Track of the day... Blood Red Shoes - Don't Ask

The new single from Steven and Laura-Mary, aka Blood Red Shoes, 'Don't Ask', will be out on 10 May in limited edition 7" vinyl and for download. A three-minute burst of anarchic brittle energy, that's driven by a relentless hammering of the skins, Blood Red Shoes' 'Don't Ask' rampages through the ragged channels of alternative rock, whilst also being shaped by a melodic sensibility.

'Don't Ask' is raw and heavy, exactly like their astonishing album. Musically it's a back to basics, but thrillingly so. Its DIY spirit and raw production, all recorded on analogue at Liverpool studio The Motor Museum. 'Don't Ask' represents a band at the peak of their powers, making pure, perfectly distilled rock music, with subtle dynamics and scorching guitars.

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