Track of the day... Mumford And Sons - Unfinished Business

A day late, sorry! x

Ok, a White Lies song, sung by their good friends Mumford And Sons

This banjo filled acoustic version of the origional song is just splendid, with the hush vocals from the singer and the guitar at the beginning is still dark like the White Lies version. The break into the 2nd verse is brilliant, the funky banjom in the background gives the song quite a funky, dark, (emo?) fell to it.

The chorus is pulled of fantasticly, with the speeding of the song in the 3rd verse after the chorus and then into the 2nd chorus is still just as brilliant. This band have suddenly became such a cult band with tickets for upcoming gigs reaching over £100 EACH, for a initial ticket of £9 thats a bit steep.

This song was especially recorded for Triple J in Australia, and it deserves to be the track of the day.

N.B. A Day late, saved as a draft, oops...

[TRIPLE J] - Link to origional source
Munford And Sons - Unfinished Business - YouTube