting ‘The Royal We’ and I’m just like, ‘That means something different!’ I recommend that song though. It’s an interesting title and I have great music taste.

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25 November, 2015

[LISTEN] KYKO - Pull Me Up

South London based indie-pop musician KYKO (otherwise known as Scott Verrill) has revealed his latest catchy single 'Pull Me Up'. Following the release of his debut EP 'Animals' earlier this year, the 19 year old has returned with this stunning new track which continues to reflect the unique musicianship of KYKO. 'Pull Me Up' establishes an infectious vocal and feel-good guitars, which all in all create a sound so catchy that will constantly be on repeat in your head from time to time. Fusing melodic guitar rhythms with a flawless soulful vocal tone, KYKO is undoubtedly creating something special.

'Pull Me Up' is due for release on Friday 27th November via LAB records and is available for pre-order now. Meanwhile, check out the incredible new track below:

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24 November, 2015

[IN PHOTOS] Lusts @ Electrowerkz, London, Tuesday 10th November 2015

Naomi went to check out duo Lusts at Electrowerkz in London earlier this month. 
Check out the photos below:

Photos by Naomi Hood

[IN PHOTOS] Keroscene @ Unit 4, London, Friday 13th November 2015

Naomi Hood went down to Unit 4 in London to check out post-punk band Keroscene play an epic show. Check out the photos below:

Photos by Naomi Hood

[LISTEN] Xylaroo - I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor (Arctic Monkeys Cover)

Making a cover of one of the most ubiquitous songs of the last decade one of your first releases is pretty brave. Making a cover of one of the most ubiquitous songs of the last decade one of your first releases as a crackling lo-fi bedroom demo is even braver. But not only do Xylaroo pull it off, they have the potential to be one of the most interesting artists to emerge in 2016.

Points of interest:

-They are sisters (Coco and Holly Chant) with a fairly unique cultural background of their current East London digs and their Papua New Guinean roots, not to mention time spent living throughout Europe and Asia

-They are off on tour with Matt Berry in December. No, this is not some acoustic troubadour you haven’t heard of yet, this is the Matt Berry of Toast of London and The IT Crowd fame

- They’ve just signed to Sunday Best Recordings and will be releasing their debut album Sweetooth next year

Their inventive take on I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor is a good portent of things to come, both in terms of the tour and the album. Inventive not in the sense of slowed down acoustic version, we’ve all seen many a guy or gal attempt this at open mic nights, often to passable affect. The inventiveness is in the subtle changes they make, and the sweet harmonies included throughout, reminiscent of the excellent Girlpool and also leading to comparisons with the marvellous First Aid Kit.

There is a feeling of sheer confidence that comes across in the recording, despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that it’s such a bare and personal exposing of themselves. There’s a genuine sense that you’re hearing the true Xylaroo, before they get hidden behind any production magic. This is a real heard-it-first moment before they force themselves into wider consciousness to my mind, and I can’t wait to hear how this translates into a full LP.

The best versions of an artist are often the recordings that best get across the live feel, and you can’t get any closer than this to that feeling. Talking of live, catch Xylaroo supporting Matt Berry on tour near you:
Full tour dates
Wed 2 December Club Academy, Manchester
Thurs 3 December Oran Mor, Glasgow
Fri 4 December Riverside, Newcastle
Sat 5 December Fibbers, York
Sun 6 December The Library @ The institute, Birmingham
Mon 7 December The Fleece, Bristol
Tues 8 December The Old Market, Brighton

Thurs 10 Dec The Forum, London
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[Gig Review] Keroscene @ Unit 4, London, Friday 13th November 2015

In the heart of Notting Hill lies a small, unobtrusive warehouse, crammed with people filing through a small gate, bringing their own beer, to celebrate the launch of Keroscene’s latest single “Regret”.   The band live, rehearse, record and put on DIY shows here, showcasing themselves and other up-and-coming bands with monthly parties.
An appreciative crowd stands bathed in dry ice as Keroscene blast a wall of post-punk sound at them, clear influences including Faith No More, Pixies and Nirvana.  It is a slick performance, reflective of the band’s complete commitment to the music and their creation of it.   They are tight, loud, energetic and clearly having a great time together.  It is easy to imagine them in a stadium.
Standout songs are previous singles “Storm O.K.”, which is the most Nirvana-esque, and “Cotton Candy”, full of sludgy reverb.   The highlight of the set is “Regret”, which builds upon the best elements of Killing Joke’s “Requiem”, with its relentless dirty chugging synth and a catchy bass riff, breaking through to a potentially anthemic chorus.  Based around a dialogue between two people, the lyrics are whimsical and reminiscent of 70s story-telling songs.
There is a particular resonance about being at a gig at precisely the same time as horrific atrocities were being committed at another gig across the Channel in Paris.  The multinational membership of this band serves to underline this somehow, bringing a welcome sense of cohesiveness at a time when it seems especially relevant.
A memorable gig, a promising band. Check out “Regret” below.

Words by Naomi Hood

22 November, 2015

[Gig Review] King No-One @ Fibbers, York. Saturday 21st November 2015

My fourth King No-One gig and I can safely say each time they seem to grow as an act.

Last night saw the lads play a special gig for the release of their single 'Constellations' which has had a bit of Radio 1 love in recent weeks. It's not for me to say It's All Indie are better than them but we did have this single reviewed, pre-release,  2 months before Radio 1 even sniffed at it... available to read HERE

Anyway, plugging aside, King No-One now feel more polished and established as an all round killer band ready to storm through your home Ipod docks and not move for a long time.

With a classy stage production and even the odd party popper (the cleaner at Fibbers will be furious) Zach, Joe, James and Alex knew how to pull all the strings to puppeteer an almost perfect gig for their stage in their career. By way of opening with some mood lighting, jokes/interaction with the crowd and all efforts directed towards having a good time the chaps appeared to have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands.

Frontman Zach swirls the mic stand around and jumps up on the drum kit like its effortless stage presence rather than forced entertainment.

Tunes like 'Foreign Tongue', 'Philosophical' and ending on 'Millennium' meant they portrayed their diverse range of hefty riffs and delicate softer abilities.

Hoping that this won't be the first and last tune of theirs being played on the big time.

Stop this reading this immediately and go check out their Soundcloud below.


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All photo credit to Joe Brumby

many thanks,

Jase Hare

Interview with... FloodHounds

I will forgive you if you haven't heard of Floodhounds yet but hopefully that will all change in the near future. This band recently played a set at Radio Hud's Presents evening at The Warehouse in Huddersfield (find their complementary review HERE) and took a few moments out to answer a few light hearted questions for me.

Jack Flynn - Guitar/Vocals. Rhys Owen - Bass/Vocals. Lauren Greaves - Drum.

So guys great set, really enjoyed it. How did you come about as a band?

JF: Rhys and I played in a previous band together. Last year when we started out on this journey we needed a drummer. We went on a night out with some friends who introduced us to Lauren, who just so happens play drums. 

LG: And they haven't been able to get rid of me since.

Like a cat that you feed who keeps coming back!

LG: Yeah definitely!

How has the last year gone for you guys? Good reactions at Tramilines festival?

JF: The last year has been great playing some progressively bigger gigs. The frog and parrot gig for Tramlines was great, awesome crowd but we love that venue and know it well being local.

RO: Hopefully a few more of those gigs in the pipeline.

The 'Bare Bones' EP is really good. Are you following it up anytime soon?

JF: Yeah certainly, we're doing some studio recording soon so hopefully another EP out in the next few months.

Random question but i just noticed The Warehouse has board games available for people to play in the bar. What's your favourite board games?

JF: I think i'm an Articulate fan to be honest.

LG: Mousetrap! Classic!

RO: Risk.

Ok, so certainly enough to keep you going on a tour bus in the future then. Well, nice to meet you guys and I'm looking forward to your next EP as much as I'm looking forward to the next Star Wars film!

RO: Aww yes, you have to watch the previous six in chronological order before then though!

Already done it haha

RO: Fingers crossed no sign of Jar Jar Binks! No one is a fan of Jar Jar Binks!

Jase Hare

[Gig Review] Frazer plus support @ The Warehouse, Huddersfield for Hud Radio. Thursday 12th November 2015

If you live in or even near Huddersfield and finding new bands to get involved with is up your street then you need to keep an eye out for the Radio Hud nights at The Warehouse. Some really good quality new music that will be on the rise in the near future. For free aswell!

Floodhounds of Sheffield were the first proper act of the night. Having made the schoolboy error of placing too many 50p's in the Quiz machine at the time of their set starting, I had to watch the opening track 'Bare Bones' from the sidelines. But knowing this tune was about to drop, my games waited. A belter of an opening which hit me with an instantly nostalgic feel, dare i say almost Oasis kind of sound to it.

I thought this trio were class, a strict and driving force drummer with a complex and intriguing bassist. Add on top the lead guitarist and vocalist being able to distract your attention with storyline lyrics. I'm sold.

I quite like to listen to the band at the time i'm writing things like this and although it might be 10am on a Sunday morning, their soundcloud page is making me feel like its 10pm on a Friday night.

Head on over to their pages for more.

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Moving on, Late Night Legacy. Where do i start? I think i have to start with how much of a contrast i felt there was between the lead singer and the band. Just in terms of effort it felt as though the lead singer was preparing for a title fight and the others were his towel men.

That said musically the rest of the band were spot on. Playing a slightly more heavy version of events for the evening, I think they would have suited more of a Don Broco or We Are The Ocean kind of gig.

The atmosphere was decent for the gig which i'm putting down to a combo of decent tunes and the lead singer squeezing in some cardio during songs. Leeds should be proud of churning out some really good bands in the last few years and these guys can be added to that list with a little fine tuning.

Not my normal cup of tea but if you want to dig a little deeper, links below.

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Headliners for the evening were Frazer who I heard literally nothing about until researching them for this gig.

I'm going to say that this band raised me up, and up, and kept going and then unfortunately disappointed me massively!

Research - check. Grab my attention, seemed to work well.
Style - check. Look like cool lads that SHOULD be in a band.
Set up - check. Keyboard, drums and bass with a duo of guitars attacking from the front.
Interaction - check. Good laugh with the crowd, got people involved.
First decent tune - check. 'Two Hands'. Brilliant. Exactly what i was expecting to hear.
Talent - check. The lead guitarist is a star in the making no doubt.
Effort - check. Lead singer run off and jumped on a table at one point.

But all that good work let down for me. And here's why...

A direct quote from their soundcloud bio is "FRAZER a 5 piece emerging from Sheffield, have a sound unlike any other". What! I'm sorry but I simply can't agree. I've heard a million and one bands shout "Oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah". If you want screaming 14 year old girls at your gigs... that's how you get them.

Straight after the gig I googled how many words are in the English Language. Apparently there are 1,025,109.8 (have no idea about the .8 haha) but it can't be that hard to pick some different words that are still easy too sing along too if that's your aim.

During the gig I wrote down that it felt as though musically they had run a marathon but lyrically they had peaked too soon. Mainly because their tune "Two Hands" is lyrically brilliant. Maybe that juxtaposed their more simpler songs for me.

I would still implore you too check them out even if it's too disagree with me.

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cheers for reading!

all photo credit Joe Brumby

Jase Hare

20 November, 2015

CHVRCHES release video for 'Empty Threat'

Scottish synthpop trio CHVRCHES have unveiled the new video for their incredible track 'Empty Threat.' Directed by Austin Peters, the clip recounts a short story following the day in the life of an emotional teenager in America. However, it also shows how the power of friendship is an ultimate quality that is priceless and puts a smile on everyone's face. 'Empty Threat' is a stunning track, with Lauren Mayberry's powerful vocals driving the overall energetic force of the tune.

'Empty Threat' is taken from CHVRCHES' sophomore album 'Every Open Eye' which is out now. CHVRCHES are currently on their UK tour, which includes a massive headline show at Alexandra Palace. Meanwhile check out the new video below:

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KYTES releases it's first EP "On The Run"

Kytes, an electro-pop quartet from Munich, germany are aiming for radiofriendly Two Doors Cinema 2.0 within an old Foals touch. Today their first EP was released through Milky Chance well supported Label "Lichtdicht Records/Music". Listen to two singles below. Happy releaseday everyone

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19 November, 2015

BREAKING: New Wolfmother Album "Victorious" to be released in 2016, listen to first selftitled single

Christmas came very early, to be excact, 35 days earlier this year. With the greatest banger in the past year. "Victorious" is about what Wolfmother alsways has been. It's final version sounds from Led Zeppelin to Kadavar over to keen simplicity.


click the link up above to reveal the phenomenal single "Victorious"

[GIG REVIEW] Saint Raymond @ O2 Academy Bristol 13th November 2015

Saint Raymond (20 year old Callum Burrows) is extensively touring his 17 track debut album "Young Blood" all across the UK through November and December this year, and It's All Indie were lucky enough to catch the opening night at Bristol's O2 Academy.

"Young Blood" has some fantastically catchy songs which, when backed by a full band, become much bigger and beefier than on record. As on the album, Saint Raymond opened with mega-anthem "Letting Go" allowing the crowd to warm their vocal chords too thanks to the momentous backing vocal chants throughout the chorus.

In truth, this was a pretty full on hour and a quarter, with other standout tracks being radio-friendly singles "I Want You" and "Wild Heart", although there was a perfect mid-set chill out to "As We Are Now" where Saint Raymond's band left him to perform solo.

Closing with title track "Young Blood" and a perfect indie-rock cover of Major Lazer's "Lean On", it seemed as if the first night could not have gone better for Saint Raymond, and that anyone else checking out the tour is in for a big treat.

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18 November, 2015

Little White Things unveil video for 'Step Back'

London-based indie duo Little White Things have revealed their video to accompany new single 'Step Back.' The track itself is a beautifully crafted tune, brimming with chilled-out vocals and catchy melodies one cannot help but sing-along to the oohs and ahs of the chorus. The 'Step Back' video was created by Steffen Wendt Andréa from Copenhagen as he had a vision to 'unite the world through Instagram and to show the beauty in the similarity of the individual.' Thousands of images are used to recreate this vision and make the poignancy of the track even more relevant.

'Step Back' will be released via Chess Club Records on 27th November. You can catch Little White Things play their London headline debut at the Moth Club on 23rd November. Meanwhile, check out the new video below:

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[LISTEN] Hidden Charms - Love You Cause You're There

London-based band Hidden Charms have unveiled their new single 'Love You Cause You're There.' Hidden Charms are undoubtedly a breath of fresh air, taking their blues rock sound to the next level with this innovative track. Embellished with intriguing verses combined with a chorus that has a retro-feel, the track still feels contemporary in its own way. Containing a driving bassline that provides excellent rhythm aswell as a solid basis for the compelling vocals and melody, this tune is most definitely a catchy one.

'Love You Cause You're There' is due for release on 20th November and is available to pre-order now on iTunes and on vinyl. You can catch Hidden Charms at The Lexington in London tonight, or catch them supporting YAK in Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leicester. Meanwhile, check out the new track below!

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17 November, 2015

[TONIGHT] Phantom Runners play in LONDON

16 November, 2015

[GIG REVIEW] Lord Huron @ The O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire

The beautiful Shepherds Bush Empire is the ideal venue for Lord Huron to play in. Their songs suit the theatre space perfectly, but not in the overblown and hammy ‘performing-arts’ way that the word theatre often connotes. Rather it is indicative of the expressive depth and resonance that the best performances provide. Having never seen Lord Huron live before the emotion that is sustained across the hour and a half set is what strikes me most. From this point of view the live reference points I’m reminded most of are sets from Sufjan Stevens, The National and Arcade Fire, which is obviously a pretty good group to be a part of. In terms of the music, the last two are similarly good comparisons, albeit with more of an Americana/ Country inflection.

Without wishing to labour the analogy too much, the set construction, both in terms of track order and set design, are reminiscent of a play- the backdrop made up of pale, bare leafless trees accompanied by the cold sound effects between songs set the tone (an apt tone too as our days are much more quickly turning to nights in the UK…). Throughout this cohesive whole that is created, there are however highlights punctuating the linear story. The first of which comes with the one-two of ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and ‘Lonesome Dreams’, the latter particularly showing Lord Huron’s ability to combine touching sentiment with classic songwriting.

‘The Ghost on the Shore’ is another nice moment- the dual harmonica parts blending into a sound that no longer sounds like the instrument at all, but something more eerie and piercing. Following on with this theme of atypical instrumentation is the haunting theremin line of the impressive ‘Way Out There’.  Sandwiched between these two is ‘The Birds Are Singing at Night’- the bird call sound effects surrounding this song are perhaps the only moment where the ‘show’ rather than ‘concert’ aspect tends towards jumping the shark somewhat, but this is only a very minor gripe.

The upbeat ‘Meet Me in the Woods’ is a welcome increase in tempo, continued with the most stand-alone song of the night in the bluesy ‘The World Ender’, complete with passionate red-lighting and the second biggest dance along of the night. The occurrence of the biggest is not far away however as the imperious ‘Fool For Love’ keeps people dancing and singing along to their hearts content. With their vocal chords warmed up, the crowd warmly sings main set closer, and perhaps Lord Huron’s most famous tune, ‘To The Ends of the Earth’ back to the 5 dark-suited men on stage. The communal feeling fostered by the shared questioning of “to the ends of the earth would you follow me?” is one of the warmest moments of the night.

The band don’t leave the stage for long before coming out to perform my personal highlight, the beautifully sad ‘The Night We Met’, the real hairs-on-the-back of your neck moment of the show in which frontman Ben Schneider does his best Matt Berninger impression. All that’s left then is the light-hearted pogoing and sing-a-long of ‘Time to Run’, which culminates with the group coalescing around the drum kit for the final extended flourish, the classic indicator of a gig’s ending. The audience can walk out into the cool London air satisfied that Lord Huron have delivered a fine set heavy on honest emotion, genuine heart-racing moments and foot shuffling indie-folk. 

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12 November, 2015

[GIG REVIEW] The Magic Gang + INHEAVEN + Day Wave @ The Red Gallery for Community London 2015

Downstairs at the red gallery is a pretty industrial looking space, complete with thick square pillars holding the multi-storey building housing this place up. These pillars create a small square area which the audience fills, facing the bare stage in front of them. There isn’t much scope for elaborate lighting, in fact all there really is is a collection of spot-lights on stage evidently blinding the acts performing. Despite the austere setting however, all three acts fill the room with their varying signature sounds, and the atypical gig location actually provides the night with a nice charm.

The first act to take to the stage are much hyped American bedroom indie group Day Wave, who announce that this is their first time in London. They perform a tight set, with the drifty/slackery sound that is created so well on their recordings coming across well in a live setting. There isn’t a lot of audience interaction, and at times the band look a little unsure of themselves, but both of these very very minor issues are far outshone by the quality of the playing, and the quality of the songs themselves.

Highlights include the seriously catchy ‘Come Home Now’, breakthrough single ‘Drag’ and self-deprecating ‘Zombie’. They announce that they’ve got two tracks left, but this turns out to not be the case as the promoter comes to tell them they’re out of time. I can only imagine this is why the imperious ‘We Try But We Don’t Fit In’ isn’t performed- ah well, this only goes to further convince me I need to see Day Wave again- not that I need any more convincing!

Second band on are Inheaven. The volume and intensity levels gain a marked increase, lead singer James Taylor's snarling vocal delivery style combined with the pounding drums, fuzzed out bass and screeching guitars are a true assault on the senses. The tunes are there too though, most notably in stand-out singles ‘Bitter Town’ and ‘Regeneration’ which make up the closing two songs of the set.

What impressed me most about Inheaven was the vocal interplay between Taylor and bassist Chloe Little. Reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine or The History of Apple Pie this was an example of a true shoegaze trope utilised to perfection, and coming across much more clearly than on record. Of all the bands, the industrial setting seemed to suit these guys the most.

Finally, and to much excitement from a crowd made up largely of their dedicated and enthusiastic fan base, headliners The Magic Gang strut out to deliver a punchy 40 minute set of their sunny indie bangers. The Magic Gang are probably the tightest band of their type I’ve seen play, in terms of a complete package of stage presence, musical performance, set pacing and vocal harmonies. The two lead singers play off of each other perfectly, and the rhythm section provide their vocal talents too when required. 

It is testament to the strength and depth of their growing back catalogue that they can despatch the song that got them noticed, and fan favourite ‘She Won’t Ghost’ second up. A few new songs (“we recorded in Kingston Jamaica…. I’m not bragging” … “you’re totally bragging…”) are road-tested and illicit a great response from the crowd. In between though you are never very far away from one of their seemingly endless supply of instant-classics – the ridiculously catchy “Jasmine” and melancholic “Alright” punctuate the middle section, before the rolling behemoth “No Fun” closes the main set.

The guys hardly leave the stage however before they’re back for a rousing and audience involving encore rendition of “Shallow”, the massive repeated refrain/hook ( “I’m so shallooooooow”) is initially sung communally over just the drums before the rest of the band crash in to see the night through to its conclusion.

It was a real pleasure experience three bands with undoubtedly bright futures.


11 November, 2015


Liverpool-based four-piece SPARES have released their brand new track 'I Like It.' Following on from previous tune 'Not Enough', 'I Like It' has a more poppy feel but still has the buzzing energy running through it. Armed with a catchy chorus embellished with repetitive heavy guitar riffs, this track is most definitely a head-banger. This proto-punk band continuously deliver, with dynamic melodies and lively vocals one can only expect more great things to come from this Liverpudlian quartet.

You can catch SPARES supporting Glass Caves at the Studio2 in Parr Street, Liverpool on the 19th November. Meanwhile, check out the track below!

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[EXCLUSIVE] Montreal based Eddie Paul's debut album

Genre-bending blues rocker/singer‐songwriter Eddie Paul's debut album, PANDA-MONIUM, is now AVAILABLE. Produced by Seb Black under the banner of Montreal's notorious Emery Street Records, the album is the result of many wild nights jamming at the label’s legendary quartier latin studios.

With what’s becoming an unmistakable Eddie Paul sound, PANDA-MONIUM is a fluent journey of an album that straddles multiple sounds and genres. From lead single The Warning Song, the sleazy, acid rock of Hands In My Pockets, and the foot-stomping country hoedown of Dig A Hole, any one of the eleven tracks is potentially a single. The album is really moving and at times really takes you to those wild nights they spent making it.

Paul is a poster boy of the new breed of artists coming out of Montreal, building a loyal and growing fan base at home and abroad. Rapidly benefiting from numerous positive reviews of his live performances across Canada, as well as having two European tours under his belt already, Eddie’s riding a surge of worldwide momentum.

This album will be released via Emery Street Records on Friday 13th November 2015.