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04 September, 2015

[LISTEN] Foxes - Better Love (feat. Dan Smith of Bastille)

Foxes has shared the new single off her forthcoming album "All I Need", and it features Dan Smith of Bastille on guest vocals!

Speaking to the London Evening Standard she said - "It’s a lot more emotional. It was written after I broke up with someone. It’s weird for me because in the last album I never really wrote songs that were about anything specific but this feels like it’s a lot more emotional." 

Foals' "What Went Down" reaches #3 in UK album charts

Foals have not got a #1 album, they were pipped to it by The Weeknd and Jess Glynne's latest efforts beating the Oxford band's fourth album.

However, there is a glimmer of light, the band reached #1 in the Independent Record Charts - which is based on figures collected from pre-orders and physical record sales in Independent stores.

[LISTEN] Ménage à Trois - Be Right Back

Ménage à Trois' brand new track - "Be Right Back"  - might just be one of the most relaxing tracks we've heard this week, it's full of airy synths, soothing vocals and just shouts dream-pop. The band was one of the many that formed out of the WU LYF split - see where they are now - but this is by far one of the slicked tracks to come out of the break.

Listen to "Be Right Back" below.


If you speak Spanish then this one is right up your alley, but if you don't, it's ok, it's still a great Indie-Rock track. SEPTI3MBRE's new track "Paisaje" was uplaoded yesterday and even though it's just been mixed it still stands out at you, with some influences from Bloc Party in there as well as The Strokes, the Argentinian band are pushing themselves with their new material.

This is the first taste of their new LP, and we're excited for it! Check it out below.

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[LISTEN] Kimberly Anne - Bury It There (Everything Everything Remix)

Everything Everything might already have their third album out, but that doesn't mean that they're done for this year as new material goes. Here they've remixed Kimberly Anne's track "Bury It There" from a gorgeous acoustic-pop track to a glitchy electro anthem, with distorted vocals and their own unique sound, this is Everything Everything at their best.

Check out the remix below.

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[LISTEN] Yung - God

Yung's new track "God" is lifted from the bands latest EP, "These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores", which comes out on the 18th of September (Fat Possum - US, Magniph - Japan, Tough Love - R.O.W).

The track showcases the band's energetic side and even though it's a short cut, it leaves you wanting more, the vocals are so on point here, and the guitars sound so angry that you feel like you're being hit in the face by a tornado. The rush of it all, YES. Scroll on down to check it out in all it's glory!

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[LISTEN] SEAWAVES - Castles In Air

"Castles In Air" is the latest track from the ever reliably awesome SEAWAVES, here they bring some Asian influences to the track, lots of chanting and some seriously thick synths. This is the band's most diverse track yet and we've absolutely loving it!

They've been doing really well this year establishing themselves, and after hearing this track I can expect to see them doing even better in 2016! Scroll on down to check out "Castles In Air".

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[LISTEN] Frances - Let It Out

Frances has a brand new track to share with us all, it's called "Let It Out" and boasts some gorgeous piano keys combined with some gentle electronics and even some subtle guitar licks. If you'd want to imagine if Florence Welsh went it alone, Frances would be what she'd sound like, she's got a great pair of lungs on her with some fantastic vocals too.

Frances' tracks have been amazing so far, but "Let It Out" is the best of the bunch, she's going to be going far!

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Racing Glaciers announce extensive UK tour

Racing Glaciers have announced an extensive UK-wide tour that'll see them take in 30+ cities and venues from Bath and Brighton in the South of England to way up in the North of Scotland at Stornoway.

You can check out the massive 'Seems Like A Good Tour' tour below, and grab tickets here.

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Swim Deep release video for 'Namaste'

Swim Deep have unveiled their hilarious video for new single 'Namaste' taking retro game shows as the main theme in this exciting video. With cameo appearances from familiar faces, such as Fred Macpherson from Spector, the whole concept is highly entertaining and fits with the song perfectly. The Birmingham band have decided to go all out vintage in the video clip with outfits so old that it's hard to believe this video has been made in 2015.

You can catch Swim Deep on their UK tour in October with support from The Magic Gang.

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Check out the video below:

[LISTEN] Bad Sea - I'd Want U

Bad Sea are Ciara Thompson and Alan Farrell. Having won fans in IAI favourites Bombay Bicycle Club, the pair look set to follow in the footsteps of critical darlings Rae Morris and Lucy Rose. This is music that strides smoothly and confidently between a diverse influence of country, dream pop and 60s jangle while maintaining its own sparse aesthetic. Thompson's distinctive and emotive voice is typically buoyed by graceful, measured guitar rising occasionally to an arresting and affecting rapture. Their work to date speaks of a band who are as at home with neat, intelligent pop songwriting as they are with the pain that provoked it, perfectly embodied by songs like the poignant, off-kilter 'Comes to Blood' and first single 'I'd Want U' (embedded below). As the band themselves explain, 'this is what it means to be a banger merchant.'


03 September, 2015

PINS unveil new video for 'Dazed By You'

Manchester indie band PINS have released their video for their hazy, catchy track 'Dazed By You'. The video is mainly recounting their time on the road around the United Stated this summer, explicitly reflecting a vibe of great distortion and emptiness on their travels. PINS managed to film the entirety of the video on a Super-8 film, eventually adding drawings and scratches afterwards to create more damaged and rusty looking footage.
PINS have managed to introduce another dimension to their already hooking indie-pop song, by exploring the means of interestingly filmed footage. They continue to impress after the release of their album 'Wild Nights' and are due to tour the UK at the end of September.

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Check out the new video below:

Glastonbury 2016 tickets go on sale next month!

Get your cash ready! Glastonbury Festival's 2016 tickets will be going on sale next month!

We’re very pleased to announce that tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2016 will go on sale at the beginning of October (dates and details below). Glastonbury 2016 will take place from Wed, 22nd June to Sun, 26th June 2016.

As part of our ongoing efforts against ticket touting, anyone who would like to attend next year’s Festival will need to have registered in advance. Registration remains free of charge and only takes a few minutes at You can also check your existing registration here.

Standard tickets will be going on sale at 9am BST on Sunday, 4th October. As in previous years, tickets will be sold exclusively at You may book up to six tickets per transaction. Festival goers will be able to book a ticket by paying a deposit, with the balance due in spring 2016.

[DAILY DOWNLOAD] Foals - London Thunder (PAUZE* Flip Edit)

Normally 'edits' of tracks end up being a bit pants, but this 'edit' of Foals' ballad "London Thunder" by PAUZE* Flip takes it to a new level by introducing some electronic beats, washed out vocals and more atmoshepre!

Free Mp3 / Foals - London Thunder (PAUZE* Flip Edit)

Leeds Festival 2015 - Round-Up

I'm at a stage where I've acquired an almost annual necessity to go to Leeds Festival even if the Line Up doesn't jump off the page at me because every year I find myself in the week after the event thinking that at least 5 or 6 blew me away. This year was no different.

Sundara Karma - Spot on afternoon gig that just hit home for me. Well constructed and beautifully epic indie loveliness that I've played a lot since getting home.

VANT - sticking it to a hungover crowd when hungover themselves just screams rock and roll for me. Expecting them to be on a bigger stage next year!

We Are The Ocean - saw these recently at Tramlines festival and was so impressed i made a B-line for their set. Big tunes of "Good For You" and "Do It Together" should be winging their way through your radio waves some time soon.

Catfish and The Bottlemen - they were always going to pack out the Radio 1/NME tent, it was pretty much a given. Had to begin the gig by giving a safety warning to the crowd, a safety warning that was fully justified when their big hits smashed out the speakers. Flares being let off, a three person shoulder lift moshing and teenage girls not being able to handle the heat were spilling out the tent like lemmings.

The Maccabees - I've always loved The Maccabees but their set this year just endeared me to them even more. Playing their new tunes with perfect quality and timing whilst looking nonchalantly cool. Great set!

Mumford and Sons - answered every question about whether they could headline a festival yet with a great big "F**K YEAH!" Hammering anthem after anthem, with the classic dip in energy in the middle. They proved they're just as rock and roll as anybody in the business at the minute with an epic crowd run by the lead singer, a pushing over of the drum-kit and smoking a cigarette whilst playing. All possibly now clichés but clichés that still entertain. Ended on 'The Wolf' which may prove to be their best tune ever in years down the line.

Safe to say Leeds has had good and proper this year... probably will next year.

Written by - Jase Hare

James Bay's "Let It Go" gets beautifully covered by Jess Glynne

As a part of Radio 1's month of Live Lounge performances, Jess Glynne has been in today to perform a rather beautiful cover of James Bay's hit "Let It Go".

I know that Jess isn't exactly 'Indie', but here are some reasons why she's on the site, 1 - my site, 2 - it's a James Bay track, and 3 - it's a beautiful cover that deserves to be heard by everyone, not just 'the mainstream' lot, if you don't like this then you're just a hater on good music. Watch the cover below!

[ALBUM REVIEW] Foals - What Went Down

So with Foals being one of the biggest 'indie' bands in the world, their fourth effort was an album everyone was excited to hear. After the mathy "Antidotes", the grown up "Total Life Forever" and their third effort "Holy Fire" all doing well they've evolved again and have came up with a cracking LP.

Its heavier opening track "What Went Down" was a great entry to the album, with a harder edge to their songs, similar to that of "Inhaler" that was on "Holy Fire", the fourth studio album by the Oxford via London quintet might be their best album opener so far. Songs that I can see them playing for the rest of their career will be "Mountain At My Gates", with that jangly guitar entry and the uplifting chorus it's up there with the best.

With the third track - "Birch Tree" - it takes in a flavour of Red Hot Chilli Peppers-esque bass at the beginning before they put their own sound, y'know, that guitar thing they do, low down the kneck and funky! It's a more relaxed side of the band, with "Give It All" also adding itself to the list, but this cut is more anthematic than the previous one, akin to that of "Spanish Sahara" this just gets bigger and better as it goes on!

"Albatross" sounds like another one of those singles ear-marked for a single release, with a bouncy chorus to it, sing-a-long worthy verses and an explosion of sound towards the end, Foals have really hit the nail on the head here, and it's a great classic example of wonderful song-writing. "Snake Oil" is one of those heavier tracks, but with some qwerky licks to it, for example the intro and some of the bridges, just keep an ear out in the latter third of the track, you hear Foals just going mad, performing a track they want, not one that'll sell, this is raw!

As we end up in the final third we're given a throwback, "Night Swimmers" sounds like a track that was cut off their second LP, and with elements from their third, here it's another 'heavier' affair - if you can call it that - but features Edwin a lot more, with the synths a lot more recognisable than ever! Next up is a powerful ballard, "London Thunder", the less I write about this the better, I want you to listen to it with an open heart and fall in love with it.

As we end with "Lonely Hunter" and "A Knife In The Ocean" you're left stunned. With some incredibly well produced tracks they leave you wanting more, especially the closing track. Fuck me Foals have done it again, it does range from the good to the OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT.  But the bottom line is that most of "What Went Down" is a great example of not conforming to the record label and the tremendously exceptional talent that is this quintet - FOALS - expect to see a lot more of them!

A tip would also be... buy the deluxe edition, the CCTV and Poolside Session versions of the tracks are worth the price alone!

Foals - What Went Down
Out of 10: 9.5/10 

Foals frontman Yanis suffers vocal injury

Foals front-man Yannis Philippakis has suffered a vocal injury, which as resulted in the band pulling out of a scheduled appearance on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. There the band were suppose to do a cover of a Florence + The Machine track.

Yannis has said - "Think I snapped my larynx." With band-mate Jack Bevan saying "[Yannis] sounds like Phil Mitchell after a tracheotomy. Sorry to anyone who was listening. Old mate is off to the doctors now."

The band's fourth album "What Went Down" is currently #1 in the mid-week album charts, 5000 ahead of #2.

[LISTEN] New Order - Restless (Agoria Remix)

These days when someone remixes New Order you're left unimpressed, well the new remix of "Restless" by Agoria has changed my view on that subject. Here he's changed their synth-pop track into a Dance classic with very anthematic drum beats and soundscapes.

The remix will feature on the band's deluxe album, also with remixes from collaborator Andrew Weatherall as well as RAC and xxxy.


Florence + The Machine to headline Open'er 2016

Possibly one of the earliest festival announcements ever, but, as you will read below... Florence Welsh has announced that she'll be at Open'er in Poland next year! The festival runs from 29th June to 2nd July in 2016, you can buy tickets now, priced from just £75! - take that Reading and Leeds!

The band will headline the first day at the festival on the 29th.