Track of the day... Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This

Today it is a great track from Londons Bombay Bicycle Club, they are VERY young and only just finished their A Levels before they started on the debut album.

Recorded by long-term producer Jim Abbiss, Always Like This is the sound of one of the most talked about new bands in the country, fast becoming one of the best. As soon as they done that they amazed me with a epic track. Always Like This is one of those anthems that defines your year. The start to the song is just brilliant, a wavey guitar sound combined with harmonious melodies from lead singer Jack Steadman. Then a instrumental bridge to the verse with some light drumming, the chorus is just perfection with Jacks voice echoing and the sublime guitars making this a brilliant chorus. Drops out into the bridge again and a similar story with the 2nd verse. Now the end, this is brilliant, it climaxes, drops then fades back in and ends on a bang!

I mean the intricate drumming and supporting bass fit in perfectly and the occasional electronic elements raise the song to another level. And I am amazed that more people don't know about this song, yet alone the band who have other such hits as 'Magnet'.

This is near perfect indie-pop-rock and thats why its my track of the day.

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