Its All Indie Spotlight: Black Cabs and Colour Us In.

This will be a new section especially for new artists I have recently come across. There will be no limit to how many I can do in a post so here are TWO!

First up (and in no particular order) is...
Black Cabs

They are apparently based in New York, London & Paris... I'm 100& certain they are not, in fact they are from the Birmingham area. They are a Indie Rock band and the lead singer Cal Newsome enjoys music by Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend and The Kings of Leon. Those are some fantastic bands and surely must mean that the music he makes is good! Right to the music, I currently have 3 of their demos, Future Love, Put Your Stilettos On and Let Me Introduce You To My Monkey (WHICH IS THE BEST SONG TITLE I HAVE SEEN!). Future Love sounds like something funky at the beginning with the guitar and bass fusing over the drum beats. They sound like early 90's music, which is good! Blur? Oasis? The Verve? I must say I do like this track.

Put Your Stilettos On is much quicker and sounds more upbeat and this does sound like something Fifa would put on a Fifa computer game to represent music from that country. Also (I said this before but) the guitar makes this track for me, the solo after the chorus is just, mmm, lovely. Finally the other track. Despite the quirky title this does sound a bit Bloc Party-esque at the beginning... yep, due to the guitar again! This band excites me because they are British talent, late teen years/early 20's and they can get better with age! Just wait 3/5 more years and they could be a force to be reckoned with.

Last up is...
Colour Us In

Now I have only been aware of them today, so please bear with me if this isn't 100% accurate...
They are from the London area and have got to the final of the Live and Unsigned competition being held at the O2 Arena in London on the 10th of July!

They like Two Door Cinema Club, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Maccabees and Scouting For Girls. Now I have to let them off for liking the last two because of one thing. The track called Build A Base. This track is the song that I will remember them buy, a sweet track with gentle guitars, vocals, bass and even drumming. This is a chilled track perfect for a hot evening sipping beer outside (which is what I am doing now!).

[FACEBOOK] - Black Cabs
Black Cabs - Future Love (Demo)

[MYSPACE] - Colour Us In
[FACEBOOK] - Colour Us In
[OFFICIAL SITE] - Colour Us In
Colour Us In - Build A Base - Via YouTube