Track of the day... Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare

Stop and Stare is the euphoric third single from British synth-pop newcomers Fenech-Soler, a three-piece hailing from Northamptonshire. Just in time for Summer, Fenech-Soler’s breezy, electronic pop is destined for the cars and Ipods of the Ray Ban wearing festival goers.

Stop and Stare’ starts with some quiet, nippy synths, slowly introducing some piano chords and a tumbling drum fill until the uplifting, all-out club anthem kicks in. The vocals are fitting and competent, but nothing extraordinary, and the resemblance to Calvin Harris is hard to ignore – the climax before the last chorus recalls the climax of Dizzee’s Calvin Harris-produced ‘Holiday’ – but the layered percussion, soaring chorus and perfect production make for a catchy and welcome pop song. At first you might decide you hate it, but it becomes increasingly hard to keep that smile repressed the more you listen to this summery single.

Stumbled across this dubstep remix of the latest Fenech-Soler single by a man called GZUS who kindly dropped it over to us about a week ago and we’re not going to waste any time so here it is.
Another big big big remix of Stop and Stare. This one is by Penny For The DJ. It starts off sounding almost like the original…and then it drops… and it makes us want to fight a lion!