Track of the day... Foals - This Orient

A actaul review this time!

So now that the first official play of Foals’ first single to be taken from their forthcoming album has been played out on Zane Lowe, what’s the verdict? Well after hearing Spanish Sahara it was going to have to be something pretty special, and on first listen it really isn’t. It’s certainly a more serious and grown up side to the happy go lucky bouncy tunes from their previous album, but every band has to progress at some point. Perhaps sounding somewhat like the new Bloc Party? They’ll have to keep an eye on those Foals lads methinks!

I didn’t have the initial rush of excitement upon listening to this track for the first time, however, it far surpasses expectations. I really wasn’t sure they were going to be able to bring it after I’d fallen so much in love with Spanish Sahara but they have. This track again demonstrates the vocal ability of the band, the production is spot on, it doesn’t sound raw like a demo yet it doesn’t sound like it can’t be replicated live but with that added spark that Foals manage to give when playing gigs.

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