Track of the day... Bloc Party - Skeleton

In the spirit of just watching 'Cool Runnings' and now having the Winter Olympics on my track of the day is Bloc Party - Skeleton... After the one man downhill sledge thing...

Anyway, here is a quick fan review of this...
Very few people know it, as it is a rare(ish) track. I downloaded it during the very early Bloc Party days, when they had the MP3’s up on their homepage for free. There seemed to be many die hard fans there, many of them (myself included) when hit with a moment of silence from the band would shout out requests of ‘Skeleton’. This track is fast paced and should be on a album, not as a EP track or even a b-side, all be to Helicopter, which makes the single it is on somewhat of a collectors item

It is on ‘Helicopter’ 7” single and the ‘Little Thoughts’ EP.

“I would have preferred if ‘Skeleton’ rather than ‘Luno’ had been on Silent Alarm, as it would have offered a very different feel. ‘Skeleton’ has developed a kind of cult status amongst our fans” - Kele Okereke

Watch - [Here] or [Here]