INTERVIEW... Wombats - Tord

The first interview I have done, al be over facebook, but I assure you this is the real Tord (the Wombats bass player). I say interview, more a quick chat as we have chatted before about State Kuban stuff.

Me: Hey Tord when will you guys be recording??

Tord: Beginning on monday.

Me: Could you tell me how many tracks there would be?

Tord: Recording three tracks now, and the rest of the album in July

Me: So when would be the album out? A rough estimate perhaps?

Tord: October

This was sadly cut off twice by facebooks shit chat interface that somewhat lags a bit. I only hope its their old pop stuff slightly grown up. As what most other sources of information is also saying about the new album, as of yesterday I did not know demos were out there. With one person saying its amazing is something good to go by. I can only hope they haven't came 5 years too late with this album. But still a exciting album is definetly on the cards.


Wombats - Lets Dance To The Joy Divison Via YouTube

Wombats - Kill The Director Via YouTube

Wombats - Backfire At The Disco Via YouTube

Wombats - Moving To New York Via YouTube