I will start with a quick review of tiny bands.

New Bands, 14th Jan 2010
Band - Kabogaeries
Location - Croydon
Genre - Tango / Techno
Myspace views - 910
Last.fm plays - N/A
Outta 5 - 3/5
NOTES: I LOVE the intro for 'Indianna Jonesin', nice little band that would fit well to someone who likes Post Wars Years or maybe Foals. I am only going by my own opinion and this isn't bad!

Band - Mathletics
Location - Lincoln
Genre - Indie / Funk / Math
Myspace veiws - N/A
Last.fm plays - N/A
Outta 5 - 4/5
NOTES: The only track on the site 'I'm not afriad' is a nice piece of music heavily influenced by Foals, as i found it Via Foals myspace...!