Ahead of the curve... Ten Bears

The very first 'Ahead of the curve' feature, in the spotlight... Ten Bears they hail from the Manchester area (which I have been told is full of upcoming bands, and full of talent. So the London of the North!)

They been around for over a year now, maybe more but sadly I don't know much about their history, only about where they are destined! Their first single was released on East City Records (who also have Chapel Club on their roster too!), the song is for fans of MGMT and Phoenix, which can easily fit into Indie, Synth and Pop genres. I'll keep my radar, they're awesome.

They signed the deal to East City Records in March 2010 the label announced. With a few free tracks easily available to download and stream, such as 'Red Shoes' and 'Charlie' they are certainly going into the summer with festivals in mind then maybe... just maybe a album for the new year?

They have already been to SXSW in Austin Texas and they have seemed to accumulate some stateside fans!

Here are just a few comments from various websites.
"I'm playing the song for last 2 hours and not even bored. I'll keep my radar, they're awesome."
"Love the bears!"
"Cool vid and catchy tune!"
"minted tune :) deffo a song for the Ipod!! :) <3"

Ten Bears - Braces - Via YouTube
Ten Bears - Braces - Download on iTunes
Ten Bears - Braces - 7" Buy