Its All Indie Spotlight: I Was A Romantic

I Was A Romantic are a acoustic band located in the deep dark area of the south called New Forest in England, Their influences are drawn from, Klaus, 65DaysofStatic,Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Bloc Party and Tegan & Sara. From one of the track titles you know he is a hardcore Bloc Party fan (Lion Tamer).

They call the music they make as Acoustic/Folktronica but the genre change is approaching, by way of the teaser song on their myspace. Link is at the bottom of the page

Already they have a full demo EP for FREE download, and I have to say. This is good work! The demo EP is called 'Months' and is a collection of songs that they have created in the last two months. The track I would love for all of you to listen to first is Lion Tamer. Seriously, this is so acoustic! Gentle on the ears with heart filled lyrics. Sung from the heart this singer does put effort into his writing. The guitars and vocals are equally beautiful as they fade in and out of each other to make a great acoustic track. 24 minutes of pure acoustic joy is awaiting you. Download now!
'Months' (The Demo EP)

1. Welcome To Anchorage
2. Lion Tamer
3. Bears & Wolves
4. Great White North
5. Hearthbeat
6. New Ideas
7. Everything Good, Comes Last

I Was A Romantic - Months EP