Artist of the day... Co-Pilots

Ok this is Russell Lissacks other side project, remember him talking about another project in the NME article? Well here it is.


It's basically a moniker for his remixes (so far), and here are a couple of downloads.
Pin Me Down - Time Crisis (Co Pilots Turbulence Remix)
We Have Band - Honeytrap (Co-Pilots' Flying High Edit) ... high_edit_

Co-Pilots' Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and Jamie Ellis (Battle) must be the wasps in We Have Band's "Honey Trap" because this is way too loud to ever be trusted undercover - piano house synthpop over brain-kill electro?! Sorry the last thirty years. All your party are belong to us. ... %E2%80%9D/

We previously talked about Pin Me Down, just so you know it’s Russell Lissack from Bloc Party, and their track “Time Crisis“. With their debut only a month away (April 15th), the band has followed up the generosity by giving away a great remix of the track by Co-Pilots.

The angular riffs are replaced by some persistent synths and Milena Mepris’ lyrics seem to be floating all over the place and completely untethered. The remix has an airy bounce to it thanks to Co-Pilots and the looser approach makes for a fun take on the track.