Track of the day... Pin Me Down - Curious (Shibuya Edition)


Pin Me Down (or PMD for short...) have suddenly blown me away with the sudden news of a 11 track album, at least 4 of the tracks we have already heard before, maybe they will be a re-mastered/re-recorded version? If not we have a full length album from the most promising things from the Bloc Party side projects competition.

Others are 'Young Legionnaire' and 'Kele Okereke', Young Legionnaire have only played one gig so far, but I was there and have to say, all be the intimate free (yes FREE!) gig at Old Blue Last this was a very good set from the Gordon Moakes (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), William Bowerman (Drums) and Paul Mullen (Guitar/Vocals). Also Kele has apparently been doing some solo work, some promising stuff was announced around October 2009 but nothing YET has materialised. He has been globe-trotting since the 'hiatus'.

Anyway, you can buy the various differant packages from their website which I will link you to below.

Right the track, this is a ironic track name considering it's a peek into the new album, the remix (I think) is very well done and I can not wait until the studio version comes out in April. You can only get this (at the moment) by buying something from the store on the website.

Get on it!