Ahead of the curve... Death Metal Disco Scene

I have a real treat for you today, Death Metal Disco Scene, a London based band that already have some recognition for remixing such artists as Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, The Verve, Bat For Lashes. David James Billing apparently started this as a one man project, it gave banging tracks from day one, as soon both Major and Independent labels have sniffed the smell of fresh and easily marketable talent.

He then though of making some of his own music, he found the special ingredient with a close friend, Scorch Shepherd.. Today they are ready with a set of songs to play at every gig, with a few bangers such as 21, Criminals and The Dead. BBC Radio One has already played 21. This is a sneaky little Indie-Rock song that reveals its powers the second the chorus kicks in, showing off its catchy and danceable energy.