Its All Indie Spotlight: Dead Sea Navigators

Dead Sea Navigators are a piano-led indie/lounge band based in London.

Imagine combining the piano with distorted bass, electronica and a down tempo rhythm, Dead Sea Navigators is a mixture of all the above and creates music that would fit at a wine bar. All be a wine bar with a dark edge to it but it is nice to see bands using a piano throughout a song.

In the song Dr Crellin all the instruments have their place and with the overall sound sounding simply easy on the ears. Maybe it's because of the piano easing stress out of me, maybe because of the vocals easing tension from me but this is a lovely song. The other song I got sent was 9 Rue Git-Le Coeur. Despite the French titling this song is far from a stereotypical french song you hear on their radios whilst on holiday. Once again the piano is a big in this song and it makes this song more alive just before the chorus kicks in. The almost euphoric second half of the song is just magnificent.

The two tracks I have reviewed are for download below.

Dead Sea Navigators - Dr Crellin
Dead Sea Navigators - 9 Rue Git-Le Coeur