Track of the day... Foals - Cassius

As Foals are going to have the brand spaking new song played on BBC Radio 1 next monday (at 7.30pm), I have decided to dedicate todays track of the day to this fabulous band from Oxford.

Cassius was the second single off the debut album Antidotes, getting highly acclaimed reviews all over, from the BBC, NME and DigitalSpy. I mean Foals couldn't be much cooler right now if they were wrapped up in frozen peas and shipped to the Antarctic on an iceberg. The correct mixture of slanty haircuts, smarmy attitude and bouncy art-rock hooks has seen the band tipped for big, big things this year with the inclusion of their new album titled 'Total Life Forever' .

'Cassius' partially justifies the hype, with its combination of saucy saxophone and drilling riffs proving a toe-tapping success. It's perhaps a little too similar to past songs such as Balloons and Mathletics to be praised too highly. So, after all that, they not only stole my review, but by sheer force of their own gift for writing catchy popsongs, they also compelled me to give them a glowing write-up. At this rate, they'll have taken over the world by lunchtime... Well by Tuesday next week that is.

Foals - Cassius (Live At Glastonbury 2008)
Foals - Cassius Download Via Mediafire