Gig Review... Violet Bones @ Haymakers 25th May 2010

As a support act this foursome are definitely one of the best I have seen lots of support acts and this band (a local Cambridge) band, opened the show with a lot of enthusiasm, noise and gusto. Imagine The Kooks but actually trying to play come catchy music and lyrically better, heck, all round much much better than The Kooks!!!

They played:
Not Me
Kettle (I think it was)
I Feel The Need
Talk Of The Town
New Song
78's & 45's

The song 'Kettle' was VERY similar to a track they played at the Junction a few weeks back, so that's my theory behind the song title. A new song unheard to me (consciously anyway) that I didn't catch the name of, but I'm sure I will soon.

Anyway, this is a live review... So... They opened with Not Me, this is currently on the 'I Feel The Need' EP, this is such a good opening song with a guitar filled intro enticing the crowd into banging their heads. Followed by a quick transition to Kettle (once again unsure on the song title), but not until Si Dartford (lead singer + guitar) asked the crowd to move a little bit forward, bit of a uncomfortable moment for the ones that eventually moved forward, but he soon swiftly moved into the song. The song (from what I gathered) is about tea and coffee as Si said "tea is good for you, that's what my mum said anyway". The mid-point of the set was the last single I Feel The Need, a pop song with a rock base, the lyrics are still in my head, can't get them out! I swear they play so tightly together that it's just a PA system playing their tracks, with impeccable timing! The new song was a nice addition to the set list and gave some fans a treat o what might be a b-side to the new single? After all the songs they rounded the night off with the latest single, 78s & 45s, which the title is about vinyl playing speeds??? But this is a perfect closer with a slow outro and a good support act once again proving to me that there is talent around my local area. I'm sure I will come back to Violet Bones in the future, a 'Track Of The Day' or a 'Local Band' feature? Watch this space!

Violet Bones - I Feel The Need - Via YouTube
Violet Bones - I Feel The Need - MP3
Violet Bones - 78's & 45's - Via YouTube