It's All Indie Spotlight: Arcadian Days

Arcadian Days formed in late 2009. The band is from New Mills in England, which is around the Derbyshire area of the country, the band is made up for four friends still in the prime of their life, Alex McKenzie, Ollie Barnard, Elliot Verso and Owen Baldwin. Since they have only been together for around 6-7 months they currently have recorded two songs Dust In My Eyes and Hold Tight.

Dust In My Eyes is slow acoustic track which builds momentum to the impending verse. The break from the first verse is actually well done. I do like how basic they have kept this track, I guess maybe because they are a young band? No, or could be that they realise that this track suits it's stripped down attitude. The instrumental chorus is a sudden turn in the track but still compliments the other sections of the track well. Repeating 'Dust in my eyes' then fading out to finish the track is a nice ending to a quite a nice little track.

Hold tight is a bit more of a upbeat start and has nice twangy guitars filling the song in whenever the singer stops singing. They say on their influences that Bombay Bicycle Club, The Maccabees, The Kooks, Noah And The Whale, Joy Division, Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend are major influences. I can hear The Maccabees singing and Bombay Bicycle Club playing here. I do genuinely like this track because it is catchy and with a professional doing can be a brilliant track!

Arcadian Days - Dust In My Eyes